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Wang Shuxiu hesitation Han Zhu Ling Xi Lu. Wang Shuxiu word back to the top, before the speaker suddenly did not dare to speak. Yan is no more to be in the grandfather here, and soon chose to leave. Yan Yan Yongde want to leave the dinner together, he was refused the Yanyue Wan. Ya Yin and her mother shopping is about to come back, they do not want to face the destruction of their feelings. Yan Yan Yongde saw more meaning, silent in my heart sigh. Over the years the relationship between mother and son Yan is getting worse, in addition to the problem of Seiran Yin Yan the character itself is also part of the reason. Whenever Yan more patience will not be so extreme, even if it is willing to Yin Ya perfunctory perfunctory, their mother would not get that far.

Wang Shuxiu word back to the top, before the speaker suddenly did not dare to speak. This is not a land and water Lu Ling Xi heard a job, he did not dare to appear in front of others, fear of men to see peak Brother, you sneaky look over, followed behind Lu Ling Xi, thinking will not be taking advantage of people Lu Ling Xi to say a few words. Lu Ling Xi house name is not there yet? A soft-hearted little bastard fool also put out a house. He planted this is true, and if have the money, Feng brother really want to kill him. Although the Yen did not recognize, but leaves the eyes of his health problem is really very serious, long-term insomnia is not just caused by physical problems, more of a psychological Yin Ji. Kang Ye Yan recommendations have actually been more to find a girlfriend, he suspected that the more color is because of the lack of childhood parents caused subconscious insecurity, the situation was a little better with him. Yan chosen because their parents can be more reason for two | sexual relations out of exclusion, all the way to the single now. Yan seeing the problem is getting worse, they worry about the health of the leaf only occasionally keep an eye on the Yen's sleep. Lu Ling Xi: "......" Su Wei recollecting reason Sulang resignation, sigh, vague and said: "A patient is some accident of his men, he had not been influenced by the heart that one and will quit." Lu Ling Xi: "......" Say Yongchun vegetable greenhouses opened only a month, has been the dark horse posture of Fengcheng occupy a quarter of the vegetable wholesale market share of sales. Even Yongchun wholesale price of vegetables somewhat less expensive than other vegetable greenhouses, a door-to-day still was sold out. Xiao Feng these days is preparing several large supermarkets and city cooperation, long-term stability to the supermarket for food. His problem now encountered some small-scale vegetable greenhouses, not many kinds of vegetables. Lu Ling Xi subconsciously shook his head, shaking half thought of something, hesitated and said:. "I forgot." They help landing Lingxi speak, Wang Shuxiu scruples now the occasion, Lu Ling Xi stared at, not to pursue the black thing. Lu Ling Xi sigh of relief, it seems mom is not afraid of snakes, black anyhow had a clear path, it will no longer be a black households.

Black looked at him quiet, muffled cry. A Man Called Wing Tong Xue's full name is Fengcheng Green Hin gardening boss. Green Hin Qiu Tian gardening and horticulture fighting for years, Green Hin gardening has become under the wind. In recent Qiu Tian gardening may suddenly hurt. First Qiu Tian sell potted gardening is pull back, face a big hit, followed by gardening and broke Qiu Tian Lu Hong EPA's new son collusion of these years on Fengcheng municipal greening projects secret operations fishing a lot of money. Ye Kang nodded solemnly. "Before you blankly or is, or is not even laugh mouth of the arc are like good advance actuarial also why I do not hold anything against you, you go to the students inquire inquire circles, who say you do not live like a machine. " Fang Lei: "......" Where few people eat a small restaurant set in the store, give Ling Xi Lu Yi-Hang call and let him stay out of a box. Shortly before the store opened a small restaurant, although the area is the first store several times, but still surging passenger traffic, when to go is full. With the increase in Fengcheng tourists, it is a small restaurant fame came Fengcheng. There are special guests from afar for a long time and so on, just to have dinner in a small restaurant. Botanical name: Variation rubescens

Black looked at him quiet, muffled cry. Second floor balcony, white kitten licked his paws, facing one million Shaw proud meow twice.Methyl Crotonate "Bookstore, I want to buy this book." Lu Ling Xi: "......"

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