The blue cyanine B

Xue Ling Xi Lu Tong privately depressed and did not know, all his focus was on the evolution of begonia breeding. Ling Xi Lu Yan obediently listening to more of the orders, said:. "Yan brother know, I have a big black and black, all right." Lu Ling Xi touched the Black habitual head, the whole thing again and delete deleted by speaking again. Wang Shuxiu listening began to worry about the other thing. "And your partner like how that person? Do not be foolish enough to be sold also for the other to count the money?"

He spoke some wandering eyes, face look more juvenile judge looked like a pair of old movies countless times, only a background to know what the story behind it, but it only needs a look Ling Xi Lu, he I know teenagers lying. "Thanks, Dad." Lu Ling Xi behaved Road. Compared Ling Xi Lu surprised, Sulang see he was surprised. He is to leave matters in the Beijing process, suddenly received a phone call at home. Su grandfather on the go morning exercise met a group of punks fight, accidentally rolled into injured. Fengcheng waiting for him to rush back, listen to the police said the gang punks are running a clean, got left a heavy injuries in the hospital, it seems to be called Lu Ling Xi. Yen more thoughtfully, "Is it a snake?" "Konishi, thank you very much." Sulang really said: "This is a strain on our rubescens research is very important for the clinical treatment of leukemia and other rubescens it is not the same, a lot of waste. effort to find, and if they die they pity. " Black obedient to stay in the car, not naughty. Ye Kang some fortunate, "Fortunately, did not bring together two ha, or may headache." Yan is no more fed pet, but he used a large black clever responses to the kitten does not feel anything. He looked down to appease the forehead and kissed Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi know that these changes are caused by fear of the panel. "Konishi want more." The more patience Yan said: "You say the kitten was born in the soil decontamination, good environment, good air, kitten scope of activities in the surrounding community, but also normal body than other healthy kitten As clever cat's IQ is already high, it should not be part of abnormality. " It proposed that the computer is almost the same by Ling Xi Lu found out last bank card and gave it to the Yen. Card inside a hundred thousand, and he considered the more a person Yen upfront investment of fifty thousand. Computer belonging to the store to buy after the property, can not let the color of his own pocket. Yan brought back the lips, face, forming a gentle arc, he rubbed his hair Lu Ling Xi, generous praise:. "Konishi really powerful."

Lu Ling Xi mind between 3000-30000 made a turn, Su Wei listened carefully watching him, followed by a sigh, "It's a pity, raising to more than three hundred thousand flowering ah." Botanical name: a variation rubescens Although it is known little bastard is to coax you happy, Wang Shuxiu heard these words still could not help but grin face, swore, "little bastard." "Where is it now?" "Back to the store yet?" "In the morning eat?" "Meow." Lu Ling Xi crooked eyes, not that he was worried about the cub understand that, but the fear of cub think all day long stay in the shop bored. Front panel about two A4 paper size, thickness, like a thin layer of paper, the central panel is a black screen, appearance is very texture. No aid of any external force, the white panel so lightweight floating in front of him. Lu Ling Xi subconsciously look to four weeks, others in the ward still sleeping, one after another grunt still ringing. His eyes fell on the back panel, perhaps just gone dead and alive miracle, he was actually a little strange not afraid, but there is a little impulse to look in front of a white panel in the end is what. As soon as he got up, big black body suddenly straightened up, growled at him whispering. Black roar brought back bad memories of the land of water, his face flashed Ju Yi, heart reluctantly sat down again. Teenage slight laugh, looks bright, look at the black dog's head patting. His slender fingers white and black dog head down through the knot of hair, there is no dislike dirty dog. Black dog comfortable narrowed his eyes, become docile attitude up to take the opportunity to close its Dongzhi not care how the. Lu Ling Xi expression softened, carefully hand touched the probe into the cage big black head. Black did not move from the landing Lingxi action. Yesterday they took advantage of the big black coma to give it a bath to wash, spent the night, big black shiny hair can not be said, at least a lot cleaner.

Plant survival degree: dead

Land and water a really bad character, Wang Shuxiu worry about what is behind the land-water calculations, divorce can see how it is not false, Wang Shuxiu hesitate to follow him to the Civil Affairs Bureau, from the first marriage say. Lu Ling Xi shook his head, "My mother let me carry two boxes of it."The blue cyanine B "Konishi." Yen more nodded, Wang Chaoliang study handed pass in front of Xue. Compared layman incomprehensible, whatever the outcome is Xue Tong insiders who understand the value of reading almost Chlorophytum. This and more color variation mentioned last time, like eelgrass, environmental and social value greater economic value. Xue Tong is not short-sighted people, immediately echocardiography.

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