High-light Dyestuff

Wang Shuxiu watched him sneer toward a water landing spat loudly around the front: "The people say can not wash your dirty linen in public, I am not afraid of a joke Wang Shuxiu this man is the father of my son, my son was hospitalized so. days, he not only did not take a look, but also stole my son's life-saving money out of gambling. stealing money, he said he still misses the TV drama point hospital deposit, to lie to my son discharged water you land a TM to shame! " Huo Weiping some do not believe it. Zhang had betrayed him to the co-P is taking a number of studies, but the other took research data is incomplete. And when they are based on research One rubescens, rubescens II and efficacy could not provide more color later compared. Even Zhang genius again, absolutely not catch up with the progress of his research in a short time. Some worry Yan Huo Weiping more aware of the news of his dissatisfaction with the progress, the more color you want to find a chat. Lu Ling Xi: "......"

Both Ye and Kang said loudly, they simply pick up her things to go home that afternoon and drove away in Beijing. From Beijing to the Fengcheng full speed car, was badly blocked. Yan more casually said:. "Should take the high-speed rail back" Yan received the message back, Yen butler soon welcome over. "Master." Lu Ling Xi hung up the phone, Tian sister looked at him and smiled, "I was your mother, right? I say you do not worry about these things, your mother has it." Lu Wang Shuxiu a water is caught awkwardly while trying to break free of the force, while loudly clamoring. Ling Xi Lu noted that the line of sight, Wang Shuxiu quickly looked back at him and asked nervously: "? Where is not uncomfortable." Studio boss by his side, along with Xiao Feng talking. Pity he said: "If you like a summer photo shoot we can go to the beach with sea view series sets out everywhere now bare, only to shoot indoors, some of the aggrieved sister-in-law..." Leading man in several prestige among the highest, so he said, there will be no objection to other people. Where that were high and strong man along the direction they face with the past, the few remaining people back to the depths of the rainforest again. Go before leading man looked daggers at the little tree, a monkey, little monkey creak cried, clutching the hands of a man's head toward the fruit to drop. Wang Shuxiu listening just like listening to stories, picked up a broken flower sell a hundred thousand? "You put your mother try to fool me coax ah?" Lu Yan Ling Xi sat down beside more, some absent-minded way: "They probably talked about the afternoon's action, there is a small stone thing."

This is the first color the more smoothly, which means Huo Weiping rejected the proposal to cooperate together Poor's. Ya Yin Yan Shihui, whether in person or send someone over, Huo Weiping their proposals are turning visitors away. He unpleasant these large conglomerates, no matter no matter how good the pre-talk, wait until the results come out, they always have a way to study for himself. When he is an ordinary developer, do not say any words. Compared to these big companies, he is more willing to pull the pen venture, who pays who contribute glance clearly. Lu Ling Xi crooked eyes, "Black you agree with me ask it? But if the Yen family involved *, Yan brother will not be unhappy, I feel so much?" Yan the same smile, "Father, which means that I mean, I think a short break for some time Ye Hao." Ling Xi Lu Sheng Wang Shuxiu side to porridge, lift the sentence. That she looked almost red tomatoes, they readily eat a wash. I did not expect to eat tomatoes taste in your mouth sand sweet, juicy and tasty, did not hold back finished eating one, until the work is mouth aftertaste taste tomatoes. Later, as long as she was at home, nothing to eat tomatoes, wash, even with all the various cooking tomatoes. "No, my mother certainly left me dinner." Ling Xi Lu refused Road. Xiao Feng smiled, "Did not you say flowers dried beef northwest delicious it, this time more specifically brought you, you keep eating slowly. After not often back home, and those outside to buy is not always feel a taste. " Zheng said to sigh life is good, he would have liked the car, to go with repair can be considered interest. Bai Wei is somewhat poor, to learn to cook a few months, and still practice Qieluo Bo. Listen Bai Wei said his father to give him the "Gold Chef" classes, studies to two years, which have cut Qieluo Bo just six months. "Backyard tomatoes really look good, the next time you send seeds met people remember to thank people." After washing in the morning Lu Ling Xi, Wang Shuxiu also use a bag of tomatoes for a near neighbor of two Chinese cabbage back. Look landing Lingxi packed almost, Wang Shuxiu think of one thing, "dumplings at home at night, you eat a meal more shouting Yan. Yan this time has been more trouble, nothing can be grateful." "Konishi?"

Since the last fertilization, Ling Xi Lu in a small garden and met once Zhanglao. Old Zhang remembers his amnesia, and asks him how to restore the. I heard he was not remember things in the past, also specifically Zhanglao comforted him a few words. Lu Ling Xi knew that he was not amnesia, but still very grateful Zhanglao comfort. He accompanied Zhanglao once poured water, plus one after another to take care of spider plants and green radish hall, the heart of the plant on the panel finally rose 99/100 (0-order) from the upgrade're just one step away. Xiao Feng and Wang Shuxiu together, really want to thank the "rain" the matchmaker.High-light Dyestuff Yen more frowned, stepped forward hauled a small black tail and threw it in the kang. Small black snake seems to be very comfortable, a little bit moved to the white picket fence, it is the intention of maybe just a few laps around happily, results going around to itself into a knot untied. Lu Ling Xi hear some timid bride, but still seriously to Wang Shuxiu, "Dad were very good, he said he would take care of my mother. I do not believe Dad, but my mother suffer all these years. I did not naive, often provoke mother sad. now I'm grown up, and I want to do something for my mother. "

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