Disperse Dyestuff

He laughs off his coat, and Lu Ling Xi get together again. Together they planted over these bitter grass, the color wash your hands ready to roll up their sleeves to cook. Wang Shuxiu not, cooking has always been under his control, basic cooking is not a takeaway with a tomato sauce. Lu Ling Xi washed his hands now over and saw tomato sauce remembered Peak brother planted tomatoes and grapes, I do not know how long is it going? Small courtyard tomatoes have been fruitless, and Lu Ling Xi simply to give processed tomato seedlings, to turn back to it again. He is now looking forward to early peak brother planted tomatoes on the market. Wang Shuxiu and Lu Ling Xi Lu Ling Xi said, also would like to hear the meaning of Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu not think so complicated, simply said: "Mother does not like it there even if the. Yan Ling Xi Lu looked more apologetic look, "Sorry, that was my wrong, I will not delay you home?"

"What?" Yan the lips smiling. Since he could not put juveniles locked up, I could do nothing but think of ways to become a unique heart juvenile man. Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu doubt see the landing, she'd like to stay, may have to make money to support their families. A woman by her husband not only on their own. "That is absolutely not feed live, die, whenever there is a hint of possibility, those who can not bear to throw." Soon the effort, and Xiao Wang Shuxiu on Mann talked together, never lack a common topic among women. Xiao Feng and Xiao Hong aside Couzhe interest, but also from time to time to ask a few Ling Xi Lu. After eating enjoyable, it touches people really have a feeling. Plant needs: water "Big black over." Lu Ling Xi to tomatoes poured over water, specifically to wash a big black tomato greeted loudly. His tone is mocking, Yanshi Hui endure another forbearance, "Are you eccentric you blame me?" Yan Yue Ting laugh again.

"Bookstore, I want to buy this book." Ling Xi Lu Yen saw more at the door, somewhat reassured to continue back to the kitchen to help. Living room and sometimes the rest of the Yan and Xiao Feng two people, as well as the corner of the big black. The next few days, things have been busy Lu Ling Xi micro-gardening. Han brother brought that sum list already completed the transaction, Lu Ling Xi sent to the plants after the plants are evolved. He made an appointment with each other a week to take care of a green plants. Both sides are very satisfied with the deal. Lu Ling Xi guessed big black thoughts, smiled and touched a large black head, a small channel: "? Black you are not listening to her mother fell asleep." Author has to say: Thank you, your eyes are a little drunk threw a mine threw a grenade buckle 5 Lu Ling Xi: "......" Xiao Feng is not that night, after dinner the Yan reluctantly back wall, leaving only the 101 Lu Ling Xi and Wang Shuxiu mother and son. Lu Ling Xi Han Zhu Wang Shuxiu ready to return to the room, put a card in front of her. Uncle Lee did a good job this year, for the flower garden is really the heart. Before listening to Dulin saying we should turn out flowerbeds Father also feel pity, and so saw Lu Ling Xi, said Father nor pity. In his telling, small dolls shares the taste. City people may not think that he stayed perennial rural, out is the tree, the ground is a crops, pick wild flowers everywhere, people are not particular about the city close to nature thing, small dolls have so little taste.

Lu Ling Xi crooked eyes, Yan directed at the more exposed a smile. "Be careful, be careful."Disperse Dyestuff Zheng Yan to see the New River immediately bring the spirit, "Konishi it?" One meter, two meters, three meters, four meters, dug five meters when the excavator suddenly stopped. The driver stuck his head, indicating underground, "I feel a bit wrong."

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