High-light Dyestuff

Lu Ling Xi shook his head, his head buried in the Yan's arms, holding his waist again and closed his eyes. Lu Ling Xi blinked, whispered: "Actually, I'm dead, do not know why he is alive I've also called Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi is not this, but another brother Lu Ling Xi Yan you believe it..?" Yan Ling Xi Lu in the hand palm scratched, just let him go. Lu Ling Xi eyes seem to have a smile, more a stare Yan, hastily with the past. Wang Shuxiu there has long been ready, waiting for landing Lingxi take her out. Xiao Feng ingenuity to come up with Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu holding admission, Wang Shuxiu put his hand to the idea. By Xiao Feng's words, it would be him a promise in front of Lu Ling Xi's. He will take care of Wang Shuxiu, let Lu Ling Xi assured.

Lee saw the uncle anxious, more directed at Yan Li uncle nodded, "has been that good, he began to work tomorrow." Situation quarters of the residents went out to buy food back, it comes out very sigh. Almost next door to several cells were flooded. These new cells have the old, and both the old district almost AGF cell age, but also in recent years, newly built residential elevator, but no matter how old the drainage is not good, the deepest place has been flooded to waist heard, lighter also almost to the leg, which, like most, is not seen AGF cell his ankle. Recent customer micro-gardening is not much, Lu Ling Xi to put thoughts are on the bitter grass cultivation and propagation of begonias. He originally intended to take a break with a good winter, but Wang Chaoliang for him to apply for a spider plant varieties upset his plans. Lu Ling Xi appreciate each other's good intentions, coupled with the promotion of spider plants is a good thing, only the winter work program which added Chlorophytum promotion. Of course, he is only responsible for cultivation, particularly the promotion of all to the Yen. Lu Ling Xi somewhat uneasy frowned, shook his paw holding a large black, a small channel: "Big black you change cell and white panel is not a relationship?" Xiao Feng is not that night, after dinner the Yan reluctantly back wall, leaving only the 101 Lu Ling Xi and Wang Shuxiu mother and son. Lu Ling Xi Han Zhu Wang Shuxiu ready to return to the room, put a card in front of her. Lu Ling Xi obediently said:. "This is our home tomato seeds, certainly longer than the market to sell the seeds of good, taste good, I find there are grape seeds, grape seed out of the delicious dish" either look at Wang Shuxiu on parts, he will not take out the seeds. Lu Ling Xi heart also think it a little strange, but anyway Wang Shuxiu finally get rid of the land of water. He could hear Wang Shuxiu tone of relief, but also for Wang Shuxiu heart happy. Without land and a water drag, he now has to work to make money, the body burden Wang Shuxiu alleviate a lot, you can not go to KTV to work, but a work-for-the-hearted. Wang Shuxiu not very young, always day and night reversed the body simply can not stand. Ling Xi Lu Xiao Feng did not know going to grapes, but is holding his attitude to please species, he is now ready to shut the shop and went to the Yan Ling village water trip. Before out of the city, the Yan drove him around in a circle in Fengcheng, specifically look for them before the purified looked at several places. With his choice OK, there has been a period of meandering rivers on a white panel. Color rivers appear black, his range is just planted these bitter grass range. With ecological communities willow example, Lu Ling Xi new ecological communities is not new. Perhaps the difference between solid and liquid soil water, and ecological communities is not as bitter grass willow ecological communities formed as a direct purification of soil underground, but the effect of the evolution of water + 50%.

Yen more frowned, stepped forward hauled a small black tail and threw it in the kang. Small black snake seems to be very comfortable, a little bit moved to the white picket fence, it is the intention of maybe just a few laps around happily, results going around to itself into a knot untied. Plant survival degree: high "Really?" Plant Name: Wild Chunlan Xiao Feng and Xiao Hong though brothers, and they did look completely different. Xiao Feng body lean and strong, but it is a big burly Xiao Hong, looking very sturdy. Especially Xiao Hong Xiao Feng higher than most of the head, a full 1.9 meters tall, and wearing a fur coat, a station the entire door toward the door are blocked, is quite a "man guards the pass Wan Fu Mo open "the momentum. He spoke his voice big man with a peculiar northwest generous way to see Ling Xi Lu and Wang Shuxiu to laugh, "It's siblings and Konishi it, after we are a people, do not mention it."

Wang Shuxiu let open the door, the door to see the landing Ling Xi squatting big black wipe paws, mouth pumping the pumping, told: "You just come back, I stayed up points tomato sauce, you'll be picking points tomato sauce to bring a little more easily Airlines get past their home. " Lu Ling Xi nodded, and looked excited and said:. "I have studied, and very simple, not complicated, as long as on Taobao registered will be able to shop," he found many colleagues still Taobao, saw each wide variety planted flowers, even more than just go to see the flower market.High-light Dyestuff Yen more open window, "That the Huskies how?" Like a man walking in the dark, cold tunnel for a long time, suddenly appeared in front of a bright light, he will subconsciously close, will follow the glow away.

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