"Oh." Lu Ling Xi obedient nodded. This time he is completely inadvertently opened plant evolution, even he himself did not know his panel would be disturbed mood. Next time if not desperate, do not face the more he commanded certainly not forcibly evolved. Panel five-point force of nature once owed, he was very distressed. Yan came back the whole Yen only sporadic flashing lights, most Zhaizi are shrouded in deep darkness. Compare Yen family leaves home not far from the brightly lit, full of sentiment, Yen looks like a ghost house. Yi Ling Xi Lu Hang poked schematically said: "? Youngest looking for work, this is not your cousin positive hiring you."

Xue Tong to the basin of begonias hold over, look to the old man, "You can see that this basin QianLao how hybrid begonias out of it? Pattern has not changed, but more full of bright, full-bodied flavor some more." Wang Chaoliang stood beside him, slightly with emotion, said:?. "Konishi you know the majority of the Earth's plants and animals which inhabit the tropical rain forest, rainforest can be said that most of life on Earth stronghold but now everywhere is deforestation, rainforest on Earth getting smaller and smaller in the long run really ...... " Lu Ling Xi crooked eyes, "Black you agree with me ask it? But if the Yen family involved *, Yan brother will not be unhappy, I feel so much?" Wang Shuxiu some funny, little bastard's mind to understand at a glance, she stood on Liu Mei Ling Xi Lu took a slap. "You'd worry more." Plant survival degree: high Black whispered whimpered, Weiweiququ promised down. Dongzhi dumbfounding moment, replied:. "Its previous owner was too lazy, call it two Ha, no formal name." Ling Xi Lu has been for some time did not think Sulang, and always thought Sulang back in Beijing, heard some strange, "Dr. Su Beijing Huizhong not it?" Lu Ling Xi while opening, "Yan brother was looking for you."

He mentioned small stones, the Yen shook his head, "This is really a small stone too timid." When they went to the flower garden, the rain outside has been great. This road is very bad to go, it was getting dark, the road is not good. Yen more worried about the accident, all the way to very slow to open. In fact, some regret that he did not expect so much rain will be under. The weather forecast says only moderate rain, heavy rain is clearly rhythm. He originally just wanted to teenagers through the rain as an excuse to stay here in the flower garden, they have to be alone. But such a big rain, more than anything else he was worried about the boy's safety. Fortunately journey. . "You do not have to explain," Li Yao followed: "The small West died, I know you're sad." He paused and said:. "...... Konishi is a good boy, now regarded as surplus mining retribution it." Lu Ling Xi: "......" Yan Yue messages quickly over, he is now stuck in traffic, so do not worry Ling Xi Lu. Yen Vietnam did not say better, he said, stuck in traffic, Lu Ling Xi more worried. And looked out of the window, Lu Jing Ling Xi really nothing less than the heart to do, simply sitting in front while carrying a wicker chair while waiting for the Yen, while holding a brush to open mobile Internet news. Xiao Feng spent ten years in Fengcheng, it was the first time such a situation. He simply pulled down the window and looked probe, not only roadside willow, reach into the head, the curb on the street on both sides of the brick crevices, as long as the soil is bare | exposed place is an emerald green. He shook his head, and some uncertainty, "is probably the sea, warm weather it again this year." By hard old Korean propaganda, micro-gardening business some recent hot. Lu Ling Xi a busy morning, noon and no one is planning to take advantage of with a large black to pet shops across the dinner, someone came in the door. Lu Ling Xi listening to his praise could not help laughing. Dongzhi in the eyes, as long as people like animals are good. But also thanks to Dongzhi mention a car, Lu Ling Xi finally remembered where he saw the car. He followed that a few days ago to the bookstore when the easy route, easy route was like Dongzhi as car traffic in front of a half-day saliva. Sure enough, Wang Shuxiu a saw Ling Xi Lu Band-Aid on his neck, and when I heard that after the black bite, Wang Shuxiu immediately anxious. "There is not toxic, biting not heavy little bastard you say what do you raise a snake, which if ......?" She said half immediately Peipei Pei, immediately around the front: "The nonsense of not. " Ling Xi Lu at home at night, all the way to smell a fragrance, like tomatoes, but also like a large sauce. It shares the smell filled the corridor, not how the Ling Xi Lu, Black has been disappointing dropped saliva.

"Go!" Xiao Feng is clearly a good mood, which they jokingly just scoff sentence. Clivia successful rescue of large flowers, plants reward heart of +1, +1 Force of Nature

The more color fundus smile deepened, juvenile obedient way so that he could not help but reach out and rubbed his hair juvenile. Palm touch some wet, just bathed juvenile could see. His boy was faint smell the fragrance of vegetation, although usually occasionally smell, but have never had such a clear at this time. Zhang old man was referred to the old man seemed to think his behavior is something wrong, Lu Ling Xi in time before the other party declined insisted:. "I'm fine"Crotamiton Xue Tong to a consumer once, holding out the door begonia is sigh. Do all kinds of pots placed at home, he picked the most expensive shop Yixing pots, old money if I know will be laughable. Speaking of this year really is not too cold, the wind blows to the face, although still a little cool, but winter is not cut like that too raw, but obviously a lot of soft. Xiao Hong breath, window reveals fresh air. Fengcheng winter he not feel much of a difference and northwest, are the North, are also heavy industrial city, almost all wind up. But now such a ratio, Fengcheng air much stronger than the northwest.

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