Because the plant is too lush rainforest which rarely see the sun, initially suited the past, Lu Ling Xi soon got used to the inside environment. Reach into the head, in addition to trees and vines wound staggered towering, more of epiphytic algae, moss and a variety of ferns. These normally inconspicuous covered with plants around the trunk and branches, as if covered with a thick green carpet. In addition to colors in addition to beautiful flowers, occasionally unknown animal rustling climb, the whole rainforest exhibit a mysterious and unpredictable beauty. Pickup threw left the area, a land and water turned on Wang Shuxiu sight, hollow laugh or two, "What ......" They walked about a half an hour away, Wang Chaoliang said:. "Do not look like we go far, in fact, there still belongs to the edge of the rainforest, go straight ahead so simply no end."

Xue through the emergence of Lu Ling Xi is an ordinary customer terms, it did not particularly care how. After going back to Xue but rather through micro-gardening obsession, holding bought Rieger begonia research studies go, it made up his mind to work out in the end is what kinds of flowers hybrid cultivars. He was caught in the hands of the impressively nice stay in Fengcheng small gray, small gray angrily waving claws, body hair is fried up angrily. Unfortunately, Fang Lei in the process along and its accumulated experience of struggle commanded, carrying a little gray in the position of just holding a small gray scratch is less than the face. Lu Ling Xi looked somewhat puzzled: "Yan brother you can not smell the smell of it?" Laris Ann smiled, did not speak again, seemed to accept this explanation. "real or fake?" Wang Chaoliang thousand Reminder million asked to let Ling Xi Lu Yan and the more must pay attention to all kinds of poison, do not bitten. Although there is an edge, nothing is too toxic to animals in general workstations also have drugs, but it can not suffer or to avoid suffer. "In addition a person must be careful not to take the chaos, lost accidentally." He came to a person's identity with the caveat: "This is a huge maze, around the trees are almost long, also lost in case of trouble. " Yen more surprised, "Wrong? I remember the first crossroads turn right to the east." Lu Ling Xi Fangxiawankuai went to the balcony, surprised at everything in sight. Scan spirit spread, yet small buds forming in front of the rotation. Ling Xi Lu Xiao Feng secretly looked at, he felt more than a land and water too much stronger.

Lu Ling Xi dressed and come out to see the big black is squatting front of the TV to watch the White Snake legend. He paused, curious, Ce Toukan a fear big black can understand. Lu Ling Xi looked a long time suddenly remembered something, "black it?" Yan Yue: "......" "Etc., etc., running slowly." Lu Ling Xi was pulling trot a few steps, he could not help but laugh. Xiao Feng Wang Shuxiu know fear, he smiled and said:. "We said a few days essentials card" Wang Shuxiu followed his gaze to see the past, suddenly threw the hands of something rushed up. Lu Ling Xi frowning grabbed his hand, with a soft complained: "The hair is a mess." Lu Ling Xi thought, "We are also very happy."

Lu Ling Xi is amused by his reaction, and laughed, "No, I buy this book how growing tomatoes. I also feel a little too old to go back to school, looking for a job." Sure enough, Wei Lu Ling Xi hear white Qieluo Bo still a little surprised, "to cut half a carrot?"Ciclopirox "Kunlun? Queenan you go up? Yan more with you?" Fang Lei seems to be very surprised. Closing time before micro-gardening, the large black police sent back.

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