The blue cyanine B

"Dead dog! Let go!" Xiao Hong saw her, his face unconsciously becomes softened, even the big voice has been stifled, spontaneous automatically from rough into a delicate, softly introduces: "Xiao Man, this is our siblings this is our nephew. " Tian Ling Xi Lu sister listen Wang Shuxiu Speaking of junior high school graduates dropped out, a little pity for him. She worried that Lu Ling Xi will feel embarrassed, what is the next higher 18-year-old, early first thought comforted law his sentence.

Yan is more to see the back side of Xiao Feng's intention, but today is not how appropriate occasion. Depressed hearts want to see at once the idea of ​​Ling Xi Lu, Yen Vietnam changed his mind, "Noyan brother back to the hotel in the evening I went to see you." Uncle Lee said before the big willow Yan seen it grow in the small courtyard not far from their place. Willow tree is said to have been a long fast a hundred years, two adult men have looked at the trunk rough, a man collapses are not holding back. The last time he and Lu Ling Xi go home for dinner Uncle Lee also talking about the tree, juvenile also later joked that if they have a nursery, breeding skewer inserted to prune from the old tree. I heard that people are so close to doing that is a small willow tree willow breeding have long leafy, very healthy. I did not think this would be struck by lightning. Small gray seems to be satisfied with the assurance Fang Lei, squatting in front of a small plate and began to eat dried fish. Ling Xi Lu looked at the time, unknowingly have six. Xiao Feng is not these days, every day he come back early to accompany Wang Shuxiu. "When I tidy up soon enough." He said as he stood in the doorway a few potted moved back to the store, the more color sleeves rolled up with him to pack up. Wang Shuxiu thought, followed nodded. Lu Ling Xi, a lazy stretch waist to climb out of bed, big black woke up early, had been squatting on the bed and keep landing Ling Xi. Black came over, stick out your tongue licked Lu Ling Xi chin, muffled cry. General Xue pass through the channels looking over gardening suppliers or take into account the point of face. All this circle of people, we are willing to safeguard the interests of the circle. After all, the new plant variety protection is our common interest, once the industry to develop a bad rule, final or the expense of this circle of people. But this perception is limited to the circle of large horticultural business, many small gardening business in order to make money do not mind this. . "Of course," Lu Ling Xi affirmed: "My approach is unique."

Konishi this Wazi good heart, keep them all in the garden, do not eat and drink what they do, just look at the door at night, keep keep flowerbeds like. Li Yan uncle listen more mean, again hire a person in charge in the flower garden in the evening night man is also responsible to take care of these dogs. Father would like to recommend Xu Third, there he is not afraid of looking at what happened downtown Xu three. But the Yen last time go urgent, Lee uncle could say anything, the past two days he has been taking care of these dogs. Yan Wang Chaoliang have heard the way through the more talked about, the moment succinctly repeat it again. He had seen a large black black smart look, the more color for the bird population mentioned smart enough to give them a warning little monkey also convinced. He would also have to worry about two other staff members do not believe that, who knows he finished, one of the staff thought, smiled and said: "I know you say is what a small monkey, and a very clever little guy, occasionally to the workstation side, but it is very vigilant, very few take the initiative and dealing with people, you can give this warning is really rare. " "Flowers, this is our home-grown vegetables, especially good these days long, for your family eat a few tomatoes." Wang Shuxiu impatient, waving him away. "Quickly slipped out with a large black circle, a person will be more." Lu Ling Xi try swaying the body for a long time, no matter how he moved, the panel will follow him to move along. Is the future of the white panel on this should have been followed him? Is there any way to make it disappear? This idea just flashed in my mind, Lu Ling Xi surprised to see him in front of a white panel missing. He blinked, tempted to think, "appear" in front of nothing. "Panel appears", or nothing. He tried to recall the panel looks in mind, this time white panel appears again. Inside into a quiet, only occasionally large black whispered sobbing loudly. Yen falls on the more obscure the line of sight of the teenager's body, stretch juvenile look, sitting quietly beside him. The window is free rock landscape, both within the window is closed a dog world. Without the hustle and bustle outside, in addition to the world of the complex plane, the color of the eyes of the only juvenile clean smile. His heart slowly precipitates down, enjoying this rare quiet. All eyes are too fantasy, he does not know how it is. For some exploring heart, Lu Ling Xi tried spider on the panel nodded. "Bookstore, I want to buy this book." Ling Xi Lu Yen more positive and funny big black it, looked out the window toward heard, Xiao Feng is really coming. Ye Kang some do not believe, he thought of a split between the more juvenile Yan mentioned last time, hesitation: "A more you are not ......"

Lu Ling Xi at the moment, back to God. About these seeds he has long wanted a good excuse to say that these seeds he helped growers are busy at the hospital, gave him a flower. He felt fun, try to think of one kind of species.

Lu a water holding the idea, go to the hospital in the process of put himself portrayed as a done wrong regret it, but do not know how to make you want to make up for the man. His wife to divorce him, his son refused to forgive him, he thought of suicide under disheartened. And he still has a little selfish, you want to rely on a false family died for money, to be doing his final responsibility. Ye Kang Ha managed to open two furry head, politely directed at New River Zheng nodded, watching the Yan Yue, "Konishi answer the phone in the back, Fang Lei seems to be looking for him."The blue cyanine B From small to large, the Yanshi Hui life is considered smooth. He is the only one failure and Yin Seiran marriage. After that, whether living or business, he never tasted the taste of defeat. Yen on the arrangements, and he mentioned not without opinions, but he got used to control everything, can consciously control his son. Let him think that, but why is that he felt able to control the son gave him a fatal blow. Xiao Feng Wang Shuxiu years younger than the age only, no problem, older people will be hurt.

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