Fluorescent Disperse Dyestuff

Big black dog tied rope can barely accept muzzle bit not happy, arrived in his head refused to close Dongzhi, unhappy roar so even a voice. Dongzhi Shetenglebantian not on the set, only to be handed over to Lu Ling Xi. This is basic to every micro-gardening where people would have for feeling, Lu Ling Xi have become accustomed. "What do you want?" Wang Shuxiu vigilance Road.

Rubescens panel displays without any problems, why the leaves would all fall out? Lu Ling Xi looked bare rubescens sudden spiritual blessing to heart, he has not thought of Rubescens evolutionary reasons. And most of the plants will fall into winter dormancy different, unique property itself rubescens decided it will grow another form in the winter. He has been kept in the store rubescens, maintain the room temperature at 20 degrees, rubescens without the necessary growth stage, naturally not evolved. Ling Xi Lu in my mind for a few seconds to digest the old bastard, obediently nodded. Wang Shuxiu continue Wada sister chatted up, Lu Ling Xi nothing to do by reading the newspaper quietly opened the white panel. Fertilization results of a morning out, he won the heart of the plant is 50.3. Although he is not and ran to the heart of the plant, but see the word appears on the bottom of 56/100 (0-order), or could not help but cheer up. Such a long time did not wait until the talk Yen, Ye Kang asked one, "how? Bad mood? Ya Yin is not yet out of the unitary moths what?" Small stone big name Dong Xiaolei, is in Xiaojuan's son. I always remember him and his brother's beautiful little secret, turned around and took what he saw told Lu Ling Xi. Lu Ling Xi also learned that the little boy is in the son Xiaojuan. Lu Ling Xi facial features curved pleased laugh. He finished almost saw Lu Ling Xi eyes brightened, nodded hard. Ling Xi Lu Yen more help but rubbed his hair, young eyes were clear and bright, like a night sky twinkling stars, so full of expectations, but also full of trust at him, speechless joy to his heart . "Little Miss, here." Su Wei positive seems to be just over, he walked toward the landing Lingxi beckoned. The more relaxed attitude Yan, Lu Ling Xi also followed down the heart. They were packed with six less than back home. 301 door to door is the Xiao Feng. Lu Ling Xi nodded, "Dr Chan said I was almost recovered, you can leave the hospital."

Poor fit, leaves home, the Li family ...... more than a dozen large and small are trying to win this project consortium, on the whole project quotes soared. With the increasing amount, he gradually withdrew from the consortium have competition, and finally left the Cape together and leaves home in contention. Because of they are out of town, on the road to go very smoothly, originally foreseen for 40 minutes only took half an hour. They came to the airport, and Zhanglao Zhaolao not arrived yet. Lu Ling Xi curiously around, no matter to see what all feel interesting. Lu Ling Xi promised a cry, quickly wash finished. He was about helping chopsticks gracefully, but inadvertently see the backyard, the surprise from ear to ear. Short night time, last night actually planted tomato seeds are sprouted. Green shoots from the top of the soil, suffer suffer crowded crowded covered the entire backyard. "Konishi." Yuehua Jian Yan in the hands of the coat draped to Lu Ling Xi's body, holding his hand a slight frown, "how how cold hands?" The first two are to the south. For a time after purification Ling Xi Lu also come here to read, change is not obvious how. But after a month, and now has some obvious changes. Compared to surrounding land after purification plant grows abnormal lush, wild flowers and weeds do not know huddled together, looking very vibrant. There are a few stray cats in the grass infested, a lazy physique largest tree lying, belly overturned basking in the sun. Hear people's movement, the cat's attitude cavalier glanced at them one golden pupil after seeing Lu Ling Xi instantly widened, nose and sniffed, turning a thorn slip crouched there toward the landing Lingxi affectionate meow stand up. Land and water seemed to be a tough leaning up station, the more gratitude toward Yan nodded Tuiju said:. "Actually no, I was nothing serious." Ling Xi Lu laughed, scratched his big black chin, "You have to sleep with me?" Sulang and leaves Kang is studying abroad know. They are the same medical school students, a clinical medicine, a psychology. Because of all Chinese people, the villagers meeting a particular hit it off, and soon became friends. By Kang Ye, Yan Sulang know more. Another university student Yan more Department of Finance, and leaves Kang grew up playing friends, Yan leaves two more long-time friend. Reading down the years, the relationship between the three has been good, often eating a meal together, and leaves until Sulang Kang has returned home, and more to stay in a foreign country Yen Yen took over the family business in foreign countries. Yan Ling Xi Lu did not know the fear, then said:. "If there is a plant can be used instead of steel or other energy like this will not affect the economy, but also to protect the environment, do not need to worry about any pollution." He said seriously, there is a Yanyue Si and white panel, Lu Ling Xi, raising his hand and rubbed his hair, softly:. "we can find similar effort might really occurring plant" Yen more mouth brought back, hold back the urge to go around Ling Xi Lu, waved toward the juvenile, the rate went into the house. Lu Ling Xi do not think the other, followed behind Yan Yue. Yan has just entered the room was the more force in the arms, eagerly kissed lips. Long thoughts full condensate for a kiss, how are reluctant to let go of the Yen Lu Ling Xi. Hot love | want in the body rises, the more patience Yan desire for young, tightly confined him in his arms, until the pro Lu Ling Xi faint, long while slow, but God.

"primary school?" Hung up the phone, Lu Ling Xi poked biting his black sleeves, black slowly tied to the wrist Lu Ling Xi, affectionately rub the rub.

Bathing, reading, sleeping, one day had passed. The next few days, Lu Ling Xi in his spare time, became aware of a new friend. Micro-gardening in the street opened a small year, Dulin previous good karma. Her children go home, find someone for her Kandian thing is no secret that the owner string right door soon to know Lu Ling Xi. Since the two were together, we received the first shipment also pay attention to someone. Li Weisheng thought, though he and Lu Ling Xi first collaboration, but sent to the micro-gardening potted confidence, to think first look Qiu Tian gardening, if they still will not have time to go back and change. With this intention, Li Weisheng Lu Ling Xi on the right track: "Little West you first, and so, I received a bonsai to say here."Fluorescent Disperse Dyestuff Under the snow day and night, workaday vast expanse. The village has experienced older people say the scene next year afraid to bad, this on the next few months so much snow. Uncle Lee and mind garden, every day to keep in the flowerbed. He also found a few unused old quilt resting on the kennel, dogs covered her points for this snow. Xue Ling Xi Lu Tong was childish, then chuckled, quipped: "?. A large black do not eat there gave big black"

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