Fluorescent Disperse Dyestuff

"Go to bed early." Yan Lu Ling Xi rubbed the head. "Yan brother?" Lu Ling Xi bit surprised. Sulang nodded. Old man body actually nothing more that happened suddenly, by the stimulus little high blood pressure, like Yang Yang.

Xiao Feng stuck his head out from the kitchen, a smile on Lu Ling Xi said, "Konishi you get two more boxes of beef sent to Yan, this time to thank him be at home to take care of." "I do not like." Yan Lu Ling Xi's hand holding the small garden around it, walked, said: "My grandfather and then hope that a □□ and live with the result of his desire to achieve a year I broke down on the feelings of the parents. they were on the outside with people, but due to the presence of his grandfather can not move out, but forced to live together, the tragedy daily, grandfather to see in the eyes of the estimated heart nor happy. later his grandfather's death, they can not wait to move out of here, I am the only one left behind. a child is not sensible, have been guarding this house want their parents to come back later and wiser, more and more go abroad to school I do not like it here, do not like to come back. " Lu Ling Xi shook his head slightly lowered her eyes, every time Wang Shuxiu mentioned last thing he did not dare look at each other's eyes. His long eyelashes, so when the micro-vertical, long eyelashes seemed below eye shadow, covered with a layer of small, twinkling, just like in the human heart, like scratch. Yan put up one more finger. Yinhen woman at the little stone, but take a small stone can not help it. If not let small stones off pee, he began shouting in the car. In order not to wake the baby's arms, tricycle had to stop again. Black face man standing behind a small stone, just wait for them to quickly put this whelp resold. Lu Ling Xi: "...... wrong." Ling Xi Lu Yan hand clinging to the waist, his head buried in his arms, whispered excuse:. "I was not drunk, his mother would not let me drink my brother and I can not drink, brother in poor health, I to take care of my brother. " Yan see of he can not bear to toss the child, holding him softly coaxed: "? I told Wang Chaoliang said another day or else go wild Workstation" Yan heard the laugh, count afternoon, Lu Ling Xi before and slept for almost 17.8 hours, and really sleep much. He reached Ling Xi Lu in the arms, hand and gently touched Lu Ling Xi's neck, good laugh: "?. After drinking it was also drank drunk like this."

Chlorophytum let Xue Tong last tasted the sweetness of the new spider plants by Gardening Green Hin Dongfeng opportunity to expand the size of the lot. Think about the development of the past six months, both competitors Qiu Tian gardening collapse, or high Yongliang cosmetics successfully listed, but also the promotion or spider plants, and it's all about Ling Xi Lu. In the heart of Xue Tong, Lu Ling Xi is simply his lucky star, his only hope landing Ling Xi New Year smooth, micro-gardening and horticulture Green Hin deepen cooperation, Lu Ling Xi can go a lot of breeding new plant varieties. Lu Ling Xi's eyes instantly lit up, he has been thinking about how to earn more money, but also to the color of money, and then save some money to support the family so that Wang Shuxiu not so hard. If you really can open a shop online, then now would surely be a lot more customers. Yan in the heart Ling Xi Lu's body, almost immediately found his exception. "Konishi also heard Lu Branch?" Ling Xi Lu Xiao Feng secretly looked at, he felt more than a land and water too much stronger. "Row." Wedding march sounded, Lu Ling Xi think he was more nervous than Wang Shuxiu. He did not know how to describe this complex psychological now, there are happy, there is sadness, there are all kinds of worry. From his rebirth to the present, he has been Wang Shuxiu each other. Wang Shuxiu not the way he imagined his mother, but he had seen the best mother. He wanted to take care of Wang Shuxiu, accompanied Wang Shuxiu life, but now there is another man to take care of Wang Shuxiu, they will have a new home, perhaps there will be new kid ...... Anyway, Wang Shuxiu are his mother, his flesh and blood relatives. Ling Xi Lu thought of this crooked eye, a small channel:. "I wish my mother happy." Yan can be more anxious and more waiting to Lu Ling Xi, she nodded slightly. Yan was more scared of the moment this issue, then he is calm around, some of them not by the accident. "Go to your house for dinner?" Black Crimping voice whispered cry. Fang Lei also bring people to retreat.

Land and water a really bad character, Wang Shuxiu worry about what is behind the land-water calculations, divorce can see how it is not false, Wang Shuxiu hesitate to follow him to the Civil Affairs Bureau, from the first marriage say.

Yan eyebrow more seriously consider: "The? Knocked me out." Clivia normal dark green leaves and shiny, July coincided with the flowering, the flowers should open brightly. Clivia just be in front of sparse opened several flower flowers, and yellow leaves. Lu Ling Xi eyes fell rhizome part Clivia, white Juan-like hyphae wrapped around the roots, there are some hyphae tangled group became red-brown pieces.Fluorescent Disperse Dyestuff They got big black run in the front, followed behind seventy-eight big dog. Fang Lei also bring dogs inside, all the way performance is very hard. Since chess room off Xiao Feng, Xiao Feng and Wang Shuxiu relationship obviously close some. It also can not pick out, or tepid to get along with. Wang Shuxiu feel so good, Xiao Feng does not seem urgent, but rather a private Ling Xi Lu tangled several times, that he continued to shout Xiao Feng "Feng brother" or Xiao Shushu.

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