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Yan Yue heart suddenly soft down. He went to the window holding the phone, under the eaves of red lanterns are lit, hospital Ambilight. Yan imagine the end of the line who are like the void across the land Ling Xi in his arms. He put a soft tone, whispered coax said:. "Yan brother would also like you, Yan brother a few days on the back." For Fengcheng gardening market, Xiao Feng know nothing about, the moment will naturally push the problem to the Yen. Yen more touches this does not matter, he has long intended. Qiu Tian gardening down, over a market gardening Fengcheng large market share. Qiu Tian several competitors have begun to seize the market. Just different flowers and plants and other products, growth needs cycle, not a short time can be nurtured. Critical moment, adequate supply of someone, someone will be able to occupy the original share Qiu Tian gardening. Yan Xue Tong and Vietnam have contacted, said Qiu Tian flowerbeds well put inside these plants no problem to deal with Green Hin, sell Xue pass a favor. He spoke some wandering eyes, face look more juvenile judge looked like a pair of old movies countless times, only a background to know what the story behind it, but it only needs a look Ling Xi Lu, he I know teenagers lying.

"Wait, vital signs appeared." Wang Shuxiu pushed him into it, "You go, took off his clothes and throw on the inside on the line, I'll be thrown together washing machine." Yan Xue Tong have to admit that the more right. In fact, any industry is under vegetables Man, these people are willing to come forward to Xue through maintaining the rules of the industry, into the micro-gardening without any status, these people may not be willing to spend a sum of "money wasted" the. Even those big gardening suppliers face ever do start out with the involvement of new Chlorophytum embarrassed cultivation, until the market turmoil and then shot them, the Yen has nothing against them. Unless he is determined to grab a few typical activist in the end, but as a result in addition to offend the entire circle of micro gardening gardening without any benefit. Yan Yue: "......" Yan touched the big black, indicating that accompanied Lu Ling Xi, trot out. Two fly biting tomato Hey look at him with a smile: "? You said we gained dish can sell it." Plant Name: Chlorophytum Wangshu Xiu Ling Xi Lu counting the time is coming home to fried dishes. At this point she just pan fried eggs, tomatoes, far away can smell a sweet aroma. This dish is Wang Shuxiu tomatoes picked from the backyard. Originally said to grow tomatoes Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi when she was only a joke, really did not expect the little bastard planted out, and taste pretty good. Only a few days of effort, Wang Shuxiu looked at it from the backyard of a thumb-sized tomatoes grow to a size of two fists, the color red and dripping, looking full of gratifying, heavy hanging on the branches. Kang Ye realize what to say, the more color paused, silent confirmed his words.

Spirit Water Village mutation, special, micro cell beautify flower garden gardening green plants, can completely change the whole Fengcheng counted in the big willow "tree of God," the head. Is perfect evidence Fengcheng underground tangled roots, not to mention the direction of these roots extending north Daliushu exactly where, and roots will soon extend Daliushu connected together. Lu Ling Xi patiently explained: "The fruit of the vine is a plant like warm and humid and sunny environment, you want to look good, inflorescence must be bright enough to light it needs to avoid the direct glare, you can find yarn. curtains block a block, but do not write to cover the light. as a result, it is easy to dim inflorescence unrelated, such as the bottom of the fade. " People have a laugh, Wang Shuxiu listening laughed. Wang Shuxiu from the side took a mug, poured a bowl of chicken soup open. Lu Ling Xi coma before the time do not need to eat as long as the infusion line, and now he woke up, the infusion is to die alone, nutrition must keep up. Just pour a little hot chicken soup, Wang Shuxiu while stirring with a spoon to take, while habitual whispered complained: "aging mother can not work at night to sleep, to rely on the morning would make sense, do not sleep in the morning now, and every day had to you get to eat. If you dare not later filial piety, his aging mother to find someone to break your legs. " Lu Ling Xi some small excitement, according to this trend continues, they will soon be able to expand the size of the flower garden. To keep up as long as the sales profits will certainly be higher, he can also earlier debts Yen more money. Pan over accounts, Lu Ling Xi Yan begin preparations for the open shop before casually mentioning things. He said that ordinary, nothing sweet, but it is a single word knock in Wang Shuxiu heart. Wang Shuxiu eyes were red, and turned not speak. Man frowned, whispered curse, but it is once again caught Lu Ling Xi, fast track "trouble.":. "Amnesia amnesia on this important matter, and I handed down to you to the hospital, you know The hospital also held hostage to our house many hospitalized deposit? " "Let's go." Lu Yen Ling Xi give more a text message, and whispered loudly greeted the big black. Followed his line of sight, Wang Shuxiu laughed, "the little bastard is to estimate the grapes. These seeds did not race too, stood on the line, peak brother do not control." "Tian brother." Lu Ling Xi politely say hello to play.

Yan looked at him the more refreshing look, eyes washes out the layers smile, softly: "I'll pick you up." He finished just hold the hand of nature Ling Xi Lu, Lu Ling Xi some did not react, has been he took the car. They did not sit in the front but are crowded in the back seat. Yan Yue explained that fear was coming back late, they saw the car was scared, rear glass is black, just to cover the two figure.

Such a thing would have been irrelevant and Xue pass, but Xue through a flower garden is not it? High Yongliang market positioning is very accurate, and now people are pursuing health, including cosmetic chemicals is better, the more the more expensive natural whole plant sell. He found the right market positioning, Xue Tong flower garden became his most suitable raw material suppliers. Easy navigation: "......"The blue cyanine B Yan see of him asleep, schematically flight attendants sent a blanket over. Although the outside temperature is high, but the plane open air a bit cold, cold to sleep a long time on the bad. Carefully blanket to cover the body of Ling Xi Lu, Yan is also the right moment, to see the landing Lingxi backpack suddenly thought of the booklet. Even Lu Ling Xi said nothing, Yan also guess that the pamphlet was how it was. He imagined Wang Shuxiu tangled feelings, could not help some moved. "Yan brother." Lu Ling Xi eyes lit up with excitement took over the color look rubescens. "You see, rubescens evolved." He said, reaching poked above rubescens borneol, with his action, borneol Vibrato are like butterfly wings.

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