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That night, Yan and Lu Ling Xi went to the flower garden. Lee uncle know early in the morning they came to settle them in the evening to eat at home, Lu Ling Xi phone did not refused, had agreed to down. This is the first he took down the big black car, the entrance to the village a large willow yellow leaves slowly stuck his black head size of a thumb. Before escaped from a northern suburb bazaars small black snake moved out a little from the leaves. Small black snake half of your body from the probe, golden eyes curiously look to the direction of the small courtyard. It is the feeling that there seems to have what attracts it, than it easy to find this tree it attract larger. So for a while, it shook its tail, ready to swim over to look at. Three hundred thousand ...... former Miss Ling Xi for the money no idea, he does not need to spend money and no place to spend money. Rebirth over this experience, Ling Xi Lu has recognized the importance of money, three hundred thousand pairs him now absolutely huge sum of money. With this money, he can open my own gardening shop, shop during the day and evening classes to a newspaper. Wang Shuxiu can also quit her job, not so hard. Or they can sell the house and go to other cities, do not worry about a land and water after lost money keep looking up. Although it is known little bastard is to coax you happy, Wang Shuxiu heard these words still could not help but grin face, swore, "little bastard."

Lu Ling Xi nodded, eyes sparkling watching the Yen. Yan could not bear to let him down more and nodded, "Good." Lee directed at young brother flattering laugh, turned around and took advantage of Brother Lee is inadvertently stared fiercely Lu Ling Xi look. Do not think he did not know what this kid is micro-gardening robbed their business. Dare to fight with them, this kid is not 去打听打听, they Qiu Tian gardening status in Fengcheng, really act recklessly. He said the harsh, Kang Ye sigh, "you make a decision like." Lu Ling Xi mind a move, he raised his head and whispered: "Really?" Seeing Lu Ling Xi walked away, shaking his head sigh Tian brother, the king of flowers be rain comes. Is a cell, someone we all know what a situation. Wang flowers temper strong, a woman propped up a home, but why not help land a water mud on the wall. Even if there is a son, what can foreland Ling Xi, simply means not on. Who wants to go on Lu Ling Xi gate of hell in a circle, reborn just like it is for a person. Now speaking, everyone says Lu Ling Xi amnesia good, do not think of things in the past to. There are a few jokes, someday own a little bastard can go amnesia. Studio boss by his side, along with Xiao Feng talking. Pity he said: "If you like a summer photo shoot we can go to the beach with sea view series sets out everywhere now bare, only to shoot indoors, some of the aggrieved sister-in-law..." "There are so happy?" He looked puzzled looked easy route. Black immediately called out to remind their existence. Field Station Kunlun botanical garden located on the edge of pristine rainforest, although that is an edge, but also ancient trees, clouds, everywhere winding vines, lush flowers. A foot down on the ground is slippery, soft mud and rotting wood, Wang Chaoliang that come from the train did not get in, only to be stopped in a village near their foot into it.

"it is good." Lu Ling Xi: "......" "Huh." Lu Ling Xi blinked, inadvertently turn to Wang Shuxiu superimpose his pamphlet. Last on the plane he only glanced at, then this booklet is not know what color the more stuffed into place. The more he thought Yan throw, did not think the color is actually close up. Simple packed, Lu Ling Xi gently opened the door, a large black wind of about jump out, squatting in the corridor and other landing Ling Xi. Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu yesterday and said something to the flower market, but still left a note posted in a conspicuous place in the living room. And Su Wei visited since the last time being after the flower market, with a big black Lu Ling Xi himself visited once. Although he knew that "leak detection" is also need luck, and do not always come across best Chunlan. Besides there is no force of nature, even if the encounter can save over two also said under tremendous economic pressure can, or can not help but hold little hope. Every time Wang Shuxiu the "little bastard" at the end means that she is now in a good mood, Lu Ling Xi safely carrying two boxes of beef jerky and ran quickly ran next door. Since the color the more frank and at home, he did not come here again, for the first time. Pushed open the door into the house, Lu Ling Xi put things on a few tables, turned around and began looking for more color. Doctor Sue's words and the words of his father appear alternately in mind, Lu Ling Xi slowly close your eyes, once again I felt the heavy fatigue from the heart thrown, if this really is the last time just fine ...... Lu Ling Xi could not help laughing. Big black ears shook, ran up a small side of Lu Ling Xi, squatting in front of him. Lu Ling Xi habitually touched the big black head, the little boy's face lit up, cried excitedly, "My brother and big black dog you speak, you are not able to understand the big black dog, then?"

Lu Ling Xi: "......" "Creak." Little monkey cried aloud.Methyl Crotonate Lu Ling Xi put away the panel back to God, only to find him too long at the door of the station, his clothes were faint rain wet. He shook his head, "No, in fact, not too cold." The more time before the talk Yen Lu Ling Xi quickly changed the subject, "Yan brother, your work is done?" Uncle Lee is not only home is the case, and different city, basically every household in rural yard love something to keep the species usually eat. Formerly home to eat because of a reason not to fight drugs, although the species out of something wonderful, but the yield is not much. This time do not know how, yield attached turned several repeated. Today the village but worry about how to do these things? So eat rotten to the ground pity, out to sell it, go near the vicinity of the village are like them, will buy. It goes far to Fengcheng, and some worth while.

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