High-light Dyestuff

The Kang Ye Huizhong Beijing will release his intention to go abroad convalescence message, etc. Andrzej get Konishi family house next door, he would have to move out from the Yin family. When the leaves have the third brother to help, I want to find the father he is not so easy. Enough time to solve his life's most important about it. Lu Ling Xi whispered Enliaoyisheng reduction in the Yen's arms to find a comfortable position, half lying on the sofa and began to read readily pick up a flower illustrations. He looked at reading, but little attention is not focused, the more my mind kept thinking Yan said. The longer life of this world, the more he recognized the state of past life is not normal. This is not normal and not just because he could not go to school year-round needs to be at home, but do not want to think of going ...... Lu Ling Xi, put down the book stood up and hugged the waist Yan, head buried in the arms of the Yen. This cry uncle called Xiao Hong merry face, laugh again. Lu Ling Xi Carter, he took out from his pocket a drum capsule capsule envelopes handed over. "Come on, holding a small West, just like what to buy."

Wang Shuxiu put insisted, "Konishi to the hospital, I did not send anything else can, not worth what little fruit, this time thank you." Wang Shuxiu one to know how it is, "Well, ultimately, the big black chicken." Realized misunderstood what color the lips bent faint smile, then shook his head definitely said:. "Instead of" Plant survival degree: High Jaguar car, the more deadpan face holding the steering wheel, slender forefinger rhythmic tapping the faint revealing a hint of patience means. Co-pilot on his side, silver cell phone lying there, the display shows the call. "Konishi." Yan more tentatively called out. Yen more to see his accident, explains:. "The car was back in Beijing Ye Kang opened up again for a car." Yan Yue: "......" Lu Ling Xi "ah" sound, hand clinging to the Yen. "Brother you do Yan has been very good." He nodded firmly, sure road.

Yan no more gossip interest Kang Ye so high, just look a touch of listening, occasionally whispered back soon. Xue Ling Xi gaze smooth landing, immediately rock peony arms placed on the cash register. Lu Ling Xi to say these rumors when Dongzhi vivid, Lu Ling Xi heard not help blush. Pink little face scarred, one to be praised too embarrassed look. Dongzhi Renzhao Xiao Lu Ling Xi is really Miannen, whether it is praise him or tease him, children are vulnerable to blush. Pro, Dongzhi patted his shoulder, deliberately made an earnest look, and said:. "Young man promising a good job." Twenty minutes later, the Yen Ling Xi Lu drove to the door. During this time he sooner or later pick-Ling Xi Lu, from time to time to be in front of Wang Shuxiu perimeter. Wang Shuxiu from the default start now to occasionally to say hello and the Yen, the attitude has become increasingly softened. "Konishi to let unloading it." Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu whole face attached to the chest, suddenly flushed up. Since he did not have a memory and mother so close before, not to mention Wang Shuxiu Although this body of the mother, may for the purposes of Ling Xi Lu also belong to the category of strangers. However, he wants to get rid of Wang Shuxiu embarrassed embrace, Wang Shuxiu watching his appearance, a row on his forehead and kissed a few mouthfuls, laughing exclusion:. "What shame shame, forget your childhood feeding time" Ye Kang: "......" Waiting for him to clean up the dishes after dinner, Wang Shuxiu stopped him, "I came, and easy navigation you play it." She was a little distressed Lu Ling Xi. Hang Lu Ling Xi Yi bigger than it, every day, nothing is around. Lu Ling Xi go to work that are more than two weeks, and at night they still come back to read, I heard that also often seen at midnight. Follow the easy route previously little bastard when she Xiahun disappointing too little bastard, bastard now little disappointing, she began to feel bad little bastard.

Wang Shuxiu gone, Lu Ling Xi did not know what to say and the people around, eyes closed, pretending to sleep. Ward where he was a quadruple, twenty at the most inside near a window. Before Lu Ling Xi lying on the side facing the window, it does not mind then flashed a Sulang words. Lu Ling Xi touch the Black Hand meal, quirky facial expressions, "A yellow really say so?"High-light Dyestuff "Two Ha obedient." In the evening, Lu Ling Xi holding a book on crop management practices common to see with relish, which devoted a chapter to write tomato planting and management. According to the book written by normal planting tomatoes is divided into spring and summer sowing, spring to wait until next year, and Lu Ling Xi is a little wait, but added Summer time is appropriate. In addition to planting time, the book also highlighted the treatment of seed. Common seeds before planting need to be disinfected, Lu Ling Xi looked at the hands of the seeds. He did not know how to see the good and bad seeds, but these seeds are the last panel upgrade awards, should not be bad. He decided to skip the process of sterilization.

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