Solvent Dyestuff

Lu Ling Xi: "......" "What?" Yan the lips smiling. Other family members came up with the ward does not have a stop, and all looked good show with great interest. Twenty patient is an eighteen-year-old boy, do not look a Wang Shuxiu a son, but on the surface it looks like she really is not such a great son of a mother.

Closing time before micro-gardening, the large black police sent back. Lu Ling Xi will not curse, eyes quietly watching a water landing swarthy. Land and water is a look of guilty, condemning gradually lower down. Wang Shuxiu thought, simply said:. "On the line today, and I'm the United States and tone classes, you go home with him at night to eat a meal." "What do you want?" Wang Shuxiu vigilance Road. Ling Xi Lu in the ward where the inpatient department on the third floor, his impression inpatient unit on the first floor entrance hall decorated with pots of big leaf green radish, or mobility was the last time he saw the nurse pushed to the floor according to CT. A word of apology, wind, big black ears pricked up, looked out his tongue licked intimacy Lu Ling Xi chin. "The money you owe me for you, you and a small West's mother divorced." The more cold Yan Road. Lin Mei soon know. Taking advantage of the store the next day nobody took the jokes Wang Shuxiu. "Come on, come on and let me see your bracelets. Xiao Feng also true in that he is not afraid of your hand sink fast enough." Lu Ling Xi, embarrassed, a small channel: "Tell my mother to prepare a dowry."

Lu Yen Ling Xi When we want more of the same color in Lu Ling Xi want. 8:00 pm Yan a quiet mansion. In addition to the red lanterns lit hospital, the whole house could not find the New Year atmosphere. Sulang dissuade his idea, think about it the more color they should know better than how it was. "it is good." Juvenile while stroking black dog, while softly repeated: "Never mind, hurt, sleep just fine." Lu Yan Ling Xi sat down beside more, some absent-minded way: "They probably talked about the afternoon's action, there is a small stone thing." Zheng New River with his students and Lu Ling Xi hired more than a dozen villagers together on the mountain. We dug a pit yesterday, today, as long as the plants were planted into the like. Labor down all morning, looking at the mountains and the river Zheng new buds, quite proud of the floor and Lu Ling Xi said:. "It could be a few months until two Zhushan bamboo hardness requirements, our We can start the production line. " Lu Ling Xi too early to remind Fang Lei, animal and be able to communicate more and more people. Fang Lei heart remember it, but did not expect so soon encounter. Just the other day, Fang Lei them under the police station to report on a case. Case is an ordinary case. Lord over several children in school, the other children often bullied classmate. Intolerable child being bullied, after being bullied again he found a helper revenge bully him several children. Lu Ling Xi said no more, but the look of the show is his insistence. "Do not I mention the only security." Li Yao cold down his face, "I'm sorry that the Mining surplus Konishi, sorry can not shred CD Ann Ann Only since so many years that he was dead, were taken to force surplus obsession him alive, and that Li and his family have nothing to say. " In fact, he is said to be a small garden on the ground floor of the households own a small piece of open space, outside the fence around the others to enter. Wang Shuxiu not previously thought manage these small overgrown garden which, looking at the mess. Ling Xi Lu in the hospital after discharge should also think about what these kinds of tomatoes, this is simply a small piece of open space to prepare for him.

Wang Shuxiu was glad, also promised down. This time there is no way in any case more Yen went along together. He even thick skinned and then, we can not say that the increase and Wang Shuxiu him. Xiao Feng ordered his studio is a friend to open in Fengcheng is very famous. Because the relationship between Xiao Feng, the studio boss personally received them, even with make-up artists and photographers looking for is the best. Few Extra Pounds old man after the initial accident, and soon hearty laugh. "Young people want to help is a good thing to come, I'll teach you how to use."Solvent Dyestuff Lu Ling Xi: "......" Easy route several people apparently are not used now Ling Xi Lu, in accordance with their former brothers want to meet a few people naturally want dearly, what can not remember Lu Ling Xi, is more strange to speak of the past few rude, become gentle up . If the usual, easy route would have to slap Ling Xi Lu, "loaded, so that you have installed." Lu Ling Xi can now facing, it is how he can not make this slap.

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