Disperse Dyestuff

Black squatted helplessly kitchen door, his eyes shining looking pot thick sauce. Before Wang Shuxiu has simply finishing off, in addition to the lack of home appliances was deserted, the house is not how chaos, Lu Ling Xi focus pack is his "own" house. This body of origin appears to be an avid fan of heavy metal, the whole room arrangement style is very dark and gloomy. Lu Ling Xi walls plastered with all kinds of weird posters do not know, clothes closet and easy route last time they wear the same, not the skull is printed full tattered. Yen more nodded, seemed to inadvertently said: "? You did a good job here, have not considered the next"

"Grandpa Zhao very powerful, have him test the new drugs will certainly succeed," Ling Xi Lu sat in the car seriously he said. Lu broke a water whines, Wang Shuxiu bad tone asks: "What do you come back?" Lu Ling Xi Somewhat taken aback, quickly choose Yes. Ling Xi Lu Yen more Ce Toukan a sleeping face, hand to his forehead poke roots, very lovingly touched his face, determined to want to bow to a juvenile parent, fear of being around people see strange provoke eyes. He repressed his impulse to the heart, with the pulp rubbed juvenile lips, then smiled softly, seriously hand back from the hands of the booklet. Wang Chaoliang front of face, Yan can not say anything more, only in accordance with the meaning of his black threw Lu Ling Xi. Black ingratiating tied to the land Lingxi wrist bravado to her face and shook the tail. In front of a woman he has been kept saying, every word he says Lu Ling Xi understand each other, but together can be completely unaware of each other's meaning. He looked at the woman's lips moving talked on, finally taking advantage of a gap difficult to ask his question. A slight laugh, then grew inside the shed came out, people inside have suddenly laughed. Lu Ling Xi staring low brow survival of plants displayed Weicu, he does not know yet whether the rescue was over. "...... Eat sticky ribs."

Almost unconsciously Lu Ling Xi released spirit scanning white panel surfaced. From small to large, the Yanshi Hui life is considered smooth. He is the only one failure and Yin Seiran marriage. After that, whether living or business, he never tasted the taste of defeat. Yen on the arrangements, and he mentioned not without opinions, but he got used to control everything, can consciously control his son. Let him think that, but why is that he felt able to control the son gave him a fatal blow.Disperse Dyestuff Lu Ling Xi and lay in bed for a few days, after a variety of complex examination, finally can freely get out of bed. The doctor repeatedly said he is a miracle, then a heavy injury recovery so well, is simply staggering. For doctors praise, Wang Shuxiu performance is the most fun, over the past few pungent doctor's hand tightly clutching the continuous appreciation, not straight to marry a doctor flushed with shame. Last Yi Hang helped to find some simple shed in a circle around the fence block, now from the outside can not see inside the case. Lu Ling Xi quite guilty of want, but fortunately Wang Shuxiu routes are easy heart, and see the most is whispered so twelve, will not think too much. These tomatoes do not know what would grow up? Eat? President weird right? Some seeds will always reward the panel and common seed is not the same, right?

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