The blue cyanine B

Yan Yue Ting laugh again. Nine months of pregnancy, Wang Shuxiu belly of the child is finally born. "Good." Xiao Hong very satisfied, "a man must protect his wife and family. We can not let his wife Xiao old tradition of disappointment."

Several times before when heavy rain, the situation is not clear that the drainage difference, but as more and more cell plants lush, dense tiger climbing walls of a building from the deepest cell climbed thirty-nine cell door Building drainage difference and several surrounding residential community is also growing. We all know that speaking is because cell plants more reason, water plants, this is a child will know. This cake is not cheap, that is what pure vegetable cream, a dozen inch cake took Xiao Hong small thousand dollars. For more origins Yan, and Xue through high Yongliang it is confusedly. Listen Lu Ling Xi vague represented by side, neither of them fine to ask. If the Yen to say already said, did not say that estimate is not convenient to say. Zhou Xiao Hong Man listening to the words, whispered and Wang Shuxiu said: "Our family Laoxiao not so uttered a few years, I think the past few years the Chinese New Year this year, he belongs to the happiest." Lu Ling Xi: "......" Yanyue Min Rui aware Lu Ling Xi seems a bad mood, "how tired?" Lee saw the uncle anxious, more directed at Yan Li uncle nodded, "has been that good, he began to work tomorrow."

Lu Ling Xi did not come home last night, Wang Shuxiu misses a night, did not even go to work on the heart. Despite knowing Lu Ling Xi in the flower garden, nor is he a man, but Wang Shuxiu is a heart at sixes and sevens how are restless. Hang Lu Ling Xi ease before they play wild, and often do not go home, Wang Shuxiu time did not feel anything. Since Lu Ling Xi can out afterwards, Wang Shuxiu personnel do not know the thought of the little bastard's lying in a hospital almost did not come to save, there is no way this heart as steadfast as ever, always can not help but think East West. He did not want to defy Wang Shuxiu kindness touched the belly, well, although a little support, but forbearance and tolerance or longer to eat a chicken leg.The blue cyanine B Black came over, stick out your tongue licked Lu Ling Xi chin, muffled cry. The animal world is the theme of the tropical rainforest. Black looked familiar scene excited, "hissing" non-stop, it is from there.

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