Mother's eyes suddenly flashed a light, forced to hold him, like a drowning man clinging to the last piece of driftwood. He quietly nestled in her mother's arms, as in the past each brother a health problem, you need as he lay on the operating table. His mouth is the mother of the boy, his presence is to the value of his brother, he always knew. Wedding wedding was very, Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu solemnly put into the hands of Xiao Feng. Ling Xi Lu Xiao Feng patted on the shoulder, the eyes are faint smile. Look out Xiao Feng is really happy, he took the table one by one King Wang Shuxiu wine again, and stopped for Wang Shuxiu all the wine. She laughed this, his anxiety will follow the laid down. She is going to live the sense to follow Xiao Feng, Xiao Feng's family like her best, and sometimes she does not like it does not matter. The old saying time will tell, what each other a long time people will know. Wang Shuxiu mood relaxed, the car seems to have followed the relaxed atmosphere up soon to the white courtyard. Xiao Hong and his wife Zhou Man has arrived.

"A yellow." They laugh here, far away in Beijing Wang Shuxiu hung up the phone, take a deep breath and looked up to the front of the elderly, sullen and said:. "You got the wrong person." Lu Ling Xi slightly surprised a moment, but it is shaking his head, explains: "is a variation." He has thought well, in which a little knowledgeable customer say these plants mutated. In case if the other asking specific hybridization process, he could not be too troublesome. Lu Ling Xi hospital these days, although the people inside to ward Wang Shuxiu perception is not good, but Lu Ling Xi is pick anything wrong. Child looks nice and polite, very likable. Especially Lu Ling Xi, although a person, no one around to take care, but he rarely trouble others, even the nurses are rarely trouble, can do everything a man to do. Fall in the eyes of all, it is sensible that he's distressed, usually there is anything we are willing to take the handle. Lu Ling Xi somewhat unnatural looked away, a slight reddening of the ear tip. In front of a woman he has been kept saying, every word he says Lu Ling Xi understand each other, but together can be completely unaware of each other's meaning. He looked at the woman's lips moving talked on, finally taking advantage of a gap difficult to ask his question. Yin Yan two were expecting a good, or whether it is the company's consolidated pre-marital harmony and Yanshi Hui Yin Ching Lan all very well, but no one would have thought that the two personalities do not find and after marriage, leading to conflict. Yan Yan Shihui temper chilled the father, most of the focus was on the business. Yan Yue Qing Lan Yin mother happens to be coddled childhood grow up, patience and self-naive, always need to be holding in her hand. Yanshi Hui needed was a family business could help him take care of a good wife, and Yin Ching Lan want is everything to her as the center of a good man. In such fundamental differences, the two feelings of a complete breakdown. The first derailment is Yanshi Hui Yin Ching Lan several times in a row soon after to pursue their own happiness. They were acquired a mistress and their children, the more she became superfluous color man. "Little beast." Man pissed. Lu Ling Xi saw dead hearts of regret, was about to recover the spirit of scanning, white bezel suddenly emerge out of the word.

Small gray listened called twice. Black woo muffled cry. Easy Hang scratched hair, cling Lu Ling Xi, "OK, ah, the third wiser, brother, I was relieved." Lu Ling Xi scowled and looked at the color some regret. Teenagers do not understand anything, he was worried teenager in his care areas not cheated, you can really make people understand the sinister teenager, he was somewhat reluctant. . "Yes". "No problem," Andrzej straightforward way, he looked toward the outside a low voice: "You said last time, sister thing, the boss did not catch up in the end?" Yan in Beijing for more lujia something not very interested in, just to hear the reasons Sulang resigned, suddenly thought of the last micro-gardening gate Sulang mentioned tone when Lu Ling Xi, invisible micro frowned. He seems to feel like Sulang Konishi as a substitute for the Ling Xi Lu, this feeling made him feel uncomfortable. Lu Ling Xi does not know these small stones thought, if I know, and certainly too severely beat him up ass. He and all the way along the Black Fang Lei to find a small stone, is now near the songjiazhuang. Black here smell the smell of small stones left, muffled punch landing Ling Xi cried.

Study abroad? Lu Ling Xi on, this really is a dream too far. From the third grade after his car accident, the mother refused to let him out of her sight. He invited her to a family of teachers, school arranged for him at home. He understood that his mother was worried about his health, but also believe that his mother is worried about his case after the accident, another child was too late to save his brother. Fang Lei one immediately said, "I go with you."Crotamiton Lu Ling Xi embarrassed then nodded, nearly more than a week without eating, he was really a bit hungry. Yan Yue mouth slightly invisible Alice Alice, nodded slightly, reported his numbers. "My name is Yan more."

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