The blue cyanine B

Black is a black man to play a name. Xiao Hong did not say anything, Wang Shuxiu already Liu Mei stood, a pound the table, "the little son of a bitch you actually keep a snake." She spent the evening before efforts Xiao Hong and Xiao Man disguised dignified, so an opening break all at once the work. "Look at this, really good product phase, but the root is rotten." "I know." Lu Ling Xi politely nodded. Although he has been trying to close a few people want to talk fashion, but years of ingrained education, decent manners almost engraved in his bones.

Sulang nodded. Old man body actually nothing more that happened suddenly, by the stimulus little high blood pressure, like Yang Yang. Easy route several people apparently are not used now Ling Xi Lu, in accordance with their former brothers want to meet a few people naturally want dearly, what can not remember Lu Ling Xi, is more strange to speak of the past few rude, become gentle up . If the usual, easy route would have to slap Ling Xi Lu, "loaded, so that you have installed." Lu Ling Xi can now facing, it is how he can not make this slap. "Is that these altogether." Du Lin Ling Xi Lu pointed out to look. "OK, no problem." "All right, wait for you to come back around, I guess I could stay for some time." "Before the patient's head being hit, may cause central nervous system have been affected, this is not a big problem, and raised some time just fine." As soon as he got up, big black body suddenly straightened up, growled at him whispering. Black roar brought back bad memories of the land of water, his face flashed Ju Yi, heart reluctantly sat down again. AGF residential construction early, then there is also part of the urban fringe, to solve the garbage problem in the city center, in a stroke of the pen mayor in this neighborhood to build a garbage dump. At that time people did not understand environmental protection, but also have to think from the garbage dump near the trash convenience. With the development of the times, the constant expansion of the city, is already part of AGF district close to the center of the place, and people have gradually been environmentally conscious, began to resist the periphery of the landfill. "Yan brother?" Lu Ling Xi bit surprised.

"Roar." Wang Shuxiu see Lu Ling Xi woke up, had been carrying a heart finally put down. Her excitement landing Ling Xi said: "The little son of a bitch, they say you die, then nothing and his aging mother, you see, you do not come to save his aging mother to support you so much, I did not enjoy one day you too? blessing, if you die, his aging mother for so many years is not lost money. you do not know a devil father died and where to go, these days even the surface did not reveal before. you may remember that you so many days in hospital, spent his aging mother are all hard-earned money. " Easy navigation: "......" He really be killed unjustly. Lu Wang Shuxiu marry a water moved to the district, it is already after the turn over the name. Originally no one knew she was formerly tempest flowers, but some times she and Lu a water fight, a land under water so he called out the name, just the bored crowd of neighbors to hear. Since then, everyone tends to like something to take her name was a joke. Lu Ling Xi: "......" Ling Xi Lu and Wang Shuxiu night, Xiao Feng Xiao Hong went to see together. See, Wang Shuxiu great emphasis on this meeting, but also specifically to go home changed clothes. Xiao Feng laughed, hugged Wang Shuxiu, "Well, children do not want to have is able students, revel it." Previous Xiao Hong and Xiao-Man did a child, that is the New Year together with Xiao Feng Leng Qingqing three people. Xiao Man occasionally parents are old couple old, do not like the excitement, every year went to bed. Xiao Hong had a feel of AIDS did not taste, which, like this year's happy. Although it is more than two people, but it feels completely different. Especially to see the landing Ling Xi, Xiao Hong Xiao Feng do further than just competent, eat and drink play, think of what to give what to buy. This privately he and Xiao Man muttered, Konishi child is too obedient, and if a little naughty points, the same as other children cried want this like that better. Lu Ling Xi somewhat embarrassed naturally into the door, the Yen followed behind him. Xiao Feng Yan swept the sight, the two exchanged a meaningful look. Yan slightly more eyebrow and said nothing. Lu Ling Xi silence does not speak, Su grandfather stared Sulang a dissatisfied, how to tell these patients? What name who died failed surgery, this is not to scare people? You see, the boy was terrified, right?

"A yellow." Determined to ask the president said Lu Ling Xi is how it is, but feel Luguang Jing son had died, he pole on some ugly, was a hesitation, Luguang Jing has been on the car parked on the roadside, signaled the driver to go first.The blue cyanine B Lu Ling Xi naughty tilt of the mouth, "If I say that as long as I see it, all the information about the eggplant fingers will appear in my mind, Yan brother you believe it?" Wang Shuxiu this time they gradually saw several Menlian, has not been particularly suitable, the price is not too high, that is, the lot is not good. Xiao Feng to call her today, referring to a nearby cell AGF exactly small Menlian to sublet. Is dry before a small restaurant, the owner family to return home, house rent anxious waiting, and asked Wang Shuxiu have no meaning.

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