Crotonic Acid

"Little gray!" Fang Lei shocked Road. Yan Yan Yongde some accidents will know more, but then I thought the kid leaves home has been in Beijing, I heard rumblings of what can be considered normal. He shook his head, "Your mother too nonsense, Laris security in poor health, how can Laris Xiaoya marry Ann." Small gray angrily waving claws, bluntly toward the direction of scratching Fang Lei mouth meow cried.

Dulin flower garden a little bit far away from the downtown area was located in Fengcheng outskirts of a small village. Most of the village's young men are out of work, the whole rest of the village are the elderly and children. Old people are older can not be kind, either abandoned the family farm or on leased Dulin this point what kind of outsider fill some income. And N.T cooperation is cooperation Temple Group abroad this year heavy head the project two years ago, the Yen began contacting each other, the two sides talked for nearly two years off the time. Some time ago there appeared to be a breakthrough, the result Yan Yin Ching Lan clamor for the return, the subsequent follow-up on to the Yen Andrzej. Andrzej ago Quanguo Yan Yue, in the name of the contact N.T morality and investment, win this project. After considering the Yen declined Andrzej proposal, he did not think of returning home, co-P and morality and who won this project makes no difference to him. But now everything is different. "When I do these things on the line, you do not have to worry about the other things you do not control, I'll be right there." "Konishi, your brother's condition worsened, and you are the only people who can save him, you will save him, right?" Lu Ling Xi looked at this scene just laughed, then laughed but felt he feel now and the small dog is somewhat similar to milk. Perhaps in the past are kept in one small world for too long, Lu Ling Xi outside world is full of longing. But when he really came out, he was vaguely afraid. He do not understand anything, absolutely no experience of social life, he can adapt to a new life? This question hovering in the minds of Lu Ling Xi, instead of just discharged his joy, give birth to a trace of the unknown life disturbed. Small milk dog owner will bring it to know the world, fear can also rushed back to the owner's arms, him? Lai three grunted his way was a small stone clamor headache, bad hands either way, it would have hit the small stone meal. Lai hear four say immediately Yinhen smile:? "You can not sell to the old Yao head, he is not also looking for the last several small beggar in Beijing to do to keep this face when, discount legs, someday to discuss a lot of money. " "What do you want?" Wang Shuxiu vigilance Road. "Drink less." Wang Shuxiu him a squeeze. "Brother Dong, I adopted my mother agreed to the big black."

Yan Yue mouth evoke unconscious, stupid dog. The district has almost 20 years of history. After decades of trials and hardships on poor maintenance together with the entire community looked very old. Some have begun to peel off the external wall, the wall is more black, covered with moss. Inside the cell, although there are flowers and grass, but the impression is very disorganized. Take two steps garbage piled everywhere, more casually residents built a small shed.Crotonic Acid Lu Ling Xi saw the word dwarf thoughtfully, fingers in front of eggplant is a bit too high. He turned around to see a middle-aged man open, "this strain is not just picking fingers eggplant had a heart?" See Xue Tong Yan Yueming white, did not forget to watch for their own power, that is, the look on his face, his position in the circle stand out, those big gardening suppliers willing to face. Otherwise, the name of the micro-gardening banner go, you see, things will not be so smooth.

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