Solvent Dyestuff

Yen more dark dark eyes, said: "? He had just gone, what do you find him." Lu Ling Xi laughed reassuringly scratched his big black chin, Wang Shuxiu to make a telephone call. Uncle Lee is not only home is the case, and different city, basically every household in rural yard love something to keep the species usually eat. Formerly home to eat because of a reason not to fight drugs, although the species out of something wonderful, but the yield is not much. This time do not know how, yield attached turned several repeated. Today the village but worry about how to do these things? So eat rotten to the ground pity, out to sell it, go near the vicinity of the village are like them, will buy. It goes far to Fengcheng, and some worth while.

"Forget it, the more the color will grow in the country is estimated to be a bit longer, we have time to talk about it." Although the heart is strange that he did not speak out of turn, but be careful of the roots of these seedlings are dug out, get rid of the roots of seedlings soil, clearly we see the roots of the seedlings have a big gap. Lu Ling Xi explained: "This is no time to transplant somehow hurt the roots, root like Yang Yang." He swiftly arranged up Sulang obvious sigh of relief. Wang Shuxiu looked at him and suddenly thought of something, casually opening:. "Old bastard gamble and he lost again, this time due to a bit more, Xiao Feng was sent to the Northwest to coal mining." "You little bastard who dare to appear here!" Ling Xi Lu Yen more of the sound was like a charm Norse mythology siren song, Yan toward the uncontrolled took two steps in his direction, hearts desperately clamor a little closer, a little closer again. Fortunately, his self-control to control the behavior of the remaining two legs of the Yen in juvenile step away from the place stopped. "He even I do not know, I do not call a big problem? What is the big deal? You okay in the end the hospital?" This change also had another impact, according to several major hospitals Fengcheng statistics, nearly a week in the asthma patients admitted to hospital was reduced by 50% over the same period last year, which means that half of Fengcheng have onset asthma in the spring the peak of the disease was brought under control, not because of the medication, but because of environmental improvements. All these variations are considered to be people from Fengcheng begin environmental impact of the New Deal brought last year, the Environmental Protection temporarily become the hottest topic in the Fengcheng folk. Sulang in a telephone laughed, brisk tone, "Yan total to cast so much money, not the effect I am sorry to find you, right?" "Want what?" The old man to see if he did not speak, ask the sentence.

They laugh here, far away in Beijing Wang Shuxiu hung up the phone, take a deep breath and looked up to the front of the elderly, sullen and said:. "You got the wrong person." Xiao Feng laughed, hugged Wang Shuxiu, "Well, children do not want to have is able students, revel it." Wind, big black ears pricked up, his eyes moistening his finger Ling Xi Lu, quietly lying on his feet. Xu solve three things, Lee uncle no more be in the flower garden. When he walked to greet Lu Yan Ling Xi and more to his house for dinner, was Yanyue Wan refused, and the way they come already eaten. Time is over 6:00, the three left together packed with micro-gardening. Yan proposed to the small restaurant to eat, can be considered to Hong Ye Jie Feng welcome home. Lu Wei Ling Xi just want to see the white in a small restaurant to be too accustomed to study, immediately nodded in agreement. Kang Ye-off with the Lord, but also on small restaurant full of curiosity, happily he agreed to down.

Husky plaintively toward the landing Lingxi tossed tails, Lu Ling Xi could not help laughing. He remembers the big black just came back, this big black body husky completely afraid of majesty, often come bobbing Ling Xi Lu, incidentally audacious world spun Black. After several big black straw harsh lesson that meal. Ha Qishi only just remember the big black powerful, deeply moved and then not cheap looking over the big black. Separated by a door Lu Yan Ling Xi hear more what to say, he put the bed stuff it up and began waving the color box to find clothes.Solvent Dyestuff All kinds of random thoughts flashed in the minds of Lu Ling Xi, he said nothing, just a person quietly in bed. Lu home in the past, he was the youngest child, and because of special circumstances, has been no playmates, long years of a person, and gradually develop a very quiet temper. Now change to a strange environment, he does not know what to say. They left with a big black willow turned into the big house yard Uncle Lee, Uncle Lee looked very happy they came, hastened to greet them to wash their hands for dinner. Aunt Lee tonight to prepare hot pot, hot pot on the table, surrounded by four disc thinly sliced ​​mutton and other side dishes. A cooking pot, a rich aroma lingering between the nose.

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