Both in this matter reached a uniform, did not mean to how. After all, the two older is really big, really hard to say can not be born. "Little bastard you hear it? Now you know who I am now." Get a place to eat, the more color one by one informed Andrzej few. I heard that he and Lu Ling Xi to invite to dinner, we are very enthusiastic. Even the busiest Fang Lei are guaranteed to arrive on time, absolutely not delay everyone to eat.

Quadruple ward is no separate wash room, only out of the room to go public wash rooms. Ling Xi Lu wash their hands inside a person, not washing heard the door came Wang Shuxiu condemning. Yan Enliaoyisheng more thoughtfully, unexpected: "You grew up west where the number of sets of words?" "How can you in the hospital, Konishi was not feeling well?" Sulang saw Ling Xi Lu hands holding checklist. This change also had another impact, according to several major hospitals Fengcheng statistics, nearly a week in the asthma patients admitted to hospital was reduced by 50% over the same period last year, which means that half of Fengcheng have onset asthma in the spring the peak of the disease was brought under control, not because of the medication, but because of environmental improvements. All these variations are considered to be people from Fengcheng begin environmental impact of the New Deal brought last year, the Environmental Protection temporarily become the hottest topic in the Fengcheng folk. Xue bought through clouds limestone still reluctant to go, the store's plants too close to his mind up. He casually stroll up, anxious to spend lots of money to Lu Ling Xi dug his flower garden. Circle, Xue Tong stopped at the table before them begonia. Four pots begonias put together, different colors, very eye-catching. But in the four pots begonia inside, only a pot he bought that taste. Other plant type, although beautiful, flowers are full, but not the taste. He remembered Qianlao also like pots begonias, forbearance and tolerance or said:. "I bought this pot, small business owners to another bowl good point" His head not want to understand this, tree cat obviously felt something, quickly jump red tree landing Ling Xi said again, running into the grass was gone. Lu Ling Xi think, animal instincts more keenly than people. Attention from the cat back, tell him to change the color of the willow, with a trace of puzzled, "the north? North What?" Behind the Ling Xi Lu, Sulang a simple T-shirt and jeans standing there, watching the landing Lingxi look mild. Off the hospital robes, Sulang less serious when a sub-working, young Duoliaoyifen unique clear. Lu Ling Xi relieved, touched a large black head, praise and said: ".. Black is very smart, but also sensible and talented people like it a lot, and I also rushing to raise black stuff" People across the mobile phone is not obviously heart shun gas, ranging from what QiuJun that direct curse up.

Back in Beijing the next day, the Yen saw the grandfather Yinyong De. After the walk, pointing out the window of the building Wangshu Xiu Ling Xi Lu excitedly to introduce them. Maybe going home, around a basically Lu Ling Xi previous range of activities. He haunts his former school where his last fight accident park. In the end, Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu a head shot, concluded:. "These verses are places you can think, remember it does not matter if it is new to a place when I was your mother from the country when the word Fengcheng do not know a few, is not alive and well here. these days all right, let easy route that kid to accompany you around, getting to know the situation around. " After the Yen gone, Dongzhi Yen against the traffic flow of saliva for a long time. He Yan Yue impression is quite good, do not look at the color looked a bit cold attitude, can look at the color of the Black misses able to see his good-natured, the difficulty is a good man. High Yongliang mood this time can be described as suddenly sad suddenly hi, like a roller coaster. "Yan brother you still there?" "What? New spider plants?" Xue Tong surprise. Lu Ling Xi touch the Black Hand meal, quirky facial expressions, "A yellow really say so?" Tian sister in turn pulled landing Ling Xi asked him if he did not do, Lu Ling Xi grateful shook his head. He did not return to the ward, but followed behind Wang Shuxiu, and the like in the bathroom door.

There are other people to follow quipped, Wang Shuxiu more happy. Lu Ling Xi too early to remind Fang Lei, animal and be able to communicate more and more people. Fang Lei heart remember it, but did not expect so soon encounter. Just the other day, Fang Lei them under the police station to report on a case. Case is an ordinary case. Lord over several children in school, the other children often bullied classmate. Intolerable child being bullied, after being bullied again he found a helper revenge bully him several children.Ciclopirox Stroll back from the micro-cell gardening it is a half-hour thing, Lu Ling Xi with a big black walked all the way to teach it their way. They Shui micro-gardening street not long, big black body suddenly arched back, a wary look. If Lu Ling Xi thoughtfully prepared a card to let Wang Shuxiu moved, then a regeneration of what is to let Wang Shuxiu up angry. She bluntly pinch Lu Ling Xi face a, Liu Mei stood, "Your mother I have 42, and you can feel raw?"

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