Fluorescent Disperse Dyestuff

Plant Requirements: Root rot "Stay here put it, such a large flower garden, it casually activities when told Xu three say remember to leave it in the corner every day something to eat on the line." Yan the open road. Chlorophytum promotion of these issues encountered, the more there is no telling Lu Yan Ling Xi. In fact, his heart is very contradictory, I can only hope that the juvenile has been worldly, to shield him from the wind and rain outside of everything, and if you really feel responsible for the boy, he would make a teenager to see the real world, rather than by his beautification over society. The more his face sometimes feel the mood quite like parents' children, because too much tension, so will trembling, overwhelmed.

Dependent on him this way so that the more color hearts meet, what about Lu Ling Xi gently touched the back, gentle eyes as if to drop water. Is a doctor's advice, Wang Shuxiu down the heart. She is also afraid of Lu Ling Xi Lu remember the last time a water Hu Lie Lie, then worry no money refused to be hospitalized. Wait until you hear Lu Ling Xi had packed the stuff, go through the discharge procedures, Wang Shuxiu a loud voice up. "Where is the good!" Dongzhi girlfriend angrily. She does not know Ye Kang, but Ling Xi Lu and Yan are more familiar, but also no to them as an outsider, angrily into the hands of trousers turning a circle back exposed, he saw two back pockets pants caught pulpy , a strip of denim fluttering in the wind. She could be mad, "I just picked in the pants pockets of chocolate bar, the result was smelly saw two ha. Have been told that it can not eat chocolate, it is secretly looking over, also to catch bad pants a. " "I want to send the wages to buy mom a gift." People have a laugh, Wang Shuxiu listening laughed. She talked about today is a land Lingxi junior high school life. According to Wang Shuxiu said, Lu Ling Xi grew up not love learning, primary good point, at least, can be mixed pass, barely on the junior high school will no longer keep up. Not every day is a fight truancy, after three days of direct semester dropped out, and nothing went after school. Lu Ling Xi surprised a moment, turned around to see the man nodded his head upturned. Lu Ling Xi: "......" Time before dinner, Xiao Feng cake was placed in a windowsill, heard and went to stand up and end. He took a felt wrong, some weight too light. Xiao Feng in a circle until a look, black tie being wrapped in cream cake to eat Huan, got left out of a whole cake empty shells, which are fundamental to the black emptied.

Lu Ling Xi shy smile did not speak. Juvenile while stroking black dog, while softly repeated: "Never mind, hurt, sleep just fine." Speaking on the table, tried to persuade Xiao Feng Xiao Hong's home simply to transfer out of small coal mines, later settled in Fengcheng, two brothers do it together. Xiao Feng do not think before, and now after having home feel more and more of his own close relatives so few, can live with the best. Besides Xiao Hong Lane Mine too dedicated, people need every day dealing with a lot of aspects had to RBI. Have time to worry about the safety of coal mines, whenever something out of something, it is a major event. Lu Ling Xi Somewhat taken aback, quickly choose Yes. Lu Ling Xi said, vivid, Fang Lei imagined small stones and yellow A look could not help laughed. If Lu Ling Xi thoughtfully prepared a card to let Wang Shuxiu moved, then a regeneration of what is to let Wang Shuxiu up angry. She bluntly pinch Lu Ling Xi face a, Liu Mei stood, "Your mother I have 42, and you can feel raw?" Euphemistically the situation they encounter with Lu Ling Xi spoke again, more I thought Yan Lu Ling Xi heard these angry, who knows teenagers listened in turn comforted him. "Did not you say Big Brother Yan environmental value of these Chlorophytum than economic value? Evolution of plants have never been to make money, but to improve the environment. As long as customers buy Chlorophytum evolution after it, is not from our hand where to buy really does not matter. As for those with ordinary Chlorophytum deceive customers horticulture business, the customer is not stupid, certainly taken after discovery will not buy. do bad reputation, then, or ultimately to bear the consequences of their own, we do not required angry. " Fan Wang Shuxiu a queen, "you little bastards not 去打听打听, Wang Shuxiu who I was! Lu Ling Xi an accident to a person lost in the hospital you dare run, ah? Run? Now dare to come, I do not looked pack you are not? "

Lu a water joyful heart, this man really understanding Lu Ling Xi. He seemed surprised to see more color, "Do you know my son, he ......" Yen more quickly out of the car, looked at Xiao Feng polite and said:. "Peak brother"Fluorescent Disperse Dyestuff Wang Shuxiu waved his hand, happy and said: ".. You Konishi also called on the Yen, we eat a meal at noon micro-gardening first off for a while, when we are celebrating in advance of the opening of the restaurant" Her rapid progress here, far away in the village of Lu Ling Xi Ling water did not know he was more than a father, I am pleased to squatting big black big black before teasing. One person, one dog "repeated the long-awaited" attitude of intimacy, the more completely to the side of the Yen as the air. Yan did not eat more rare taste, not a few days in fact, he missed a little big black. See the landing Lingxi mind all in big black body, the more conniving Yan smiled, opened the trunk filled with tools to carry out and started to gather up the things brought over.

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