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Ten minutes later, Wang Shuxiu just out from the bathroom, Lu Ling Xi one saw her reddish eyes. Heart can not tell what it is, Lu Ling Xi whispered shouted: "Mom" Lu Ling Xi & amp; Yan Yue: "......" Xiao Feng smiled helplessly, and her brother's family raised the Tibetan mastiff pedigree is very good, unruly temper, it encountered wolves rushed to a dare, is to be played a million names Xiao brother, gave the momentum did not call .

Lu Ling Xi nervous nod. Determined to ask the president said Lu Ling Xi is how it is, but feel Luguang Jing son had died, he pole on some ugly, was a hesitation, Luguang Jing has been on the car parked on the roadside, signaled the driver to go first. Time soon to the end of April, and tomorrow is the day Zhanglao appointment to Queenan. Ling Xi Lu played a greeting in advance with the cub, he is not of this time the micro-gardening handed the cub. Gained this confidence, "rest assured, planted small vegetable greenhouses year I know all that." Far enough away not think, now close it, the more color the boy who just feel kind of comforting taste. Just so quiet stood beside him, his heart had been repressed rage and then slowly down gently. So that he could not help but want to be near some of the juvenile, then closer. Eating a meal soon to nine at night, Wang Shuxiu early return to the room to rest. Lu Ling Xi pretended nothing had happened went back to the room, but it has been sitting in the doorway listening to outside of the movement. Black quietly lying on the side of Lu Ling Xi, tall ears pricked up. Wang Shuxiu bitterly let go, right on the land Lingxi pleading eyes, she really nothing can be done. Think before little bastard did not crash, although it would not be obedient, but she wants to play hit scold scolded, which, like now, the little bastard temper changed, helplessly watching her, she had all the Henbuxiaxin . This sentence is a land and water verse. Perhaps Lu Lu Ling Xi monohydrate child to talk too much and he was not the father, the mother grew up along endured bitter, very sensitive Lu Ling Xi to their divorce. Every time Wang Shuxiu mentioning, Lu Ling Xi on a variety of objections. Lu accustomed to pull a water landing Lingxi do alliance, but forgot to now has not before Lu Ling Xi Lu Ling Xi of. Big yellow dog after seeing a large black obviously very surprised, hunched over with large black confrontation tens of seconds, before slowly lying on the ground, showing an attitude of surrender. Black squint squinting, is still a wary look, and did not immediately relax down. Lu Ling Xi Some do not understand the big black reaction, he remembered the big black dog to the village is not this attitude, this big yellow dog is there any difference? It seems to come not believe, bow sniffing for a long, hesitant look to Ling Xi Lu, "small business owners you pots of begonias is cultivated hybrid?"

Sulang hesitation nodded his head, he did not know why bring up the subject, may seem a bit late to regret. "The true ......?" Lu a water channel some disbelief. "If the future has no other suitable house how to do?" Wang Shuxiu little worried. Lu Ling Xi some hesitation, these days every day, the more color will appear in the pet store to see a large black, every time the two met. Although not a stranger, a total of two people can not say a few words, he did not want to face more trouble. "Luk stadium thing you can rest assured that I'll let you arrange here Phone ......" Li Weisheng leave here, QiuJun heart has black face gas ring true. Today he is holding her face to the purpose, but it finally was beaten lovemaking session instead of their own. Do not know the micro-gardening pot in the end is how to cultivate, and if he can learn the art ...... QiuJun squint squinting my heart with intention. He was contemplating, the phone suddenly rang. QiuJun frowned, picked up a look, immediately changed a face, smiled and said:. "Lvshao" Black squatted helplessly kitchen door, his eyes shining looking pot thick sauce. Ye Kang said bluntly, frowning slightly more color, subconsciously look to Lu Ling Xi. Konishi Although the lips do not say, to improve the very heart of the environmental value. Ye Kang said he does not want to combat these land Lingxi enthusiasm. Besides Kang Ye do not know plants can evolve, if the speed of evolution of plants over pollution speed Fengcheng, Fengcheng even if no way to completely avoid pollution, but also can absorb all the pollution and exhausted, try to maintain the status quo azure clear water. Yan also seem to feel the big black mood, free hand touched the big black head. He thought, asked: "What are the other side of the adoptive parents request?" "Can you see anything wrong with it?" Dulin asked.

Under normal circumstances, begonia breeding mainly sowing, cuttings and tissue culture propagation. But because begonias are hybrid offspring, seed multiplication varied greatly, with a heritage of instability, so little seed sown, mostly cuttings and tissue culture propagation. Cutting Ling Xi Lu is the most familiar, shoots select ten centimeters, excluding basal leaves, sand drying beds until after the insertion, about three weeks you can take root, grow into new plants. In addition to cutting there is a quick way for the propagation of tissue culture propagation. This is a method of reproduction by tissue culture in vitro blooms flower seedlings, specifically, a small piece of tissue on the plant flowers, such as blades or stem node or bud, cultured in flasks, through constant cutting propagation , can be thousands of new plants bred in a short period of time. "Yes." Dynasty highlights nodded, "In addition to smuggling, and drug trafficking, border anyway, this one is not very safe. But we do not worry, workstations built more than ten years, have not met the smuggling of drug trafficking ....... "Ciclopirox olamine Yan heard the mouth slightly, his eyes a little smile pouring out. Yan looked at his eyes more gentle, but my mind was thinking about Xue Tong things in Fengcheng gardening circles Xue Tong reputation is pretty good, but people unpredictable, or to keep a close eye point juvenile as well.

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