Ethyl Crotonate

Ye Kang angry low voice accusing injustice Yan Yue, his waist should be cut off, but not how to face him one more considerate. Xue Tong: "......" Not only is a cell backyard, then the morning Yan Lu Ling Xi go to the store, all the way over here, all along the street out of the willow shoots. On both sides of the street, the gap in the rock, everywhere visible green, occasionally pink flowers waving in the breeze. Heavy winter swept away entire city, reveals a fresh and vibrant.

Back in Beijing the next day, the Yen saw the grandfather Yinyong De. Black shook ears, close your eyes to sleep calm. A pedestrian not be here more, today is Friday, Dulin worried back late to catch Fengcheng traffic jam, they're in trouble. Lee uncle of Ling Xi Lu impression is really good, all the way to put them to the side of the road, straight Lu Ling Xi asked time often. Flowerbeds things also assured that he must give good care of, not to worry about the little doll. Ling Xi Yi Lu Hang away sat beside Yan Yue, his hand lies the floor is a small dwarf bamboo. Lu Ling Xi looked interesting, readily took the play up. "What?" Lu Ling Xi look puzzled. Will the mysterious white panel in this body after the death of the original owner appears and this is the key to his rebirth white panel. Lu Ling Xi remembered the doctor said that this body had the heart to stop beating ten seconds, ten seconds in that in the end what happened? Easy route fuss from the balcony ran in, he's wearing today is very simple accident, his face clean, as is the same as a regular student. Ye Kang nodded solemnly. "Before you blankly or is, or is not even laugh mouth of the arc are like good advance actuarial also why I do not hold anything against you, you go to the students inquire inquire circles, who say you do not live like a machine. " The living room soon no movement, opened the door and listened a Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu seems to be asleep. The moment he walked softly to the door, squat | has been behind the body in front of his big black pressing voice: "Do not call big black, obediently stay at home."

"Grandpa Zhao very powerful, have him test the new drugs will certainly succeed," Ling Xi Lu sat in the car seriously he said. "Brother Lee." Lu Ling Xi politely greeted. Easy Hang scratched hair, cling Lu Ling Xi, "OK, ah, the third wiser, brother, I was relieved."

Easy route pity, "How much?" Easy route when looking over the afternoon, to see Lu Ling Xi squatting on the ground under the scorching sun in a little bit of weeding. They backyard that small piece of open space has been cleaned up his half. Across the fence, Lu Ling Xi Yi Hang shouted loudly, "the youngest, what are you doing?"Ethyl Crotonate As expected, as the Yen, Yin Ya is now to take a chance. She asked Zhang Yan Shihui must catch up before returning home ready for new drug application report, new drugs must be listed in any event, it relates to her ability to gain a firm foothold in the Cape together. "Dead?" QiuJun some do not believe, "Lvshao, planted those trees going down horticultural workers may have seen, and that is basically nothing transplant to live, how this how long are dead yet. "

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