Disperse Dyestuff

"How big black kind? Later on with us, OK?" After the small hospital was opened most pleased that the big black, big black range of activities previously only backyard, backyard now doubled, big black obviously very excited, often from a backyard running around. "Ah." Disturbed Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu mind is not a slap shot, along with Wang Shuxiu introduction, my heart gradually settled down.

"? Rafflesia" Wang Chaoliang first strange how here there Rafflesia, but soon excited for Ling Xi Lu and Yan Yue said: "Come on, let go and see." The restaurant, the grandfather Yan Yan Yongde been sitting there. Yan Yongde was a gray-haired, hale and hearty old man. Perhaps older, sleep less and less, he was more than a day to get up at five o'clock. Fight boxing raise flowers, six sharp eat breakfast. Lu Ling Xi shook his head slightly lowered her eyes, every time Wang Shuxiu mentioned last thing he did not dare look at each other's eyes. His long eyelashes, so when the micro-vertical, long eyelashes seemed below eye shadow, covered with a layer of small, twinkling, just like in the human heart, like scratch. Xue Tong immediately listen to understand the meaning of them, both tacit laugh, nothing at all. Both Ye and Kang said loudly, they simply pick up her things to go home that afternoon and drove away in Beijing. From Beijing to the Fengcheng full speed car, was badly blocked. Yan more casually said:. "Should take the high-speed rail back" Yinyong De Yan did not think more directly about his thing to see a psychiatrist, but he wanted to know the attitude of the Yen, Yen more than one a father meant. Moment this idea comes out, the more Yan heard his voice, "are you going to adopt this dog?" Lu Ling Xi smiled and handed the big black tomatoes, big black n eat, do not know when the fence to jump a little white kitten, directed at the Black Direction "meow" sound. Ling Xi Lu laughed, he knew the cat upstairs Yang grandmother big cat kittens born some time ago. Only two months old, do not look so small, courage is not small, often skip the first floor of the Black provocation. Land and water is a curse of a depressed, people are seeing around toward Wang Shuxiu speak, he estimated that today can not account for what is cheap, and bitterly lost a few hard words, pushed the crowd Mamalielie away.

Wang Shuxiu looked at him and suddenly thought of something, casually opening:. "Old bastard gamble and he lost again, this time due to a bit more, Xiao Feng was sent to the Northwest to coal mining." Sulang thought explains: "We Huoge he is doing research, you also said that according to the progress of the study of what Zhang is now impossible to obtain their release progress message is not necessarily true.."

Wang Shuxiu shook his head, the little bastard on the face kinda got the idea. But she did not seriously, the more people Yan good little bastard much so a very good friend. Yen more quietly looked away, Lu Ling Xi has greeted. "You basin begonias satisfaction? What can I do today you?"Disperse Dyestuff Poor co-movement of these no hidden Yan Yue, he soon knew by Ya Yin Wei Lu Lu Ann Father catch opportunities. Father Lu probably optimistic Rubescens this project, said that it would take the initiative to get a new drug helped Yin Ya certificate. In the meantime, Ya Yin Xiang Board applied for a sum of money, ready to be used as new drug promotion costs. All this in a foreign country, although far Yanshi Hui know, but the details are not clear. Ya Yin He never expected to be so bold, dare to holding study of semi-finished fool the board. Lai four bit surprised to see the small stones, he looked up and down one, to do: "The brats some big old, can remember, and fear is a bad shot."

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