Disperse Dyestuff

Zhanglao thoughts are attracted by Chunlan, did not pay attention to pot around how to pull the landing Lingxi depends Chunlan. Lu Ling Xi Carefully Chunlan holding out Zhanglao whiz eyes lit up, and vigorously praise: "! Green leaf color, firmness and flexibility, proud heaven, good blue" Yinyong De smiled, greeted the Yen sat down beside him. Xue Tong on the back of the press do not care about, horticulture want bigger, or rely on the final green plants speak. Qiu Tian Lu Hong catch since the new father of the flower garden and nursery is not how got the idea, defeat sooner or later. But Qiu Tian Fengcheng can dominate for many years, in this respect and flowers Marketer real skill, and sometimes he had to admire Qiu Tian. He heard Qiu Tian sell potted bounced twice, and my heart has been obsessed by it, you want to look at the can, Qiu Tian who face. The results did not expect the other side so young, watching is a child, is seventeen or eighteen look.

Look no more talk Yen, Ye Kang asked the sentence, "You is not heard nothing?" Five minutes later, a small stone called up. "I have to pee." Yen more expression unchanged, casually told: "Let her die." Zhang old man was referred to the old man seemed to think his behavior is something wrong, Lu Ling Xi in time before the other party declined insisted:. "I'm fine" Wang Shuxiu looked at him and suddenly thought of something, casually opening:. "Old bastard gamble and he lost again, this time due to a bit more, Xiao Feng was sent to the Northwest to coal mining." Lu Ling Xi dumbfounding, only obediently Enliaoyisheng. Wang Shuxiu satisfied, comfortable feeling hung up the phone. Although it is known little bastard is to coax you happy, Wang Shuxiu heard these words still could not help but grin face, swore, "little bastard." Xue Ling Xi Lu Tong was childish, then chuckled, quipped: "?. A large black do not eat there gave big black" Andrzej has come to the hotel, the Yen is looking out of him information, he secretly hiding in the room gossip boss.

Xiao Feng Yan more missed, landing Ling Xi smiled. Along the side of the big black watchful stare Xiao Feng look, walked slowly to the wall squat, leap out at any time to maintain the state. Xiao Feng Yan's attention from the more moved to the big black body, with interest saw a large black glances. Dog humanity, especially the black dog is some public pool. He does not look like a big black dog in general, some clever overdone. Hung up the phone, Lu Ling Xi thought to the family reported that a safe. Can be thought of that pamphlet, he would not know how to speak and Wang Shuxiu. Hesitated a few seconds, Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu pressed the numbers, quickly turned on each other.

Lu Ling Xi do not know what happened, a surgery done, he is no longer the young Sun Luling Lu Jia Jing West, but somehow appeared in Fengcheng, became two days have seen the woman's son Lu Ling Xi. Time is over 6:00, the three left together packed with micro-gardening. Yan proposed to the small restaurant to eat, can be considered to Hong Ye Jie Feng welcome home. Lu Wei Ling Xi just want to see the white in a small restaurant to be too accustomed to study, immediately nodded in agreement. Kang Ye-off with the Lord, but also on small restaurant full of curiosity, happily he agreed to down.Disperse Dyestuff "What is that?" Lu Ling Xi schematic distant security means. Heart random guess, QiuJun looked out the window, where the municipal office concentrated, green side of the road has been very good to see the weeping willows are basically more than a decade old trees. Lu Hong want to know he will have ten new courage to dare those mop-like seed trees here, where it is estimated that most broken Fengcheng, where grown most.

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