High-wash Dyestuff

After listening to the words of Lu Ling Xi, Xue looked through his eyes full of appreciation. Lu Ling Xi said these he will know, but the child of such a serious talk, the more clear with the child's voice, if he customer, he also convinced. Yen more silent, she whispered:. "I met a boy" Yan mouth the hook the hook support and said:. "Good"

He'd like to see how good can this micro-gardening cultivated plants, Brother Lee value of their last pot sent all the pull back. "Do not drink." Lu Ling Xi obediently promised. Dongzhi looked pleased, although the two manifestations of Kazakhstan usually silly and cheap, from the original owner to pet shops to have been lively and naughty, like a little influence are not abandoned, but in fact the two are aware of what the heart of Kazakhstan , or else not be so enthusiastic Ye Kang, a hard to please. Fortunately, Ye Kang Konishi introduce friends, ha Dongzhi think the two to reassure him, just do not worry about two ha adapt to a home they have to re-adapt to another home. Xiao Feng silent black tail grabbing it from the inside pulled out the cake, black wore a cream struggling with. Author has to say: filled evening there is a chapter ~ She is also forty-two, and with the words of Lin Mei is not young, even if she is no way even the best maintenance and KTV inside those flower girl fight the tender. Wang Shuxiu not do not know the reason, but she really did not know resigned can do, we can not let the little bastard possessor of her, right? She was still young, do not want to become a burden on the Ling Xi Lu. Besides Lu Ling Xi eighteen, and immediately in relation to marry and have children, Wang Shuxiu Lu Ling Xi also thinking about saving money to buy a house. Now the little girl are powerful, not many are willing to live with her mother, she is not the kind of disagreeable people have to work or how to count money. Lin also said the United States just right, her body is really unable to go. If there is a slight illness broke down, think a little asshole who followed serve, Wang Shuxiu feel distressed. Now think about his former life appears to be abnormal, and Wang Shuxiu, Yan Xiao Feng and more, they used the action to tell him what is a normal life. I want to understand these things and then, Ling Xi Lu in the rest of the time are very quiet, and the Yen showed unprecedented dependence. Yen more reading, accompanied him watching, Yan pack more data, he is like a small tail just like the side of the Yen. "You look at the big black?" Lu Yan Ling Xi do not realize that the more bizarre behavior, crooked eyes asked. Wang Shuxiu one to know how it is, "Well, ultimately, the big black chicken."

Lin Mei Wang Shuxiu for some worry, Wang Shuxiu touches does not matter. But rather heard Xiao Feng Lin Mei Wang Shuxiu helped to introduce objects, three times a day to run a small restaurant inside. He did not say anything, that is, with leisurely around in Wang Shuxiu, watching what manual labor to helping a hand. Sometimes many guests, or guests there are people who know, Xiao Feng also never taboo, look out calmly greeted, did not know people still think Xiao Feng small restaurant is to open his own. Zheng Yi aerial sigh slap, landing Ling Xi said:. "Do not listen to Zheng sigh, what fortune do not get rich, you have a good rest and recuperation is really the youngest" There is a saying, all beauty even Sapo can be forgiven, Wang Shuxiu is such a beauty. She is 42, but looks completely like in his early thirties. LiuYeMei, Dan Fengyan, tall, plump figure, they do not speak every move is both fascinating and charming, but a talk on the exposed her nature. Plus she a dust gas, the families of the same ward, although willing to see more of her glances, but it is not willing to deal with her. "I would almost suffocated in the afternoon. The youngest is not evil, and he had not the most quiet and well-behaved despise this look? You look at him now, I have a word with him also turn a heart ring, afraid to scare him. " Fang Lei came in after the first time to find the villagers asked about the specific situation, but also to the nearby police called and asked to ask the situation. Fang said the two are similar, the police who are now out looking for small stones. He hung up the phone to see a return to God the dog rushed towards the village outside the village ran, he even brought along with them the flowers of the Force ran out. Fang Lei surprised a moment, immediately thought just heard the sound of "howl." Yan is no more fed pet, but he used a large black clever responses to the kitten does not feel anything. He looked down to appease the forehead and kissed Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi know that these changes are caused by fear of the panel. "Konishi want more." The more patience Yan said: "You say the kitten was born in the soil decontamination, good environment, good air, kitten scope of activities in the surrounding community, but also normal body than other healthy kitten As clever cat's IQ is already high, it should not be part of abnormality. "

Qianlao joke he possessed. "I know." Wang Shuxiu to himself, little bastard actually remember clearly, but also know what to eat Huan Yan Yuexi filling. Her side just going to peel onions chop stuffing, Lu Ling Xi thought of what went into the kitchen door and asked the sentence, "Mom, you do eggplant mixed with garlic it? Yan brother kinda like to eat this one."High-wash Dyestuff Yan Li uncle looking for the reason, because the owner is a small courtyard Zudi Lee uncle. Father a few years ago to follow their children to go to the field, a small hospital has been vacant until Dulin rent down. At that time it was Uncle Lee to pull the line, Wang Yan Yuexi Lee uncle then helped pull a loop. These curved around the inside of the moment do not know, do not want to let the Yen Ling Xi Lu worry about these, simply no take him. Yan Ling Xi Lu Vietnam have always felt too thin, the body is not particularly healthy. In addition to urging him to eat every day, but also to encourage the early running Lu Ling Xi. Lu Ling Xi was forced to persist for some time, it's too cold and refusing to go out. Yen more did not get his way, he said several times exercise thing. Do not know when the big black remember, more than the Yen also got the idea about it.

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