Yen more calmly punch landing Ling Xi nodded, eyes slightly lowered, Lianqu where emotions. Speaking at Dulin and adolescents feel comfortable to be together, he could not wait to put teenagers abducted from in the house, he saw a man. Unfortunately, he could not. Hold back the hearts desire clamor, the color returned to look as usual, it looks like nothing happened. Lu Ling Xi surprised a moment, turned and touched on the big black co-pilot. His hand strength is not small, Lu Ling Xi beginning almost did not notice he was photographed on the ground. Xiao Hong greeted with a smile and together they entered the room, walking with Wang Shuxiu explained, "sister-in-law you are in poor health, I did not let her out."

"Mom, you wait for me, I'll be right over." Lu Ling Xi shook his head embarrassed, embarrassed to say fear of night to do spring | Renee to the Yen. Yen more guess what he meant, but looked down embarrassed juvenile look, just feel a soft-hearted into a pool of water. Sulang Su grandfather received hints Ling Xi Lu has been seen since the absentminded sanity finally pulled back. Xu Ling Xi Lu is such a half recumbent posture too much like the memory of the boy, almost mysteriously Sulang said one, "I know a friend, he also called Lu Ling Xi." "Good." Lu Ling Xi promised soon, thought added:. "Yan brother likes to eat pork, green onions stuffing" Old Han saw his face, smile: "? Is not." Lu Ling Xi wrestled with the opening saying: "You know I work gardening store it, the owner of Du sister wanted to go home, I ......" Xiao Hong simply thrilled. There is a saying, all beauty even Sapo can be forgiven, Wang Shuxiu is such a beauty. She is 42, but looks completely like in his early thirties. LiuYeMei, Dan Fengyan, tall, plump figure, they do not speak every move is both fascinating and charming, but a talk on the exposed her nature. Plus she a dust gas, the families of the same ward, although willing to see more of her glances, but it is not willing to deal with her. Dongzhi listened very happy, "I just saw a large black good recovery, and then two days no problem."

Lu Ling Xi agreed to donate in the night, a man Luguang Jing appeared in his room. And Li Caiying thoughts are different in diseased Laris security body, as far as possible to Luguang Jing Lu Wei Ling Xi Lu Ann and non-discriminatory. Lu Ling Xi staring low brow survival of plants displayed Weicu, he does not know yet whether the rescue was over. "Good." Lu Ling Xi nodded, his time is not urgent, by the way also want to see how the other side of the pot like. He micro-gardening more than two months, that is to stroll the flower market, I have not seen the other serious gardening store things planted it. Wang Shuxiu attention quickly shifted to another thing recently keen, fatten Lu Ling Xi. She always knew that their own son was, after all, is the matter with her, as long as she was not a bit backward, not to mention the advantages of Lu Ling Xi entirely lug her and the devil in length. Just past Lu Ling Xi too rebellious, but likes heavy metal gothic visual kei what she did not understand these things all day to see a face painted like people, she can not remember how long have not seen clean Ling Xi Lu a face. The Lu Ling Xi after the accident alternate personality, and nothing in his face painted Stop being a hypocrite. Wang Shuxiu see the landing Lingxi pale little face, really made him look like, the only bad is a little too thin, especially adolescent boys boy or a good strong point. "There are means to check passengers with no dangerous goods." Yen Vietnam took his hand and explained, finished softly: "? Konishi If you like it, then we can travel out once every six months, how" Because the night to bring home the big black, very positive Ling Xi Lu pick up something ready to work. Dongzhi You Love presented him a rope and tied a dog A dog sets, so that he was black when tied to the big points. Even if Black does not bite, but with a muzzle at least they are more at ease. Lu Ling Xi shook his head, his head buried in the Yan's arms, holding his waist again and closed his eyes. Two together for a long time, the more life experience Yan Ling Xi Lu confessed to early, Ling Xi Lu Yan also know there is more out of his own investment company. Lin Mei Wang Shuxiu for some worry, Wang Shuxiu touches does not matter. But rather heard Xiao Feng Lin Mei Wang Shuxiu helped to introduce objects, three times a day to run a small restaurant inside. He did not say anything, that is, with leisurely around in Wang Shuxiu, watching what manual labor to helping a hand. Sometimes many guests, or guests there are people who know, Xiao Feng also never taboo, look out calmly greeted, did not know people still think Xiao Feng small restaurant is to open his own. "Shaw one million." Yan more robust, More laughter.

Wang Shuxiu holding spoon strange to see the landing Ling Xi, little bastard become so sensible? But then I thought she Lu Ling Xi amnesia, and now almost a piece of paper. She said her son was young smart sensible, are led astray by that old bastard. It would appear that amnesia is actually not a bad thing. Li Weisheng thought it was the two happened to meet together, but it was not, QiuJun is deliberately waited landing Lingxi it. Lu Ling Xi saw them driving a little break over the Gold Cup, QiuJun moment to laugh loudly, act recklessly.

Shortly before noon that day, Fang Lei and again to the micro-gardening. But before entering the micro-gardening in his first pet shop opposite stroll around. Soon, Fang Lei on holding just finished beauty big dog came in, I can not wait to go straight to the Black away. Lu Ling Xi's eyes instantly lit up, he has been thinking about how to earn more money, but also to the color of money, and then save some money to support the family so that Wang Shuxiu not so hard. If you really can open a shop online, then now would surely be a lot more customers.Crotamiton He also did not they want to open these seriously. But rather in the evening and Wang Shuxiu speaking to sister, Wang Shuxiu what comes to mind, and he hesitated to discuss, "Why do not we give birth to a?" Since chess room off Xiao Feng, Xiao Feng and Wang Shuxiu relationship obviously close some. It also can not pick out, or tepid to get along with. Wang Shuxiu feel so good, Xiao Feng does not seem urgent, but rather a private Ling Xi Lu tangled several times, that he continued to shout Xiao Feng "Feng brother" or Xiao Shushu.

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