Yen more silent, she whispered:. "I met a boy" Small black snake "hiss" sound, Yan tail grabbing the opportunity to carry it up. Yan small black snake tail was more tugging, trying to explore the body wants more hooked Yan wrist, but how out of reach. Yan see of it writhing like stupid, silent for a long while, he promised down. Lu Ling Xi itch laughed, pushed open the big black head, while helping it along the hair, while himself:? "I think Yan brother does not seem happy, but do not know how happy I did not when a person is, there are not a large black nor friends, but I am happy when a person is, there is no close friends. Whether happy or unhappy, I hope to have a man around, and I can share the joy, anger funeral music."

Almost unconsciously Lu Ling Xi released spirit scanning white panel surfaced. Lu Ling Xi obedient nod. He mentioned Yan Yue, Wang Shuxiu immediately snorted. Lu Ling Xi flexor in big black head playing a bit, intimate tone. He remembered just encountered a large black, big black dare not even have to eat, too afraid to eat by them despise lost. Only a few days of effort, big black eat it exposed the nature of the goods, backyard ripe tomatoes nearly half went into the big black belly. Even he and Wang Shuxiu plus easy route but eat three big black. Lai four so that is not good neighbors continue to talk anymore. They smiled and nodded his head and turned back to the hospital. Woman slowly let go, stone head face turned red, big mouth panting. Woman touched his head, praised the sentence, "Yes, just very obedient, as long as you have been so obedient, I'll take you to my father." Xiao Feng mind clear how, but can not and Wang Shuxiu said. But he owes favors Yan Yue, also helped to explain the sentence. "Konishi and go near the Yen is not a bad thing. Did not you say he had amnesia for things in the past no impression Well, Yan more willing to take care of him, he is also close to the normal color." Although the Yen did not recognize, but leaves the eyes of his health problem is really very serious, long-term insomnia is not just caused by physical problems, more of a psychological Yin Ji. Kang Ye Yan recommendations have actually been more to find a girlfriend, he suspected that the more color is because of the lack of childhood parents caused subconscious insecurity, the situation was a little better with him. Yan chosen because their parents can be more reason for two | sexual relations out of exclusion, all the way to the single now. Yan seeing the problem is getting worse, they worry about the health of the leaf only occasionally keep an eye on the Yen's sleep. Ling Xi Lu Yan guessed the idea of ​​mind could not help Shenran. But he always vertical landing Ling Xi, Lu Ling Xi as long as everything is happy enough, do not go to school on really does not matter. "Can not begin with!" Take medicine nurse came in hastily cried, but she too late.

Lu Ling Xi faint guessed Fang Lei's mind, some say something to do with stray dogs. But the dogs had been adopted Force also very good, food and drink than the outside stray much easier. Or do not say, waiting for Fang Lei slowly found it. Lu Ling Xi did not go, but well-behaved fans holding a stack of newspapers for Wang Shuxiu up. While fans while said: "Mom, I have something to tell you." "it is good." Lu Ling Xi blinked shyly said: "? Not because I hear your brother Yan * it" Rafflesia is actually said just before a giant black bud, next to the staff leaving marks. Wang Chaoliang bud around in a circle, with some regret, "not to bloom when we see it is estimated that blossomed." Bathing, reading, sleeping, one day had passed. The next few days, Lu Ling Xi in his spare time, became aware of a new friend. Micro-gardening in the street opened a small year, Dulin previous good karma. Her children go home, find someone for her Kandian thing is no secret that the owner string right door soon to know Lu Ling Xi. Men not to speak, a woman holding a child impatiently opening:. "Do not say, obey it take you to find my father." Ling Xi Lu reluctantly agreed down, looking at his face more soft heart, "Next time, for whatever reason, are not forced Xukai Qi plants evolved." She did not say behind the words, but the meaning is very clear. This time Wang Shuxiu nothing to do, it does not go to a small restaurant every day, stay at home and read a lot of information about homosexuality. Initially Wang Shuxiu disagree Ling Xi Lu Yan and more together, but seeing no way to separate the two of them, she was in default while also thinking can understand more about the case of two men together. This understanding Wang Shuxiu immediately aware of a problem, and the Yen Ling Xi Lu simply impossible with the spirit of love, just as men and women have each other's bodies produce desire | look, men and men, too. From small to large, the Yanshi Hui life is considered smooth. He is the only one failure and Yin Seiran marriage. After that, whether living or business, he never tasted the taste of defeat. Yen on the arrangements, and he mentioned not without opinions, but he got used to control everything, can consciously control his son. Let him think that, but why is that he felt able to control the son gave him a fatal blow.

Yen more frowned, picked up a good income dagger black, holding a bottle of mineral water rushed it for a long time. Black dissatisfaction mouth to bite him on the finger Yen, the Yen does not have any reaction, black wronged loosen the tongue, tossed tail struggled going Lu Ling Xi arms. Uncle Lee said before the big willow Yan seen it grow in the small courtyard not far from their place. Willow tree is said to have been a long fast a hundred years, two adult men have looked at the trunk rough, a man collapses are not holding back. The last time he and Lu Ling Xi go home for dinner Uncle Lee also talking about the tree, juvenile also later joked that if they have a nursery, breeding skewer inserted to prune from the old tree. I heard that people are so close to doing that is a small willow tree willow breeding have long leafy, very healthy. I did not think this would be struck by lightning.

Three days later, Lu Ling Xi Li brother to turn up the pot to their units. Meanwhile there is another delivery staff to a gardening store. Two were together at the door, and Lu Ling Xi, Yi-Hang driving a small break different Gold, another micro-gardening obviously very rich and powerful, direct drive a van. Whether it is just Grandma Wang's family or just the Ye Hao Yan, no one would have thought for several weeks later, this Common Traffic Accident actually no clue. The police investigation in the vicinity of several days, was also asked to micro-gardening inside the case. Grandma Wang Ling Xi Lu has been knocked off work that day, and naturally did not see anything. But he specifically mentioned a large black reaction, as well as before the big black thing with the police knocked, suspect that is not the same person?Ciclopirox "What is that?" Lu Ling Xi schematic distant security means. He remembered his father and say, "The last time ......"

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