With the guidance of staff, Wang Chaoliang with Ling Xi Lu Yan and the depths of the rainforest all the way toward the door. "Nothing, this is the place for the regular workstation, no dangerous animals." Wang Chaoliang chattering, "say ......" he quipped glance Lu Ling Xi wrapped around the wrist of the black, "There is this black bodyguards, afraid of nothing. " Xiao Feng nodded, suddenly said something, "the words are not used to like before peak brother called me like." Uncle Lee hand flick, this time, no way to comfort themselves and then hearing voices. Fortunately, Father stability is maintained, simply squat on the ground and the old dog talking. Adult class in terms of age, this old dog is about to over seventy. Dogs can be considered well-informed students, actually, and quite capable of Lee uncle comes together. One person, one dog waffled on for hours, just to be to find her mother's flower garden small stone in the eyes.

Ling Xi Yi Lu Hang away sat beside Yan Yue, his hand lies the floor is a small dwarf bamboo. Lu Ling Xi looked interesting, readily took the play up. Plant survival degree: High Xiao Feng went from Lu Ling Xi, Wang Shuxiu instituted heart. Xiao Feng Xiao Feng grabbed her return she asked: "What? You little bastard and said" Thought here, QiuJun a raspberry. Those willow saplings If he were dead, TMD is a new Hong Lu greedy son dead. Then Goumiao when he said not too long seedlings. 5 cm and 2 cm seedlings seedlings than it is certainly easier to 5 cm seedlings survived. Although more expensive than the price up a bit, but follow-up is definitely worry and effort. According to the results of two grandsons 5 centimeter seedling prices reported up, approved a buy back of it is 2 cm seedlings, seedlings changed hands a half to earn money. He did not take the money when things hurt to come to him, really grandchildren! Such a long time did not wait until the talk Yen, Ye Kang asked one, "how? Bad mood? Ya Yin is not yet out of the unitary moths what?" Doctor Sue's words and the words of his father appear alternately in mind, Lu Ling Xi slowly close your eyes, once again I felt the heavy fatigue from the heart thrown, if this really is the last time just fine ...... "This time you return home, Xiaoya happy to see you, the result?" Ye Kang: "......" Yan foot depresses the brake, a land and water unguarded, directly hit the front of the backrest.

Kang Ye Dongzhi know Kazakhstan is ready to adopt two people, fear a bad impression his two ha, and quickly came up and asked: "?. How two of Kazakhstan has been very good." Uncle Lee heart save trouble, and do not know who said that. He heard in the end is true, or his body out what went wrong with the hallucinations? But he obviously felt the body is getting better, even the village people quipped he looked like the young teens. Father pondering for a long time, that is their own auditory hallucinations, and distracted mind pressure in this matter. They did not go long, a few sturdy physique, dressed in costumes of the local ethnic minority man from behind a tree a few people turn out rough, Yinhen eye on the direction of the three disappeared. Eggplant fingers as ornamental fruit plants to see is its fruit. Fingers eggplant-shaped fruit is pear-shaped small gourd, gourd with projections bottom five milky head, like a finger, something like horns, modeling is very strange and lovely. Plus its color was radiant, long-term does not change color, a symbol of wealth is high, very gratifying. Eggplant fingers can present situation is somewhat bad, hanging fruit Xixishushu not say, peel coloring is not very nice. Principals said half suddenly closed his mouth, he found Luguang Jing seems to see what, is staring the side of the wall of the small blackboard, looked something was amiss. Principals follow look at the past, "Lu Ling Xi" words greet the eye. He was slightly surprised a moment, the name is not exactly lujia died that child's name? From the rear, like Lu Ling Xi dogs are chasing the same in their lives. "Yan brother you come back?"

Yanhai Fei nodded quickly, immediately to explain it, "Previously Mined Underground is a matter now who care about this. I heard Fengcheng humans and animals can live a long time evolution, are now rushing to buy a house it Fengcheng. What mattered had plenty of mining, multi-point cushion at the cement foundations of the line, the cost will certainly be back. " Say Yongchun vegetable greenhouses opened only a month, has been the dark horse posture of Fengcheng occupy a quarter of the vegetable wholesale market share of sales. Even Yongchun wholesale price of vegetables somewhat less expensive than other vegetable greenhouses, a door-to-day still was sold out. Xiao Feng these days is preparing several large supermarkets and city cooperation, long-term stability to the supermarket for food. His problem now encountered some small-scale vegetable greenhouses, not many kinds of vegetables.Ciclopirox Black immediately went to the front, stepped on four paws on the ground in silence. Thought flashed, Sulang already anxiously asked: "how will it die??"

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