Solvent Dyestuff

Lu Ling Xi put away the phone and look to the window, under the greater the rain outside, like a horizon torn a hole in the water as it was down. The road has no pedestrian, and occasionally a car opened, also opened very slowly, Huangyou through micro-gardening. So long the Yen has not come back, do not know trapped in there, Lu Ling Xi little anxious up. They find no one to hold back the Yen, also received this message leaves Kang is incredibly curious. "You did not seem anxious?" Fang Lei guess people in the village will not be doing? Taking advantage of a power outage in the village, the village people know to use this well, in which intentional poisoning. But he has not had time to say, there xiaonianqing shouted, "It must be the spirit of water village people doing this village near the water and the Spirit will let any grudges."

To determine the Yen temporarily rest period was Yin Seiran strong opposition. At night before going to sleep, Yan Ling Xi Lu received the telephone. Phone, Lu Ling Xi told severely disobedient like a black. Yan listened more funny black cake hidden in the hollowed windowsill and then played dead thing, a person chuckle. Andrzej one, that is what is important thing, once playing the spirit. "what's up?" Lu Ling Xi had been lying on the windowsill watching Wang Shuxiu figure disappeared, quietly sat back down on the bed, he should seriously think about the future path of the discharge. "King of flowers I warn you not to make trouble, ah, peak Brother is not good to discuss the people." Hang Ling Xi Yi landing standing on the roadside to pull a red light, pointing to the front of the car suddenly exclaimed. Say Yongchun vegetable greenhouses opened only a month, has been the dark horse posture of Fengcheng occupy a quarter of the vegetable wholesale market share of sales. Even Yongchun wholesale price of vegetables somewhat less expensive than other vegetable greenhouses, a door-to-day still was sold out. Xiao Feng these days is preparing several large supermarkets and city cooperation, long-term stability to the supermarket for food. His problem now encountered some small-scale vegetable greenhouses, not many kinds of vegetables. Author has to say: Thank you, your eyes are a little drunk threw a mine threw a grenade buckle 5 Plant survival degree: High

Xiao Feng and Wang Shuxiu together, really want to thank the "rain" the matchmaker. Yan the hook the hook mouth, the snake did not feel completely at home so foolish. Bathing, reading, sleeping, one day had passed. The next few days, Lu Ling Xi in his spare time, became aware of a new friend. Micro-gardening in the street opened a small year, Dulin previous good karma. Her children go home, find someone for her Kandian thing is no secret that the owner string right door soon to know Lu Ling Xi. Easy Hang Here, look up more and more guilt. Lu Ling Xi do not know what to say, easy route for him to say these stories is like another world. Assault, was caught by the police, entirely beyond his imagination. Wang Shuxiu segment from the police to appear before despite intermittent talk, Lu Ling Xi probably guessed that this body is not quiet, but really did not think the original owner of this body would be a small fry. Ling Xi Lu laughed, "he also bought the last begonias." Su Ling Xi Lu grandfather very good impression of a concern, "Su grandfather body better?" Time before dinner, Xiao Feng cake was placed in a windowsill, heard and went to stand up and end. He took a felt wrong, some weight too light. Xiao Feng in a circle until a look, black tie being wrapped in cream cake to eat Huan, got left out of a whole cake empty shells, which are fundamental to the black emptied. Mother and two dinner is not complicated, Wang Shuxiu fry an egg tomatoes, I bought half a chicken, and mixed with a dish, porridge boil point. Simple meal family style meal, but to do it by the Wang Shuxiu looked fabulous. Especially her scrambled eggs tomatoes, sweet and very refreshing. Lu Ling Xi on tomatoes, drank three bowls of porridge. Xiao Feng and Wang Shuxiu wedding set at the end of December. They have discussed it, to Shihai live here in the district. Xiao Feng, although they have a house, but not a good residential environment here, two Wang Shuxiu reluctant Lu Ling Xi. Xiao Feng would not agree that the Yen Lu Ling Xi follow them move together, altogether he had come to live. He himself magnanimous, but also do not care to say he lived a woman's house, anyway, he and Wang Shuxiu ever trying to be difficult.

Yan more simply: "We are together to promote micro-gardening in the name of science and technology companies." Through this fight, Wang Shuxiu accident ward and others closer relationship.Solvent Dyestuff I do not know who shouted, Lu Ling Xi back to God, looked at the distant bookstore across the street signboard characters, mind temporarily pressure down. Fang Lei funny hair down it, to ensure that the: "OK, after the dried fish are small and pale, and not to other cats to eat."

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