High-wash Dyestuff

Lu Ling Xi angry, funny, "big black you angry now? I apologize to you." Ye Kang Ling Xi Lu thought that the idea is interesting, but he looked at the two expressions is a move in mind. Yan is not like the attitude coax landing Lingxi Offhand, but faint trace of a sure earnest. His gaze swept in on their faces, it looked a little wistfully. They fooling around, Xiao Feng impatient, lit a cigarette, asked: "? How to recruit people with" gardening and farming is not the same, original greenhouse workers can not be used. Xiao Feng left to pick and choose a few, pick up a few more color, and the rest were dismissed. So few people certainly not enough, men can be brothers not like farming, we had to move outside.

Since the Yen answered the phone has been left for several hours, Ling Xi Lu looked at the time, the more time thinking about Yan said'll be right back down, then, his brow slightly wrinkled up. Yan increasingly when the car with a lot of food, but he did not expect power outages, this is a big problem. Lee uncle do not even eat at home, they have to borrow a candle. Yan also no more thought to decline. But he looked at the people gathered in front of the car is not open later, and Lu Ling Xi will only be to walk up. He politely with Uncle Lee nodded, "I'll park the car and a small West in the flower garden again in the past." Xiao Feng laughed, a more meaningful look Yan, Wang Shuxiu to say:. "Rest assured, no black poison, it was old, even the teeth are just grow out of nothing." He said there is a kind of mold, Yanshi Hui to the interest, "South? Mined underground rumor is that one?" This time ...... Wang Shuxiu sighed a few days beating Lu Ling Xi tone then. Anyway, no matter from leave, she will not dig for land and water a penny. Thought of this, Wang Shuxiu quickly find the house real estate license. The last time she forced water landing a name to the house of Ling Xi Lu, Lu is the fear of a lost dog eat dog fight water house idea. She will also be bidding Lu Ling Xi few, do not be a land and water that the old bastard lied to the house to sell. Fang Lei's case more difficult to do this, he has prepared a long-term war. Hung up the phone, Fang Lei a man strolled out the door ready to find a place to eat breakfast. Took two steps, he suddenly stopped and looked back toward the pace, an alley behind the bustling crowds full of work or school. He glanced warily, did not find anything unusual, you can always have a faint feeling of being stared at. Ya Yin Yan Sea and now busy fighting for power, it is estimated no time for him. So over time Yan Shihai finished processing combined Poor thing, Zhibu Ding will think of him that was forgotten in the back of his son. To find the event Konishi here, he did not want to be dragged in the small West. This thing not difficult to do, forged an outbound data, no problem. Find more Yan Ye Ye Kang Kang to do his witnesses, estimated that no one would suspect Kang leaves, he can feel at ease to stay in the Fengcheng. Teenage slight laugh, looks bright, look at the black dog's head patting. His slender fingers white and black dog head down through the knot of hair, there is no dislike dirty dog. Black dog comfortable narrowed his eyes, become docile attitude up to take the opportunity to close its Dongzhi not care how the. Lu Ling Xi smiled and handed the big black tomatoes, big black n eat, do not know when the fence to jump a little white kitten, directed at the Black Direction "meow" sound. Ling Xi Lu laughed, he knew the cat upstairs Yang grandmother big cat kittens born some time ago. Only two months old, do not look so small, courage is not small, often skip the first floor of the Black provocation.

Now he is a bit really do not understand. A person can have amnesia has changed so much. Lu Ling Xi character changed no problem, how interested also followed changed, changed like the farming. Easy route headache to see the landing Lingxi pulled half grass, too lazy to go around to the front, directly climbs the fence turned over. Lu Ling Xi guilty conscience could not help but hear him say it. He first gave the green dill watering time do not understand anything in the hospital, or how he Sulang pointing watering. Turned around a few days, he became the breath of very powerful people, the Soviet Union would not be surprised grandfather ah? Although the land is this body of water a father, but Lu Ling Xi woke up the count altogether have only seen him three times and every time out of the character of the land and the water is really a feeling that did not. He did not know this body will be how to choose the face of this situation, but he is now Lu Ling Xi, Wang Shuxiu distressed he hoped Wang Shuxiu can get out of this life. "It did not rain?" Zheng New River puzzled look to the outside, but also from a confused. "Huh?" Lu Ling Xi bit surprised, then laughed, "I am Ling Xi Lu, Yen brother and you said?" For Kang Ye, then, is not color the more seriously, he pulled a chair before the desk and sat down, repeat the question again: "? Sulang how to say" Half six in the evening, the more pinched Yen Lu Ling Xi point to send back. Lu Ling Xi entered the room, he saw more than a dozen boxes piled on the floor air-dried beef, immediately reaction over. "Dad came back?" Wang Shuxiu bitterly let go, right on the land Lingxi pleading eyes, she really nothing can be done. Think before little bastard did not crash, although it would not be obedient, but she wants to play hit scold scolded, which, like now, the little bastard temper changed, helplessly watching her, she had all the Henbuxiaxin . Li Weisheng leave here, QiuJun heart has black face gas ring true. Today he is holding her face to the purpose, but it finally was beaten lovemaking session instead of their own. Do not know the micro-gardening pot in the end is how to cultivate, and if he can learn the art ...... QiuJun squint squinting my heart with intention. He was contemplating, the phone suddenly rang. QiuJun frowned, picked up a look, immediately changed a face, smiled and said:. "Lvshao" Simple things return home the return home, Wang Shuxiu manage begin to cook. Peak brother moved out, although those people refrigerator, but other basic kitchen did not move. Wang Shuxiu rummage looked at, and some vegetables and meat is left, she and Lu Ling Xi enough to eat two meals a.

This idea is only fleeting, Yan more subconsciously over the juvenile's neck bite. He was not willing to be too hard, but still sensitive Lu Ling Xi groan | Yin loudly. Yen more stable mind, and in his place Kenshi licked, juvenile body shocked, the more color chuckled, dumb channel: "Konishi I love you." The next morning, Lu Ling Xi woke up more than five points. His side one has happened, big black immediately opened his eyes, shook the hair getting in the way. Lu Ling Xi smiled and rubbed a hand over a large black, up softly to pack up. Big black behind the Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi which ones it go also, do not call out quietly cry.High-wash Dyestuff Xiao Feng and Xiao Hong chatting change the way Fengcheng, so they've got home about 15:00 and more 4:00. They parked at the door 3 units together to the house while carrying things. Shaw did not feel big black one million sniffed the breath out of the car safely upward wailing woo loudly. Beware not spent a walnut, just hit the top of its head. Two are talking, far Zhanglao call a cry, "Konishi."

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