Disperse Dyestuff

Their home in the innermost cell, Building thirty-three 101. After listening to the words of Yan, Lu Ling Xi blinked, facial features curved laughed. "Yan brother What do you want?" Young asked a serious look at the menu. Lu Ling Xi holding the phone, quietly asked one more color, "Yan brother until you have time to do? Du sister to come over." Since the two have worked together, Lu Ling Xi think these two things together is the best to prevent after what contradictory differences.

Lu Ling Xi: "......" "Well, you can go." Lu Ling Xi smiled and handed the big black tomatoes, big black n eat, do not know when the fence to jump a little white kitten, directed at the Black Direction "meow" sound. Ling Xi Lu laughed, he knew the cat upstairs Yang grandmother big cat kittens born some time ago. Only two months old, do not look so small, courage is not small, often skip the first floor of the Black provocation. Ye Kang watching the scene a little surprised, when he opened a small restaurant has been back in Beijing, and did not eat dinner here. But he mentioned a few times to listen to the Yen, a small restaurant inside the ingredients are natural pollution-free, very fresh, no wonder that attracts so many people. Some people come in the door, all the attention in the land Ling Xi's body, not even a trace of excess eyes are not scattered to other places. Ye Kang mouth pumping pumping, for the first time found himself so no sense of place. Unlike some of the more immediate Yen his memory, off the usual shirts trousers, shorts and t-shirt simple and refreshing, full of fresh looking angry. But he remembers the color in a foreign country, a high temperature of thirty degrees still starched shirts, buttons to fasten to a top, the more rarely seen wearing a T-shirt color look. Yen Vietnam nodded and said:. "Father if natural hiding at Headquarters Yin ya go, you can now foreign father is probably beyond the reach of" Having a large black, Ling Xi Lu and reaching under his pillow he pulled out the black. Black has not completely awake, staring to see the landing Ling Xi, a long while before slowly tied to the land Lingxi hands. Lu Ling Xi grabbing the tail and pull it down into the pajama pocket. "Stop." He patted the black probe out of his head, got up and went to the bathroom. Wang Chaoliang know Lu Ling Xi Yang also called a black snake, heard laughed together. Having said this thing, Yan Fang Lei asked a few more of the status hung up the phone. His office last night, all night one night, just came back to the hostel. Prior to his cell phone and his colleagues have been confiscated as the above, it was a holiday just send them down. Fang Lei Ling Xi Lu know he called a violation of the confidentiality of discipline, but Lu Ling Xi before trusting him, told him something about animals, he also hopes to have the opportunity to remind Lu Ling Xi an.

"Whose responsibility is now irrelevant." Li Yao interrupted him, "I know my sister, since she had a personality problem, too paranoid. Then you Merry happy on the outside, I advised her to to divorce, and she tied you have to give birth to a child. later, the only safe preterm birth, her spirit to a little less, until only the quiet of the disease, Cai surplus but felt sorry for the only security, maternal love is a cavity the only safe bet to the body. Look at these years, Li family mining surplus turn around the only safe, unaware that her spirit has become increasingly paranoid, until now broke out, everything is too late. " But this loss is not such thing, Qiu Li Weisheng off the field, to go and pick the garden for a long time brother Lee to pot. He thought well, micro-gardening that kid does not know bragging, relied on his business relationship to grab it? He took pot severely beat his face, let the kid to understand why the boss Fengcheng Qiu Tian gardening is gardening store.

Yan can not own more kiss landing Ling Xi, greedily devouring his breath. Finally his sanity still in the car when someone came, dismay liberalized Lu Ling Xi. He gently put Lu Ling Xi forehead burst collated discuss: "Do you want us Con noon they asked a few to eat a meal, be to celebrate." Yan heard the mouth slightly, his eyes a little smile pouring out.Disperse Dyestuff Ling Xi Lu Yan from the eyes to see the trust, crooked eyes, his mind. Wang Shuxiu mad, bitterly looked at what they thought of four conveniently find something to fight land-water meal, turned around and saw a large black, suddenly landing means a watercourse: "bite him."

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