Ethyl Crotonate

Lu Ling Xi: "......" End of the month, Ling Xi Lu Yan took the plate once account. He took over the micro-gardening now for a month, with the old customer word of mouth, the store's business is getting better, more and more repeat customers. Everyone says Lu Ling Xi tends good for gardening, horticulture from micro to buy plants and flowers are long special exuberant, very good support. In particular, we do not know is illusion, always feel to see the plants and flowers on a good mood, very comfortable to be together. This time Wang Shuxiu night shift did not come back, Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu in the living room to the left a note. Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu the beginning of the work is not good, always feel that little bastard gets tough, it is estimated will quit her job a few days to go home. Can be two weeks later, Lu Ling Xi gusto actually work, but also bought a lot of books, every day to see the night.

Ye Kang Ha managed to open two furry head, politely directed at New River Zheng nodded, watching the Yan Yue, "Konishi answer the phone in the back, Fang Lei seems to be looking for him." "You should come another day, and today many people the hospital, had to line up to pay for a long time." Lu Ling Xi hear concerns Yen more thoughtfully. "Konishi did not you think so serious. Eighty per cent of Fang Lei often find a small stone speak some things to solve the case, the small stones subconscious Fang Lei characters in the story as idols growing up, there will be boys in this stage, hero worship and longing, waiting for him on the big points and then sensible. " "I am also for Hello, this car is too blatantly. I put my bike back to public soon scrapped give you up, never let you into the crowd, a little inconspicuous." Such a thought, Fang Lei think he was kind of miss the small gray. Does not know he is not these days there is no obedient small gray, eat good, no colleagues to buy a small gray fish dry. He looked up, just to have a roadside food stalls hawking Queenan specialty crispy dried fish. Fang Lei hearts of a move, over the past half a catty, said hello to the boss, when is he the evening supper. Spirit River passes through the village, the village is the only one spirit of water is not contaminated river water village. Large willow root shall be firmly embedded in the river, tangled roots shall be blocked water penetration, a little slow absorption of the river did not come. Yan can be more anxious and more waiting to Lu Ling Xi, she nodded slightly. Black cries cry, contentedly hooked Yan Yue wrist. Yen Vietnam eyes tightly wound up, motionless together again. Zheng New River some hesitation, he would have been worried about the effects of drought Fengcheng bamboo propagation, but according to his way of seeing the situation does seem to say the same as Lu Ling Xi completely dry, so there is no need to re-up to the mountains.

Lu Yen-water surprised at the more, the more completely do not understand the intent of the Yen. Lu Ling Xi back, Zhanglao suddenly laughed, hearty and said:. "I think it is looking at all the way Konishi, Zhao old man I am not wrong it." "Yan more." Not such a big thing Yanshi Hui Yan assured to the sea, sea Yen heart is not convinced, this time a positive performance, helped by a message Hupenggouyou poking around, just to make themselves look a high Yanshi Hui. Handsome and cute daughter different Yin Ya Yin Seiran is a rare great beauty. Even today, we have over fifty years, but the maintenance is quite good, the color looks good half of the genes from Yin Seiran. Lu Ling Xi: "......" Lin Mei laughed thinking, "the old saying that the pair had to be a good match."

These years Green Hin Horticulture Development well, in addition to undertake various kinds of green projects, but also a steady supply of Fengcheng flower demand ten percent. Xue Tong can not meet, we have been trying to develop new sales channels. With new Chlorophytum circulating in the market, many small gardening Selection of secretly buy back privately cultivated only in order to save that sum "license fee." In addition, the market also appeared in a number of new fish in the fake spider plants. New spider plants and spider plants did not evolve in very different, if you look closely will find new spider leaves more lenient, some of the longer and more lush. But ordinary people is difficult to find the difference between them, so there are some small gardening provider name of the name of the new spider plants, spider plants sold are in fact common.Ethyl Crotonate Black eager to probe too far muffled cry, Lu Ling Xi smiled and reached out to scratch his big black chin, Yan interrupted and the topic. "The money you owe me for you, you and a small West's mother divorced." The more cold Yan Road.

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