Methyl 3-aminocrotonate

Speaking on the table, tried to persuade Xiao Feng Xiao Hong's home simply to transfer out of small coal mines, later settled in Fengcheng, two brothers do it together. Xiao Feng do not think before, and now after having home feel more and more of his own close relatives so few, can live with the best. Besides Xiao Hong Lane Mine too dedicated, people need every day dealing with a lot of aspects had to RBI. Have time to worry about the safety of coal mines, whenever something out of something, it is a major event. Lu Ling Xi touched the big black head, a little embarrassed and said: "Do you want a large black Yan brother do?" Xiao Feng laughed, "Konishi like to eat, then we continue to do tomorrow."

"Not right?" Lu Ling Xi look quirky, Wang Shuxiu temper out there, the more Yan Wang Shuxiu dare say he was carrying a frying pan to hit home. Although he said nothing, but his face one more soon beaten face posture, the color looked laughed. No matter now is to work the point, a lot of people out on the road, landing directly Lan Ling Xi hand, he went over Qinliaoyikou. "Dumplings immediately in respect of pan." Yan infected with the eyes smile, nodded and certainly abnormal and said:. "Letter" The more color from the body pulled out a dagger, stand in front of Lu Ling Xi, alert look to the direction of the black disappears, frowning:. "There might be snakes." Uncle Lee has just finished, to see the color behind the windows open, and a large black Lu Ling Xi huddled together stuck his head, curious to see the front. "Uncle Lee." Lu Ling Xi affectionate cried, staring in front of puzzled, "how the other side?" There is a saying, all beauty even Sapo can be forgiven, Wang Shuxiu is such a beauty. She is 42, but looks completely like in his early thirties. LiuYeMei, Dan Fengyan, tall, plump figure, they do not speak every move is both fascinating and charming, but a talk on the exposed her nature. Plus she a dust gas, the families of the same ward, although willing to see more of her glances, but it is not willing to deal with her. A whisper down the afternoon, a hospital, first Zheng sigh cried. Sulang surprise only a moment, the police have come to the side of Ling Xi Lu. "Woke up?" Yen more shook his head, smiling mouth, "There are half a month."

Today, delivery time, Qiu Tian QiuJun deliberately sent his son out, this also represents a single business value. A crowd: "......" He said that, over the Black probe head suddenly from behind the seat, his eyes look gently landing Ling Xi. Lu Ling Xi smiled up big black hand scratched his chin. He understands the meaning of the Black, this husky owner though because of special circumstances, but it is still a husky abandoned. Black is probably the thought of his own, will have such a move. Then he realized Dongzhi shop and others, it came yesterday sent a large black man, seems to be called the Yen. Wang Shuxiu gone, Lu Ling Xi looked Sulang a hung his head. He knew Sulang will know that he had physical condition, he can not ask, he could not explain how he is known. He then nothing of life, but also know this argument for a body too baffling, believe it or not Sulang two said they might he may have to go to a mental hospital from the hospital. Pickup landing men on the look of a water sample mock up counseling. Black squatted helplessly kitchen door, his eyes shining looking pot thick sauce. I do not know the sun, the little boy looked at some black, but her eyes are big and bright, very aura. Lu Ling Xi nodded, directed at the boy kindly smile. "Big black back." He greeted loudly. 1/100 (0-order) "This is where?"

Yen more guessed his thoughts, could not help but whispered and laughed, for Ling Xi Lu got dissatisfied eyes. He tried to crimp smile, try to make yourself look a little sincere tone, "I know, this is my mother's mind, we do not live up to it, OK?" Yen more thoughtfully, "Is it a snake?"

Yan more smiled up, looked at the time, although he could not bear to hang up the phone, but has come to Ling Xi Lu usual sleeping spot, the Yen continues to hold back the urge to talk down, he said:. "Konishi go to bed." Fang Lei face the beginning of the interest has disappeared, he turned into a weird. He just kind of illusion that dogs seem to be in negotiations. This feeling too obvious, but how could that be? I looked on that big yellow dog aggressive, why it has to be afraid of an old dog? Why would get away? Fang Lei shook his head, that he is certainly influenced by the big black. Saw a large black dog so spiritual, the dog seems to feel around them have become spiritual. Fang Lei drove past the entrance to the village when the dog before being blocked man has gone, and the little boy and the big yellow dog still standing. Big yellow dog in front of the little boy whispered, cried, the little boy nodded solemnly, as if able to understand what the big yellow dog in the same call.Methyl 3-aminocrotonate She put sufficient momentum, Lu Ling Xi is still unwilling to let go, "I do not want to go to school, I want to work." The animal world is the theme of the tropical rainforest. Black looked familiar scene excited, "hissing" non-stop, it is from there.

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