Crotonic Acid

Up to now finally understand Dongzhi girlfriend Ye Kang Ha is two new owners, she looked at the hands of pants, some regret that point to two Harju face. She put away a side of pants, lying on the ground playing dead two Kazakhstan immediately got up and continued to spin around Lu Ling Xi. Because the relationship between early peak, more and Yan Lu Ling Xi stop and go back to the micro-gardening had almost nine. Ling Xi Lu Yen more Ce Toukan a sleeping face, hand to his forehead poke roots, very lovingly touched his face, determined to want to bow to a juvenile parent, fear of being around people see strange provoke eyes. He repressed his impulse to the heart, with the pulp rubbed juvenile lips, then smiled softly, seriously hand back from the hands of the booklet.

"Line of the line, to eat, to see you happy. During the day you have a day playing with these, the milk must be cold." Yen more laugh again. Concerning his plan, with no way to color the leaves Kang explain. He is not optimistic about the reason is only one real estate development Fengcheng, Fengcheng underground deep-rooted, full of willow roots shall simply no way to dig up the soil foundations. You can see through the white panel, willow root of the entire underground Fengcheng shall all connected together. Like a web woven by the roots, firmly Fengcheng Douzhu the ground. Wang Shuxiu looking at the table of the seeds, "What does this mean?" House, Wang Shuxiu looked at him strangely and said: "how to go out for so long?" Ye Kang in the hearts of the habit of analysis, suddenly coming into the entrance to a large black dog. This should be a large black? Ye Kang guess. Sure enough, Lu Ling Xi eyes light up, "big black you back, Yan brother do?" Lu Ling Xi he should have died. He did not know the little kitten in the end how, from time to time to titillate like big black one. Speaking of this, however, Lu Ling Xi smile disappeared, a slight frown. This little kitten seems a bit too clever some, some physical health too, only two months you can jump up and down, clever powerful. Yinyong De smiled, greeted the Yen sat down beside him. Yen more surprised, "Wrong? I remember the first crossroads turn right to the east." Lu Ling Xi suddenly. Oddly enough, though now Fengcheng lush green plants, especially Lu Ling Xi living cell is like a small ecological park. But in the summer but it is very rare mosquitoes, mosquito coils, water repellent less than almost all of these. Fengcheng accustomed to the environment, Lu Ling Xi saw in the supermarket water repellent subconsciously ignored in the past. He recovered, "Tomorrow the supermarket open?"

"Two Ha obedient." "You little bastard who dare to appear here!"Crotonic Acid Lu Ling Xi promised down, washed his hands did not go easy route home is pushed to the side of Wang Shuxiu. Lu Ling Xi shook his head, Fang Lei complaints evil little gray repeated, the more help Shenran Yan. Look Konishi look bad, he thought that there's anything original about the little gray. "The next time we see Fang Lei, give him some of the Band-Aid." Yan light laugh more.

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