The blue cyanine B

Yan said that the more time quietly watching a teenager, he did not say these days like a voyeur as wandering around young. He was concerned about the teenager's every move every day, watching the juvenile intentions of taking care of plants and flowers, carefully watching the juvenile reception every customer, no one looked at the teenager in time to store clean up the house, watching the teenager stupid dog against dog laughing very happy. He desperately wants to suppress the urge to appear in juvenile side, taking advantage of the only teenager to feed a large dark, filled only occasional appearance in front of the juvenile. Wang Shuxiu Trustee can inquire after the peak brother said that the house is really appropriate. The price is very reasonable, and good location, not chess room, the surrounding traffic is also more. She was a little worried to miss this opportunity to meet other house half past the right house how to do? We can not rest on its laurels. Besides watching the little bastard hard from morning to evening every day, although she did not say, but also know the outside money is not easy. Recently little bastard have to scale flower garden, it does not need the money? Yan can not always owed more human feelings, that's outrageous. She thought earlier to earn money but also to patronize patronize brat. Easy route Puchi laughed, "cousin."

Black obedient to go along with Fang Lei, Lu Ling Xi Yan hurried to wash their hands more, gained brought the grapes showed him eat. Yen more surprised to see the grapes, long really is fast. This store will be nobody, nothing too busy Lu Ling Xi, simply accompany Yan more talking. It'll soon settled, Ling Xi Lu Yan only know the more determined to Sulang their research investment, we do not know these things behind. Father to the store or the Soviet Union indignation speaking, Lu Ling Xi did not know where the bodies Sulang split into two parts, the other person in charge of treachery with their research data run. "Hey ...... You can not ......" Kang Ye spirits, the Yen suddenly do not want to say, "Never mind, I'll hang up." She simply did not know what to say. Xue Ling Xi Lu Tong was childish, then chuckled, quipped: "?. A large black do not eat there gave big black" Although he doubts, Lu Ling Xi but did not ask, get that done all this, he soon left the small garden. Wang Shuxiu to calculate the time of the hospital, Lu Ling Xi do not want them to find him worried. Ling Xi Lu Yan night to find an excuse for something more, or live here, the more the color. Before going to bed he thought Xiao Hong nodded to his red envelope, which is filled with a thousand dollars actually. Yan Ling Xi Lu accompany the more money sitting on the bed together, not by a point after he laughed. Lu Ling Xi, embarrassed, feeling the big black no more. But speaking the Black hearing more sensitive than he, if the last time in big black mother and brother Yan will catch up with him. So for a while there has been no movement outside, Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu guess should be asleep. Originally Yan Yue said to come to him, he thought, or go to Ling Xi Lu Yen more convenient. Wang Shuxiu Fortunately he was not caught, and if more is Yan Wang Shuxiu stuck in the house, then the consequences may serious.

"what?" Lu Ling Xi back abruptly, his face is indescribable shyly. "Yan ...... big brother." Now, he did not even ears are red. Although Lu Ling Xi think he saw this little booklet, but was more caught him peeking Yen seems to be more than a hint of unspeakable means. Lu Ling Xi touches not worry about shipping, as well as easy route yet. Dulin an easy route immediately laughed, "Yes, also with respect to small aircraft, to save his right not to learn every day." That day morning, the Yen received a Sulang telephone call asking if he has no time to take a look at the small West to their organizations. "Do you live around here?" Lu Ling Xi curious. The last two days he frequently encountered in the Yen the pet store, feed noon when a large black color more in, and now met, Ling Xi Lu Yan only that more lives nearby. They knew that the police is unclear. Fang Lei after the hospital received the alarm, rushed to the hospital immediately. Then they hospitalized patients and those related relatives launched an investigation, but did not find anything unusual. Knowing these people are residents songjiazhuang after Fang Lei and non-stop with people arrived songjiazhuang. Black slowly off guard, whispered landing Lingxi shouted. Lu Ling Xi hear what it means, some doubts glance Daliushu schematically Yan more they go first. "Well!" Dongzhi voice again attracted the attention of Lu Ling Xi. "Boom" is heard, a land and water slap in Wang Shuxiu who did not play, but playing in a bunch of odds and ends above. "You have no recent contact Professor Susan?"

Yekang Si Yan and the family, "your parents them ......" Through the window, looked outside Lu Ling Xi Kang and leaves positive talk Yen more, some a little confused mind. I do not know what to say, the expression of some cold Yan, Weicu brow reveals a hint of disgust. He rarely saw the face like this, only the last time in the car to hear the call Yan, the other side seems to mention the color of the brother, the more it reveals the face of such real disgust. Do Yekang Gang Gang Yan also mentioned the brother? The other party has done anything to provoke Yan Yuesheng gas yet?The blue cyanine B "How? Does not taste good?" Lu Ling Xi surprised, big black appetite is four buns, two fundamental enough to eat. Yan eyes seemed to burn with the flame, as if floating in one eye deep shallow light. He looked down at the boy, one hand resting on the head of the juvenile, the juvenile's hand clutching his hand, stacked his hands so that he could not resist sweet shuddered.

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