Methyl Crotonate

"Yan brother?" Lu Ling Xi whispered cry. Chlorophytum let Xue Tong last tasted the sweetness of the new spider plants by Gardening Green Hin Dongfeng opportunity to expand the size of the lot. Think about the development of the past six months, both competitors Qiu Tian gardening collapse, or high Yongliang cosmetics successfully listed, but also the promotion or spider plants, and it's all about Ling Xi Lu. In the heart of Xue Tong, Lu Ling Xi is simply his lucky star, his only hope landing Ling Xi New Year smooth, micro-gardening and horticulture Green Hin deepen cooperation, Lu Ling Xi can go a lot of breeding new plant varieties. Carries this concern, the more removed Yen Ling Xi Lu holding midnight stumbled sleep. Twilight sky dark, Lu Ling Xi is hot awake. Yan Yue arms like a stove, even with the quilt wrapped him together tightly in her arms.

Yan Yue hot eyes and focus, looking like this land have Lingxi just think of the heart. He looked down with Lu Ling Xi offset forehead, said:. "I find you at night." Both in this matter reached a uniform, did not mean to how. After all, the two older is really big, really hard to say can not be born. Luheng Chuan said deserved, Wang Shuxiu nearly always laughing gas. Her impatience toward Luheng Chuan turned a supercilious sneer up, "You old how, the family did not own grandchildren do? Grab grandson went to another home, you are too wicked, right? How? You can not hack grandson disobedient, we see a small West breath came recognize grandson? you do not 去打听打听, I was selling children Wang Shuxiu person? also compensate? I Pooh! " "Really?" Lu Ling Xi Road surprise. Bid farewell to Uncle Lee, Ling Xi Lu Yan and the more that the small stone thing. The more I heard Yan Xiaojuan small stones in children, very unexpected. But more surprising is the small Stone said Lee uncle like him can understand dog sounds. It also such a thing is no way to verify Uncle Lee Yen Ling Xi Lu allow more thought as to know nothing. If true, and small stones compared to Lee uncle but fly much, he certainly would not go out aired. Sales of new Chlorophytum gradually slow down when entering early December, which is Xue Tong Yan and more expected to do. Luckily he had just boast two Kazakhstan obedient. Pet shop, a pure big black dog lying half on the operating table, unable to focus on its forelimbs, explore the edge of the operating table, watching bloody. Two small nurse tense crowded around the operating table, holding forceps tools like the big dog wants to do some cleanup. As long as they can dare to close, the big dog will straightened up, bared his teeth uttered a low growl, warning them not allowed to come. "Go to bed early." Yan Lu Ling Xi rubbed the head.

Zhanglao thoughts are attracted by Chunlan, did not pay attention to pot around how to pull the landing Lingxi depends Chunlan. Lu Ling Xi Carefully Chunlan holding out Zhanglao whiz eyes lit up, and vigorously praise: "! Green leaf color, firmness and flexibility, proud heaven, good blue" Lu Ling Xi really want to make progress Sulang research continues, but more so Yan said he was more worried about making investment decisions Yan too hasty, once said: "Yan Big Brother you do not control rubescens, and if this study ... ... " Black sports swim to the front of Yan Yue, looked left and right stood shaking his head. "Ass with money, you can buy a cell environment? Do you smell that air, the park is absolutely standard." Lu Ling Xi warning along its look at the past, across the street, Huskies silver squatting pet shop door, an eager want rushing look. However, because of the large black, Huskies forward tentatively took a few times, did not dare to really rushing. Among these, Lu Ling Xi Lu Guoxing was impressed. Lu Guoxing forties, long a square face, dusky, tall, a speaking voice shook Lu Ling Xi ears buzzing. He was originally just an ordinary worker inside the flower garden, but he is also the only one to see Lu Ling Xi nurture these common begonias begonias and different people. Yan Lu Guoxing investigated the background after, just put him put up. Lu Ling Xi at the time he was assistant Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi is not the time, even if he is the person in charge here flowerbed. "Whose responsibility is now irrelevant." Li Yao interrupted him, "I know my sister, since she had a personality problem, too paranoid. Then you Merry happy on the outside, I advised her to to divorce, and she tied you have to give birth to a child. later, the only safe preterm birth, her spirit to a little less, until only the quiet of the disease, Cai surplus but felt sorry for the only security, maternal love is a cavity the only safe bet to the body. Look at these years, Li family mining surplus turn around the only safe, unaware that her spirit has become increasingly paranoid, until now broke out, everything is too late. "

Xue Tong Xin joy, "Did you find anything?" They already know beforehand Wang Chaoliang to bring people over, to Ling Xi Lu Yan and the very warm, especially Lu Ling Xi. Before the two staff members have seen Wang Chaoliang published several reports, Lu Ling Xi know to some extent be regarded as their counterparts on the development of new varieties of plants is very set.Methyl Crotonate Two are talking, far Zhanglao call a cry, "Konishi." Author has to say: Today's update to get everyone we see you tomorrow night ~ ~

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