Methyl Crotonate

Yan Kang Ye think more completely in a casual idea, but think about it, and Kang Ye Huskies are also considered a good fit. Ye Kang has been looking forward to the evening took the dog racing, in addition to this big black calm temper, and only the Huskies this "lively" patience, willing to cooperate with him. Up to now finally understand Dongzhi girlfriend Ye Kang Ha is two new owners, she looked at the hands of pants, some regret that point to two Harju face. She put away a side of pants, lying on the ground playing dead two Kazakhstan immediately got up and continued to spin around Lu Ling Xi. Lu Ling Xi silent stare an easy route, how he would know.

Yan looked at the message, eyes soft, "Good night." "This is a few?" Black quietly looked at him, looked a little serious. Unlike other industries, Xiao Hong these coal mines have true feelings. He asked to take over the party must be properly disposed inside of workers, in particular to look at the land-water prison. Wang Shuxiu now pregnant with a child, do not say Xiao Feng, Xiao Lu Hung can not put a water back toss Wang Shuxiu. This way, not mine hands who give money who had transferred. Do not trust the Yen touched Ling Xi Lu's face, always feel a little too cold. He looked for a jacket from the back seat replaced Lu Ling Xi clothes, asked: "? It cold." Two diametrically opposed, Yanshi Hui for the first time felt like he never had to see this son. A land of water would not finish, Wang Shuxiu been a slap shot in his head. "I make trouble? But you TM over the day, and you let them put stuff out, we Nianglia how do?" Yan Ling Xi Lu gave the more impatient reaction directly opened his hand, to see some young red nose, which he such a get, by the stimulation nose sour, tears flow directly out. His face became careful, like the face of a fragile treasure, like Lu Ling Xi gently wiped tears of his eyes, then carefully handle posted on the other side of the nose, whispered: "? It hurts." "Hungry? I'll cook, you go back to the house would be a lie." Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu worry just discharged, toss it down the body can not stand, drove him to rest.

At night before going to sleep, Yan Ling Xi Lu received the telephone. Phone, Lu Ling Xi told severely disobedient like a black. Yan listened more funny black cake hidden in the hollowed windowsill and then played dead thing, a person chuckle. Yen more gently cast a big black eye, eyes paused on Ling Xi Lu unconscious feeling the big black head fingers. Soft black hair wrapped around white fingers, really can not tell an eyesore. He recovered sight, seemed arbitrary and said:. "Get in, where I'm going to send you."Methyl Crotonate Thought here Yinyong De gas also powerful, his life most regret a thing of Yin Seiran too coddled, when the tube is not willing to control her. He had just wanted her daughter to be happy enough, the sky is falling for his daughter insisted there, who knows the ages, to develop a daughter is now temper. Yinyong De sighed, "A more Do not worry, your mother now knows Laris security is not beloved. Besides Laris security itself and Xiaoya nothing, is that young people about the go out to eat a few meals, over time it faded." He did not say okay, do not say that he finished the Yen, even Lu Ling Xi are aware of the serious problems.

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