Fluorescent Disperse Dyestuff

Such a view, leaf Kang finally put down the heart. Yan mouth as a more "half-baked" psychiatrist, Ye Kang Man consciously he was quite accurate. Boy in front looked on simply gullible, worldly, he has been worried about the teenager bewitched Yan Yue, now it appears to require trans-trans, and who do not necessarily really kidding. Yan turned and went around the land of Ling Xi, watching his warm eyes, looking down on his forehead and kissed softly: "how to wake up so early?" After a few nights of torment, Lu Ling Xi miracle adapted wards grunt. After a good night's sleep, he got up early, went to the hospital thinking about a small garden behind stroll around.

Lu Ling Xi clinging to the kitchen door at her ingratiating smile, Wang Shuxiu did not get his way, "the garlic mixed with eggplant, right? I'll wait to buy eggplant." Today, delivery time, Qiu Tian QiuJun deliberately sent his son out, this also represents a single business value. Wang Chaoliang looked very much like a large black, Ling Xi Lu said with a smile: "You Grandma Wang said the Black know everything, let me tell those big black Lu Ji legs are specially to the big black halogen, did not dare salt, black is either like to eat, next time another flavor. " He now understood that a small gray sounds does not seem too happy to do anything, unless he can endure the kind of small gray "foolish mortals" tone. The little boy turned to see Lu Ling Xi, round yo big eyes rolled, curious to ask: "? The big black dog is your dog do brother" Fengcheng is located in northern China, the country, the location is not far from the capital of China in Beijing, the country, is a considerable scale heavy industry city. By summer, the street is very busy, busy endless flow of people, young and old, or hasty pace or leisurely look, the city vibrant, Lu Ling Xi moment to look into God. In the past lujia he rarely went out, even though most also go to the hospital, at the time of oppression and tense atmosphere, he did not feel looked at the outside world. This is his first serious look at a city, so fresh, not through video and text, but rather his own eyes. The phone rings, leaf Kang phone. Yan Ye estimated that more is heard Kang Hai Yan things come to him, and sure enough, a little worried Yan Ye Kang the situation. The reaction of the Yen so unlike his style, Ye Yan Kang is absolutely do not believe that this will be more submissive, unless the Yen encountered other problems. Easy route over the wall came in and saw a large black are eating chicken, while picking up a tomato bite while landing Lingxi shouted:. "The youngest dog in your family life is really good, is to attend a lecture to eat chicken." Lu Ling Xi in the past eighteen years, we can say almost never heard people swear. Occasionally, he will see some of the television or the book, but a mother scolded his son, or he encountered for the first time. But somehow, although Wang Shuxiu rude tone, Lu Ling Xi felt her rude tone is concealed beneath this concern with the body.

Directly to the three upstairs, easy route for taking the time to come by to say hello. Bai Ling Xi Lu Wei grabbed him and asked to be like? Lu Ling Xi nodded, "Dr Chan said I was almost recovered, you can leave the hospital." "Line of the line, to eat, to see you happy. During the day you have a day playing with these, the milk must be cold." "The shop something to shut shop early." Lu Ling Xi behaved Road. Lu Ling Xi obedient nod. Lu Ling Xi silent stare an easy route, how he would know. His insomnia whole thing Yen only housekeeper know. Butler started to worry about him afraid of the dark, a night put Yen all can open all the lights turn on, to know him later housekeeper insomnia, a dark to wait for them all to be able to turn off all the lights off. A few years later, the Yen family servants are accustomed to sleep after dark. Even his stay abroad these years, Yan mansion this habit has not changed.

Land under a pressure face lighted up, carefully follow the car. He had never been in such a high-level car, and sometimes some timid. But then I thought he was going to be beaten to death the brother peak. Anyway, he is also a chance, if the money from the hands of suckers hug it? Hug point is the point, how the land have Lingxi in parent child debt is not only right and proper thing. Even less is lost point hug face things, a face can be worth. Although she complained of severe, but in the hands of the action, but he is not slow, then let cool a spoonful of soup to carefully fed Ling Xi Lu lips.Fluorescent Disperse Dyestuff Ye Kang cheek in the micro-gardening spend an afternoon, evening shouting to ask Miss Ling Xi dinner. Lu Ling Xi Guan micro-gardening, politely refused the invitation leaf Kang. He had to go flowerbed trip to Lee's brother to plants ready to come out. Fang Lei laughed: "That a few stray dogs are now being adopted Force, so a few days off to see are good physique, smart strength there, just do not listen, get them through the town to the big black."

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