Lu Ling Xi no requirements for distances traveled, the only requirement is only able to open a little hope easy route stability. While Black is not here today, but he is about to stand Jinbei bumps. Ling Xi Lu and Wang Shuxiu night, Xiao Feng Xiao Hong went to see together. See, Wang Shuxiu great emphasis on this meeting, but also specifically to go home changed clothes. "This is a few?"

Xiao Hong simply thrilled. 1/100 (0-order) So the more the other face will say anything bad. But the rest of the time he and Lu Ling Xi are very conscious of the scope of activities within a few hundred meters of the control in the vicinity of the station, did not dare to be too far away. "The land of water, you son of a bitch, what are you doing?" Having a large black, Ling Xi Lu was about to find keys, open the door from the inside, Wang Shuxiu strange looking at him, "how to come back so early today?" "Listen, I quickly came back." Lu Ling Xi soothingly. Some went to Kunlun drove too far, it can only be a plane. As a big black with a bit less convenient. Lu Ling Xi also began early preparations by the big black aircraft consigned to Queenan, but looked online Ikunori pets checked after news of the accident, he dropped the idea. Anyway, he is to take up to a week to come back soon, and not toss the big black. By this, the Yen a night did not sleep well. Ling Xi Lu opened his eyes to get up early to see the Yen stood at the window, looking out I do not know what to think. Both sides are sincere, signed a contract to complete not much time fee. Wang Shuxiu carrying in the hands of a thin piece of paper a little excited, a land and water did not follow the rest of my life a better life, she can be considered a temporary old something to look forward. Xiao Feng heart remembered well, Wang Shuxiu somehow Xiao Feng contract would be for dinner. Xiao Feng some lack of interest, "Well, what is not a trifle. Besides eating out every day too tired to eat."

Xue Tong counted, as long as the successful development of high Yongliang cosmetic played reputation, flowerbeds become each other's fixed suppliers, annual sales will account for the bulk of his profits. They hit it off immediately began a preliminary cooperation. High Yongliang just what is good, that is, people are too picky, there are some perfect obsessive-compulsive disorder feel. He developed the perfume itself is born, to market new products also must have hit a perfume. For fragrance, he has six months modulation formula, and almost inside the flower garden colorful flowers oil is extracted over and over, but he has not found a satisfactory taste. Lu Ling Xi somewhat apologetic, more Yen really like big black does, he will be sure that the large black-yourself at home. Touched the big black head, Lu Ling Xi casually: "? Black Do you remember the color of it, he did not see you today, do you want him ah."Ciclopirox Good night's sleep, Ling Xi Lu did not feel the rain ever stop. He stumbled sleep seven points, draw the curtains, spring Morninghope shine through the windows of the house, golden light floating in the air, the house warm, very comfortable. "OK, no problem."

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