Ethyl Crotonate

Sulang silent smile, he tried for a lighter topic, bed boy raised his head and asked one last question. Wang Shuxiu thought a pound the table, "OK, you little bastard good people and bad not to say, he is not your partner do? Another day call home to eat a meal." "Come to wash your hands, and soon will be able to eat." Wang Shuxiu told Road, incidentally reminder reminders Xiao Feng, "Peak brother you cut the potatoes it?"

After all are done, Lu Ling Xi quickly had a bath, shaking his long legs sitting on the balcony, looking to meet the fruits of his labor. We do not know when these seeds germinate? When the results? Guitar out tomatoes would taste? He imagined the little buds grew up, blue bear fruit, then a bigger day by day red, heavy hanging on the plant, could not resist a slight laugh. Lu Ling Xi eyes fell on the words the power of nature, and looked slightly surprised. He thought he was white panels have a basic understanding of what the sudden force of nature? Heart of plants and what is the difference? "Hey, hey, peak brother!" Lu took a water tight man wants to say anything. "Drink less." Wang Shuxiu him a squeeze. He made a business deal, Lu Ling Xi some fun. While holding the fruit vine and begonias customers out the door is slightly scowled fiercely, face some serious. He came around a curve on a car parked on the roadside. The back seat of a car over sixty years old man seems to be waiting for him, he looked up and smiled back. Easy route several people apparently are not used now Ling Xi Lu, in accordance with their former brothers want to meet a few people naturally want dearly, what can not remember Lu Ling Xi, is more strange to speak of the past few rude, become gentle up . If the usual, easy route would have to slap Ling Xi Lu, "loaded, so that you have installed." Lu Ling Xi can now facing, it is how he can not make this slap. Lu Ling Xi simple mind, just want to be able to purify the spirit River, Yan is more calculated to pick up the enormous economic value. After the bitter grass evolution, Yan more specifically checked the river Fengcheng record. According to the distribution Fengcheng several industrial areas and must face a lot of the same Spirit River polluted rivers. In the government's eyes, how to solve the pollution will presumably be a big problem, in the eyes of the Yen, which is quite a big business opportunity. Yan River as more ready to take the spirit of the pilot, if successful purification, he leaves to find the third brother to talk about it. Lu Ling Xi: "......" "Little gray how did you come here, how come?" Fang Lei asked curiously.

Xue bought through clouds limestone still reluctant to go, the store's plants too close to his mind up. He casually stroll up, anxious to spend lots of money to Lu Ling Xi dug his flower garden. Circle, Xue Tong stopped at the table before them begonia. Four pots begonias put together, different colors, very eye-catching. But in the four pots begonia inside, only a pot he bought that taste. Other plant type, although beautiful, flowers are full, but not the taste. He remembered Qianlao also like pots begonias, forbearance and tolerance or said:. "I bought this pot, small business owners to another bowl good point" Black has always been calm outside, unless that encountered any danger. I heard the dog barking across responded only whispered loudly, quietly squatting on the side of Lu Ling Xi. Lu Ling Xi in the river picked up a stone drilling of the ice, took out a small bottle fitted with a bottle of water going back quiz. Across the ice, you can hear the sound of rushing water below, bitter green grass in the water stretch, kind of strange beauty. Lu Ling Xi promised a cry, quickly wash finished. He was about helping chopsticks gracefully, but inadvertently see the backyard, the surprise from ear to ear. Short night time, last night actually planted tomato seeds are sprouted. Green shoots from the top of the soil, suffer suffer crowded crowded covered the entire backyard. Eating a meal soon to nine at night, Wang Shuxiu early return to the room to rest. Lu Ling Xi pretended nothing had happened went back to the room, but it has been sitting in the doorway listening to outside of the movement. Black quietly lying on the side of Lu Ling Xi, tall ears pricked up. The Xiao Feng Xiao hung back along the northwest, spent two weeks resolutely dispose of their name in the industry. The hands changed hands, the sale sale, in addition to leaving the two houses, so they can go back and worship in the future, the other basically treated the same subject. Among the most troublesome is that the coal mines under the name of Xiao Hong. Not that people are not interested in the coal mines, but too many people are interested in, Xiao Hong had screened a long time. He is not what they do, in the land of his previous home, every New Year is the busiest land and family. He remembered very clearly, from years to years later, with their grandfather to worship, go to a few long-time friend of the New Year, to attend a banquet entertainment. Of course in addition to worship, others do not need him to come forward. He can stay in their ancestral home, to see several cousins ​​every day hurry, relaxed a little sense of the New Year are not. He thought in Beijing and Lu Yen family home almost, Yan brother estimated that ultimately these things.

Three to the small restaurant, far to see the door of a small restaurant filled with allelic person. How to say now or early spring, these people one by one cold red nose, do not know how long to wait outside. This is a small restaurant nearby residents basically chose the pack to go home, or else people queuing small restaurant has more than now. By Wang Shuxiu pregnancy, whether it is a small restaurant or open another new store expansion plans have stopped direct result of the now small restaurant area is too small, no matter what time dinner was a sellout need to wait in line for half a day. Fortunately, Lu Ling Xi Hang advance has been easy to say loudly that they do not need the other guests downstairs and grab a seat, you can eat directly upstairs. In front of a woman he has been kept saying, every word he says Lu Ling Xi understand each other, but together can be completely unaware of each other's meaning. He looked at the woman's lips moving talked on, finally taking advantage of a gap difficult to ask his question.Ethyl Crotonate Lu Ling Xi Hotan sister together, along with others on the ward helped a hand, quickly packed things. He ran for the discharge another person, if he had not completely unfamiliar to Fengcheng, could not find his way home, he wanted Wang Shuxiu do not come, he was a man on it. Wang Shuxiu was glad, also promised down. This time there is no way in any case more Yen went along together. He even thick skinned and then, we can not say that the increase and Wang Shuxiu him. Xiao Feng ordered his studio is a friend to open in Fengcheng is very famous. Because the relationship between Xiao Feng, the studio boss personally received them, even with make-up artists and photographers looking for is the best.

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