Crotonic Acid

Easy route Hey smile, foot pedal down, Lu Ling Xi quickly wearing a seat belt, silent stare an easy route. They turn left, turn right, Lu Ling Xi only to see both sides of the house more and more broken, fewer and fewer high-rise. Easy route to him, "This is the south of Fengcheng, guess you do not remember. The original quite busy here, all underground coal, there is a Feng Luan Coal Mine Group Behind this are the underground coal mining empty, Feng Luan Coal Mine Group also moved out there want to develop open business here, a look at the following results digging foundations were all empty, there is no way to levy. after these things came to nothing this man to develop a the result is that more and more broken. Even though we broke the cell, compared to this one is really much easier. " Lu Ling Xi looked positive Dunzaiqiangjiao finishing ceramic pots Yan Yue, obediently he said: "Well, I have no time to ask Yan brother?" Lu Ling Xi "ah" sound, hand clinging to the Yen. "Brother you do Yan has been very good." He nodded firmly, sure road.

To determine the Yen temporarily rest period was Yin Seiran strong opposition. Lu Ling Xi sitting on the bed carefully turned over the items he was ready, and always feel like something is missing. What in the end is it? He drum face and turned things over again. Fang Lei guess people in the village will not be doing? Taking advantage of a power outage in the village, the village people know to use this well, in which intentional poisoning. But he has not had time to say, there xiaonianqing shouted, "It must be the spirit of water village people doing this village near the water and the Spirit will let any grudges." Lu Ling Xi hear some timid bride, but still seriously to Wang Shuxiu, "Dad were very good, he said he would take care of my mother. I do not believe Dad, but my mother suffer all these years. I did not naive, often provoke mother sad. now I'm grown up, and I want to do something for my mother. " Lu Ling Xi thought, to simply rubescens placed outside the micro-gardening. Soon the effort, rubescens plants on top covered with flimsy, different patterns of ice flakes. And Lu Ling Xi Ying seen in Figure borneol different white, with a hint of blue in front of borneol in shining the light on, there is an indescribable beauty. Lu Ling Xi nodded, "Dr Chan said I was almost recovered, you can leave the hospital." Wedding march sounded, Lu Ling Xi think he was more nervous than Wang Shuxiu. He did not know how to describe this complex psychological now, there are happy, there is sadness, there are all kinds of worry. From his rebirth to the present, he has been Wang Shuxiu each other. Wang Shuxiu not the way he imagined his mother, but he had seen the best mother. He wanted to take care of Wang Shuxiu, accompanied Wang Shuxiu life, but now there is another man to take care of Wang Shuxiu, they will have a new home, perhaps there will be new kid ...... Anyway, Wang Shuxiu are his mother, his flesh and blood relatives. Ling Xi Lu thought of this crooked eye, a small channel:. "I wish my mother happy."

Until the Kunlun plane, the smile Yan did not stop. He recalled that embarrassed landing Lingxi face mingled with shocked expression, only that the body had almost not suppress the urge. Now if only he and two people like Lu Ling Xi, Yan heart more thought, obscured by the hand holding luggage cart Lu Ling Xi. Yen more scowled and whispered: "I'm afraid." This time he could not help began to miss the big black, on the alert and chasing people, you had better throw big black black one hundred street. Vietnam Yen sighed: "If a large black or Fang Lei in just fine."Crotonic Acid "Really?" Lu Ling Xi Road surprise. Grandma Wang had just been knocked when nearby shopkeeper also often mentioned it, now two weeks later, there has been no clue, we will mention a few. There is a big black nothing that knocked my grandmother went to the king nosing. Lu Ling Xi or whether by a large black themselves.

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