High-wash Dyestuff

Lu Ling Xi wash effort here, Shaw hung a "3" to the district. Xiao Hong Shun also hold several boxes of firecrackers over, smiling for Ling Xi Lu said: "This is to Konishi you buy." Lu Ling Xi curious, he had seen such fireworks on television a few days ago Xiao Feng also hold several boxes back, but he never played himself. Having a large black, Ling Xi Lu was about to find keys, open the door from the inside, Wang Shuxiu strange looking at him, "how to come back so early today?" Lu Ling Xi some Samsam, in front of Xiao Feng's face always feel very at ease. Xiao Feng faint nodded at him, "the store is near, I'll take you in the past."

Wang Shuxiu followed his gaze to see the past, suddenly threw the hands of something rushed up. Xiao Feng see the hearts laugh, he shook his head and did not say anything. "When I go back and punish it." Yan Yue process simple and crude. "? How could" Wang Shuxiu men kept alive, with Lin Mei chatted: "There is not the way people." Wang Shuxiu did not understand the meaning of Black, I believe the Lu Ling Xi words. "Big black stuck at home really panic, take it later in the evening there is time to go for a stroll is also OK. Well, you go and take a bath." Lu Yen Ling Xi When we want more of the same color in Lu Ling Xi want. 8:00 pm Yan a quiet mansion. In addition to the red lanterns lit hospital, the whole house could not find the New Year atmosphere. Just Lu Ling Xi looked around ready to leave the Black took the occasion here, a familiar car pulled over, stopped at the side of the two. The right of a young man watching some hesitation said: "Brother, a look that is they do not understand anything tourist, I guess we did not see, or do not complicate the issue or the ......" Lu Ling Xi Enliaoyisheng.

Lu Ling Xi could not help laughing. Lu Ling Xi Wang Shuxiu listened, then grunted: "! The" Lu Ling Xi Lu do not know why not take the main entrance of water, she knew why. Peak brother is simply afraid of people see, not on the table is really sneaky. Fang Lei's case more difficult to do this, he has prepared a long-term war. Hung up the phone, Fang Lei a man strolled out the door ready to find a place to eat breakfast. Took two steps, he suddenly stopped and looked back toward the pace, an alley behind the bustling crowds full of work or school. He glanced warily, did not find anything unusual, you can always have a faint feeling of being stared at. "Little Miss, where are you going?" Questioning Tian sister, nineteen patients Brother Lee's wife. Xiao Feng agreed down. Pondering his heart, the greenhouses matter to the butadiene, drove all the way back to the city, looking for a gold shop gave Wang Shuxiu pick up a bracelet. Taking into account the busy day, the kitchen also Wang Shuxiu things, Xiao Feng what JADE like no pick, afraid of flowers with a reluctant, for fear knock bumped up to a bracelet for.

Lu Ling Xi did not speak, he wants to strive to control their emotions, upturned mouth but in any case not pull down. Everyone has to eat, Lu Ling Xi smile on his face did not change. Wang Shuxiu look in the eyes, sense of relief. The driver has been quietly plays in the background: "......"High-wash Dyestuff "I find, Du sister like me to the next shop, but I have no money." His voice a fall, Zhaolao laughed along. "Old, and shopping so just a few days rest day waiting Orchid Show undertaken. Konishi you and Yan better fun, but also pay attention to safety."

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