High-light Dyestuff

Today, delivery time, Qiu Tian QiuJun deliberately sent his son out, this also represents a single business value. Botanical name: two willow Black more pity.

It squatted in front of the image of this piece of land Ling Xi Lu Ling Xi really should have died, took a breath dozen pictures to see of Yan. "I think me and the dog can be considered a little fate. But never mind, I can see it quite like you, you adopt it good, too. I just can not take the liberty to ask you a contact, I would like to have time to go look at it. " Taking advantage of Fengcheng now account policy is not tight, Yanyue Shun Lee moved over to the residence, settled down to the cell house. Lu Ling Xi also move the accounts from home, with the Yen fell together. Get a new account of this day, Yan turned more satisfied watching the contents inside. Headed a column filled his name, followed by the family is Ling Xi Lu. Lu Ling Xi random thought, holding a large black straight Baozi Pu cell door. Lu Ling Xi back, Zhanglao suddenly laughed, hearty and said:. "I think it is looking at all the way Konishi, Zhao old man I am not wrong it." In early September, the Government of South Fengcheng demolition and renovation project bidding began. Yan Yan Shihui with sea personally came to the Fengcheng. Leaves home leaves Father also appears in the tender will be the scene of his far directed Yanshi Hui nodded, a look aspirations. Taking advantage of Lu Ling Xi lock the door, the more polite to Zhang Yan said: "Konishi take my car on the line, could lead the way in front of you." Bird watching is a black dog stray dog, who has a dirty dog ​​hair knotted under the rain ray ray group together. So a martial arts, white linens on the operating table has been disseminated into the black. I did not know the dog was hit by whom? Dongzhi saw a man, ruled out the suspicion of men. Usually stray dogs like this are hard to hold a grudge, and if the man knocked the dog to see the man's eyes do not respect the same. Yan got more, casually said:. "Buy me a house."

Lu Ling Xi hesitation at him. "You just go out?" Yan regret the tone, "I and the small west out of the city, it is estimated to come back tomorrow, we owe this meal first." Brother Lee also understand his concerns, he did not embarrass him directly agreed. It really is not that look, but put together a gap immediately came out. Bamboo is a classification Joe undergraduate, also known as bamboo, only a wide range and rapid growth. He said that, over the Black probe head suddenly from behind the seat, his eyes look gently landing Ling Xi. Lu Ling Xi smiled up big black hand scratched his chin. He understands the meaning of the Black, this husky owner though because of special circumstances, but it is still a husky abandoned. Black is probably the thought of his own, will have such a move. "I let him sad, how does he think of me?" Yin Seiran dissatisfied with the complaint, "he left the co-Pu, Hai Yen replace his position, how do we Yinjialin? Yanshi Hui looked at the combination that gave Cape cheap |? children who can not, I want to talk about your grandfather, since Yan sea can fit into the Cape, Xiaoya you can. " Ground Huskies also seems to know Dongzhi girlfriend in it, carrying two front paws over his eyes, like a man ashamed. Lu Ling Xi very, very surprised, "Fang officer you remember?"

Black in the bathroom was hot Xunde faint, the color did not immediately leaned over such a hold on the shoulder and fell from Yan Lu Ling Xi's arms. "Fang brother?"High-light Dyestuff They sleep after arriving home early, do not know in this night, continuous heavy rain led to the Spirit River water level rise, wrapped in black river silt began to move in the village side of the ground spread. From songjiazhuang until ditch stone, black river slowly into the ground, contaminating large tracts of land. "why?"

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