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"primary school?" Lu Ling Xi fell silent, looked at the big black, thought Wang Shuxiu, I do not know if he had adopted the Black case, Wang Shuxiu will not be angry? Easy route several people apparently are not used now Ling Xi Lu, in accordance with their former brothers want to meet a few people naturally want dearly, what can not remember Lu Ling Xi, is more strange to speak of the past few rude, become gentle up . If the usual, easy route would have to slap Ling Xi Lu, "loaded, so that you have installed." Lu Ling Xi can now facing, it is how he can not make this slap.

Xue Ling Xi Lu Tong smile and say hello to play, only to find the store there is another person. Lu Ling Xi and looking to make people feel comfortable different, more out of a sense of the presence of this person is too strong. Neither looked like the micro-micro-gardening who does not like gardening store people, Xue through some guessing each other's identity. Xiaye Ban Wang Shuxiu just come back, the cell door to buy milk. Her dislike fried fritters oil is not clean, come back and face their own baked bread. Qianlao suddenly thought of something, quickly went to the front of begonias, carefully read and reread. His movement attracted the attention of Lu Ling Xi Lu Ling Xi puzzled back, Yan directed at the more shallow smile. Small stones shuffles untie his pants, against a roadside tree in urine up. Far from a yellow dog jump out of small stones urinary half scared quickly hid behind men. "My uncle afraid of dogs." Lu Ling Xi did not speak, he wants to strive to control their emotions, upturned mouth but in any case not pull down. Everyone has to eat, Lu Ling Xi smile on his face did not change. Wang Shuxiu look in the eyes, sense of relief. "Cheap to you." Lu Ling Xi body nothing, he'd like to stay to help, but have not been to the kitchen of his childhood, that he left behind is out of the way, Lu Ling Xi obedient back out and continue to clean up from the house. Fang Lei on the phone is not convenient to say anything, just vaguely reminded Lu Ling Xi an, do not let his recent run around with a big black. The above will be how to deal with these things is uncertain, but at present, indicating insider be kept confidential.

Xue Tong soon attracted the attention of begonias words, nodded, "satisfactory, small business owners do not know how you kind of come out, begonia flowers is very special, light and elegant, timeless fragrance lingering very rare." Lu Ling Xi frowned, "Peak brother rain stuck in a small restaurant." He wanted ecstatic, did not hear the voice of the house closed. Soon, Yan Yue appeared at the balcony. Some of the more greedily Yan Ling Xi back to see the landing, in the eyes of a near miss for the substance. Half seen, always feel that the more juvenile Yan seems lost some. I do not know what teenagers want, even his movement were not found. Wang Shuxiu grabbed the easy route ears, "Sister good ass! Aging mother told you yesterday how, so that you identify with Lu Ling Xi go to find their way to buy a few books high school, you actually take him to find a job? Do you want earthshaking is not it? " Yan slightly more hook the hook mouth, "I heard I saying we should expel Yan Hai Yen, a bit embarrassed he comes back to his father moved out of the account." "Who is the king of flowers you bring back, like watching your son ah?" Lu Ling Xi rain to put flowers at the door moved back to the store, some worried looking out of the sky. Less than five powerful dark, visibility is very low. Like this certainly can not go to a flower garden, a large black plum over there do not need to take care of his uncle to worry, he is now worried so much rain, how the Yen back. Fortunately, few boxes of chicken, large black short while eating clean. Lu Ling Xi carefully put away the trash, turned his head back to look at the front. Yan has been simmering in the air slowly scattered attention back on the boy's body. "Eat!" Yinyong De Duanhe soon interrupted her words, the first cold face and stood up. Yan some more unexpected turn, "Ye Kang", then look contains a warning stare Kang a leaf. Xipixiaolian leaves Kangma raised his hand, made a gesture both understand, suggesting Yan Yue: worry, I did not say anything.

"? The return of the Yen" Sulang quite surprised at the news, then regret and said: "eating is no chance, I resigned, I am not in Beijing back in the Fengcheng." Then he realized Dongzhi shop and others, it came yesterday sent a large black man, seems to be called the Yen.

"Hissing" black wrapped around big black probe from the body, showing their presence. Lu Ling Xi: "......"Ciclopirox olamine Lu Ling Xi quickly found several strains not dead through the calla lily, calla panel shows that several strains began to rot from the petiole, it seems to be caused by improper fertilizing. He intends to bring back to see if I can save try to keep the time point at home can add atmosphere. Yen more stood listening to their conversation, gaze remained on the operating table black dog body. He drove nearby, this black dog does not know by whom hit, is struggling to get up and leave the road.

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