High-light Dyestuff

The more so polite attitude Yan, Lu Ling Xi more embarrassed. "Nothing, I am also a person to go home, do not delay in." "Luk stadium thing you can rest assured that I'll let you arrange here Phone ......" Far enough away not think, now close it, the more color the boy who just feel kind of comforting taste. Just so quiet stood beside him, his heart had been repressed rage and then slowly down gently. So that he could not help but want to be near some of the juvenile, then closer.

The night before surgery, his father has promised to send him abroad to study surgery done. To some extent seems to have been able to read one of his obsession, but think of Wang Shuxiu hard, Lu Ling Xi do not think the idea of. In fact, reading is not reading all the same, anyway, he did not go to school how you really want to go back to school may not be able to adapt. Besides he is also quite good now. Lu Ling Xi want good, so he left the hospital, to find a job gardening store. Both play a role in the panel and can take care of the plants and flowers to collect the heart of plants, but also to make money to feed themselves, let Wang Shuxiu not so hard. Ling Xi Lu noted that the line of sight, Wang Shuxiu quickly looked back at him and asked nervously: "? Where is not uncomfortable." Here he began to pack up, big black quietly squatted beside him. Lu Ling Xi touched the head of a large black, big black whispered cry. She does not speak, Xiao Feng does not speak, but took Wang Shuxiu walked over from his work and went to work. Xiao Feng Wang Shuxiu looked at my heart at ease, readily said:. "That tomorrow, do not look for gained them, we will come back a little bastard who eat a meal." Two are talking, a customer came in a hurry. A middle-aged man accompanied by a younger boy while carrying a large force of the pot on the ground. Middle-aged man while wipe side:. "The boss the trouble to look at the" "Hey ...... You can not ......" When Ling Xi Lu came to see is a small restaurant this lively scene. Today, thanks to his brother to take care of peak these days, Lu Ling Xi naturally can not absent. He thought over the closed shop early, but it happens to the micro-gardening two regular customers, was delayed until now. Lu Ling Xi touched the cool black body, looked up wondering: "What always felt did not buy." Yan looked more envious, from behind holding Lu Ling Xi biting his ear, pointing to one of them said:. "This position can also stop a person, I'll let Andrzej P me go."

Lu Ling Xi did not go, but well-behaved fans holding a stack of newspapers for Wang Shuxiu up. While fans while said: "Mom, I have something to tell you." Located nearby Fengcheng Phoenix Mountains Park Yinyong De live, he tends to like to climb climb Phoenix Mountain. Since going to climb, the more the body of the shirt color trousers inappropriate. After breakfast back to the room to change clothes Yan, Yan Yongde, etc. in the yard, bent over looking at his baby that several strains of Cymbidium. Butler came over, handed the phone to Yinyong De whispered:. "Miss" Lu Ling Xi and lay in bed for a few days, after a variety of complex examination, finally can freely get out of bed. The doctor repeatedly said he is a miracle, then a heavy injury recovery so well, is simply staggering. For doctors praise, Wang Shuxiu performance is the most fun, over the past few pungent doctor's hand tightly clutching the continuous appreciation, not straight to marry a doctor flushed with shame. Ling Xi Lu Yan sent home more of the time, Lu Ling Xi rubbed his eyes filled with waking look under the car.

Because of previous poor health, in fact, Lu Ling Xi Xi still do not like to move, can not understand the big black Lu Ling Xi psychological, each own Sahuan time, have dragged Lu Ling Xi together. Lu Ling Xi speechless touched the big black head, forced by large black holding all the way went to the flower market. Lu Lu Beijing Branch Group is in the home industry, Lu Ling Xi was about to take the grapes hand paused, hesitated and said: "? Lu Branch Group of people to the Fengcheng"High-light Dyestuff "where?" Do not trust the Yen touched Ling Xi Lu's face, always feel a little too cold. He looked for a jacket from the back seat replaced Lu Ling Xi clothes, asked: "? It cold."

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