Solvent Dyestuff

Black immediately called out to remind their existence. After the Yen gone, Dongzhi Yen against the traffic flow of saliva for a long time. He Yan Yue impression is quite good, do not look at the color looked a bit cold attitude, can look at the color of the Black misses able to see his good-natured, the difficulty is a good man. "You quit your job?" This time it leaves Kang surprised, "Why? You are not about to rise, deputy director of it?"

Black came over, stick out your tongue licked Lu Ling Xi chin, muffled cry. Yen more some sit still, clenched the steering wheel, do not hesitate to look at the past. In early September, the Government of South Fengcheng demolition and renovation project bidding began. Yan Yan Shihui with sea personally came to the Fengcheng. Leaves home leaves Father also appears in the tender will be the scene of his far directed Yanshi Hui nodded, a look aspirations. Wang Shuxiu evening drink chicken soup left, stewed whole chicken gave Lu Ling Xi stayed. Lu Ling Xi little appetite, will eat a little tear meat, chicken went into the two large black belly. Satiate, big black satisfied squint squinting, stroll to the back yard. To get that done after a small gray fish dry, Fang Lei Ling Xi Lu gave a telephone call. The content is simple, he can finally communicate with small gray, but now for a cat he has not had time to come? Last Lu a water owed money clamoring peak brother to send him to coal mining, to put him beaten to death. He was Wang Shuxiu raised so many years, has become a lazy habit may in his eyes, coal mining is really rather die than live. In fact, Lu Ling Xi Lu did not understand the psychology of water, gamble it so interesting? He is so fond of gambling, like preferring to throw his wife and children, everywhere Kenmeng abduction? Lu Ling Xi do not know what to say, his head down and said no more. Fang Lei "ah" sound, "on top does not seem to believe, probably to send experts to investigate further. Did not want to find out before the estimates are spread out, fear of a bad control the impact." Lu Ling Xi the kitten big black provocative things to say again, a little worried kitten a little too clever. Of course, the smartest or large black, big black except he sometimes feel not speak, exactly like humans. Hospital corridor generally do not turn off the lights at night, a bright light through a large glass door on the ward according to the room. Lu Ling Xi looked around the envy of the other three patients and their families are fast asleep, sleep the entire ward of only one person. Most of the night, Lu Ling Xi can not do anything, eyes sweeping the ward in a lap later, fell unconscious windowsill pot Chlorophytum above.

After two days of forbearance, Xue Tong and holding a pot of rock peony appeared in the micro-gardening. He put aside the identity of the owner of the Green Hin gardening, plant lovers is a true sense of the Xue, on the side of the plants and flowers are very well taken care of. Trying to find something wrong with the pot plants to bring micro-gardening really is not easy.

Easy route a few people did not take long to go, Wang Shuxiu also rushing to work. Lu Ling Xi has become a man, and spider plant pots in front of him. After the last time to get a little heart spider plants watering of plants, Lu Ling Xi next day asked around and learned that it is the patient seventeen pots of spider plants raised. He ventured seventeen with the patient, said he wanted to take care of the pots of spider plants, smiled and told that he had forgotten the other possessor of such a small pot of something, readily gave him the spider plant. Lu Ling Xi carefully tested in addition to the others after he could not see the white panel, a day when the person in front of the panel to study spider open. He soon discovered that he was not able to get water every time a spider heart of plants, must be time to spider plants need watering can get. While a particular spider plants do not need watering he poured a glass of water, and even upside down a little. Scan spirit shed, floating in front of a white panel.Solvent Dyestuff Xiao Feng such an explanation, Wang Shuxiu did not say anything. She looked at the floor finishing Xiao Feng Northwest specialty, casually asked one, "how to buy so many come back?" Yen more this sentence no reaction, lightly: "He Yan sea calculations in respect of the time to think there will be such a day."

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