Now restrain the impulse to want to be close juvenile, Yan spent more one will be left. Years of sleep, from the long night waiting for dawn, as he cultivated enough patience. Left the street, the more color the car parked in the street, pressed the leaf Kang phone. He felt young too abrupt and too strong, never had such a strange feeling made him feel lost his cool. Accustomed to self-examination, the thought of Ye Yan Kang. Zhang hesitated, "rubescens clinical trials, although effective, but the effect is not obvious, it is best to wait." Death Wang Shuxiu gas, water flapping landing a hit. "I will let you gamble, I will let you gamble."

Black muffled cry and ran and ran into the small rooms Ling Xi Lu. Lu Ling Xi just sat, half stood a large black body two front paws resting on the bed, eyes look gentle landing Ling Xi. Lu Ling Xi good sleep, good mood touched the big black head, casually: "? And dad went out." Lu Ling Xi look shyly, but nodded, a small channel:. "The last time I asked Dr. Su, he said, can the" Eating a meal soon to nine at night, Wang Shuxiu early return to the room to rest. Lu Ling Xi pretended nothing had happened went back to the room, but it has been sitting in the doorway listening to outside of the movement. Black quietly lying on the side of Lu Ling Xi, tall ears pricked up. Yin Seiran not speak, Yin Ya from outside ran in. "Grandfather, my mother is just too sad sick brother refused to accept the fact that you do not get angry." They finished down to business, domestic Andrzej finally remember time is now two o'clock, Yan urged the early night. I turned off the video call, the more color or no sleep, a land of water pick up information before the investigation began to read. "it is good." Seeing Wang Shuxiu chases over, land to pull a water landing Lingxi to go. Lu Ling Xi stood not move, Lu a water emergency, "the little bastard, I can not live depend on you." Yan more smiled and rubbed his hair, has no comment on this matter. Father leaves some regret, he has been all kind of optimistic about the Yen. "Unfortunately, the kid does not like girls, your little cousin just graduated, and the kid it very good match." Here, Father leaves suddenly looked suspiciously Kang a leaf, "Kang You've been dodging refused to blind, not would also like boys, right? who do you like? a more? or that the assistant a side? you do not like the police, right? "

Peak brother looked very happy vegetables studio head, just received yesterday the first crop of vegetables on Baba boss sent flowers to the results just by heavy rain trapped in there. But wondering cub, estimated peak brother kinda grateful heart heavy rain, anxious to keep it a big rain falls. Small black snake understand the meaning of the color, the more the tip of the tail wrapped around his wrist tightly, one bite Yan also more cuffs, a pair refused to leave the way. Lu Ling Xi hear understand, is in big black warning. His movements meal, turned and looked in the past. Not far behind, a yellow dog from the direction of the village jump out. The dog looked like a family dog, but a stray dog. Knocked desk habitual Yen more slender fingers stopped at the information displayed on another name, Xiao Feng. Come to think of seems to get down to business, the arms holding the pot of fruit vine was placed in front of Ling Xi Lu. "Little Boss trouble to look, this basin fruit vine spadix seem quite right." Lu Ling Xi Speaking of these, her eyes sparkling, Yan see of the eyes, although she is not willing to Lu Ling Xi tired, but less willing to blow his enthusiasm, only nodded. Field workstation Lu Ling Xi words evoke a trace of sanity, he tried to sit up, rubbed his eyes drowsily said:. "I got up." Lu Ling Xi touched the big black head certainly look to Fang Lei said: "right direction." Seeing Wang Shuxiu chases over, land to pull a water landing Lingxi to go. Lu Ling Xi stood not move, Lu a water emergency, "the little bastard, I can not live depend on you." Lu Ling Xi spoonful of drinking soup, hesitated to say how he and Wang Shuxiu make a phone call. Ward door was open, and two police officers followed a tall man leaning on an old man came in, he went straight to bed direction.

"Little beast." Man pissed. Mother's eyes suddenly flashed a light, forced to hold him, like a drowning man clinging to the last piece of driftwood. He quietly nestled in her mother's arms, as in the past each brother a health problem, you need as he lay on the operating table. His mouth is the mother of the boy, his presence is to the value of his brother, he always knew.Crotamiton Sulang look slightly dark, whispered: "He died a few days ago." Black Wang Shuxiu understood, then shook Mao slowly stood up.

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