Ethyl Crotonate

After a simple wash, Lu Ling Xi dressed all the way down the stairs. And now, as of July, small garden planted pansies opened brightly. Colored flowers contests, against the orange sunrise swaying slightly, strong colors people's mood suddenly brightened. As Hua country's largest botanical garden, botanical garden covers an area of ​​44 hectares Queenan, which planted a large number of rare plants, and according to different varieties of plants, set up 10 special class botanical garden. By Orchid Show has not yet begun, Lu Ling Xi itinerary these days all around the Kunlun botanical garden started. With Wang Chaoliang with, they were able to visit a lot of precious usually not open to the park. Several days later, Lu Ling Xi can be described as the botanical garden turn a times. Lu Ling Xi did not wait, go back to the ward began to pack up. He was hospitalized so many days, zero accumulated a lot of bits and pieces of things, he put away early, Wang Shuxiu come do not worry about.

Lu Ling Xi: "......" Lu Ling Xi crooked eyes, "What do you think that you pick a flower pot?" Lu Ling Xi thought, to simply rubescens placed outside the micro-gardening. Soon the effort, rubescens plants on top covered with flimsy, different patterns of ice flakes. And Lu Ling Xi Ying seen in Figure borneol different white, with a hint of blue in front of borneol in shining the light on, there is an indescribable beauty. AGF cell is the cell name where Lu Ling Xi. Now popular name than Fengcheng Town xx, xx world, xx Shuiyun like, the name can be described as the dregs of the earth. However, as the number of cell Fengcheng the earliest buildings, AGF cell now also home residents are basically ten years old neighbors. A bit of money have moved away, leaving considerable period of time called habit, but that the cell name shouted cordial nice. Rubescens panel displays without any problems, why the leaves would all fall out? Lu Ling Xi looked bare rubescens sudden spiritual blessing to heart, he has not thought of Rubescens evolutionary reasons. And most of the plants will fall into winter dormancy different, unique property itself rubescens decided it will grow another form in the winter. He has been kept in the store rubescens, maintain the room temperature at 20 degrees, rubescens without the necessary growth stage, naturally not evolved. Sulang shook his head, these are just his speculation, Yan Huo Weiping do not know the identity, the more he is aware of Yen Hop Cape disputes. They just made progress here, there immediately close Cape also made progress, how things will be a coincidence? He always felt that the more color in there to do something, but they can not and Huo Weiping said. "Anyway Huoge you listen to me good, and there we co Poor's okay." Speaking on the table, tried to persuade Xiao Feng Xiao Hong's home simply to transfer out of small coal mines, later settled in Fengcheng, two brothers do it together. Xiao Feng do not think before, and now after having home feel more and more of his own close relatives so few, can live with the best. Besides Xiao Hong Lane Mine too dedicated, people need every day dealing with a lot of aspects had to RBI. Have time to worry about the safety of coal mines, whenever something out of something, it is a major event. Wang Shuxiu poke a finger on him, "the next time to raise these strange things I will give you throw." Yan Ling Xi Lu gave the more impatient reaction directly opened his hand, to see some young red nose, which he such a get, by the stimulation nose sour, tears flow directly out. His face became careful, like the face of a fragile treasure, like Lu Ling Xi gently wiped tears of his eyes, then carefully handle posted on the other side of the nose, whispered: "? It hurts."

Lu Ling Xi youngest of this name is quite suited, but think the other side is this body of a friend, he is now Lu Ling Xi, learn to adapt to the natural origin of life. Xiao Hong and Xiao Man in Fengcheng to live down, every day Xiao Feng driving a car pull back something. The Northwest home specialties, specifically for Xiao Hong and Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu gifts prepared mess filled the trunk. Luguang Jing whispered: "I will not divorce, taken into surplus now is my responsibility, I ......" Ling Xi Lu Wensheng fastest response, "Yan brother you come back?" Fang Lei is really like a big black, this thing is proof of the Black powerful, it is simply called the nose radar.

Lu Ling Xi eyes lit up, and he expected the same white panel can display not only spider plants, but other plants can. In front of the basin Scindapsus apparently cared good, although not the heart of the plant, but Lu Ling Xi mood is still very good. He walked in a circle around the first floor of the hall, going to the first floor all read through all the green radish. Xiao Feng stuck his head out from the kitchen, a smile on Lu Ling Xi said, "Konishi you get two more boxes of beef sent to Yan, this time to thank him be at home to take care of."Ethyl Crotonate They help landing Lingxi speak, Wang Shuxiu scruples now the occasion, Lu Ling Xi stared at, not to pursue the black thing. Lu Ling Xi sigh of relief, it seems mom is not afraid of snakes, black anyhow had a clear path, it will no longer be a black households. "I am also for Hello, this car is too blatantly. I put my bike back to public soon scrapped give you up, never let you into the crowd, a little inconspicuous."

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